Aquapark Krakow

Aquapark Krakow is a place where you can spend a great time on entertainment and relaxation with family or in the company of friends, taking advantage of the water attractions of this place.

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"Relax" offer in Aquapark Krakow

-water whips

-hydromassage: bottom, side, top, couch, counter-current

- beds for water massages

-8 whirlpool tubs with brine water at 37 Celsius

-saunarium (themed ceremonies, sea bath, Russian pumpkin, fire and herbal sauna, infrared salt bath, relaxation area with graduation tower, cold water bath for cooling)

- an offer for people who have completed 16

Respiratory zone

- sea bath at the Aquapark Krakow with high humidity from Ciechocinek brine. The light of the UV lamp used here eliminates bacteria and fungi.

Relaxation zone with a graduation tower

A graduation tower with brine flowing down the birch trees guarantees a microclimate similar to the sea, positively affecting the body, soothing allergies and respiratory diseases.

Salt infrared

A special thermal cabin for people who cannot use a traditional sauna. The temperature is lower here, infrared heaters heat the body to a depth of 3-4 cm, and the wall covered with Himalayan salt ionizes the air.

"Fun" offer in the play area for children and adults at Aquapark Krakow

Attractions of the Aquapark Kraków swimming pool hall:

-4 new outdoor slides (CONGO, NITRO, TWISTER, SPEED FIRE)

-pontoon indoor slide MAMBA

- Rapid River

- climbing walls

- places for water sports: basketball, volleyball, water polo

- swimming lanes

- children's paddling pool

- in summer season rest on Aquapark beach Krakow

- Pirate Island with three mini slides and palm trees

- Pirate ship with water cannons

- fountains: Magic Mushroom, AquaDino and Bird Miracle

- Rainbow Slide

- Rainbow Path for walking "on the water"

-Aligator family slide and Congo pontoon slide

- Yellow Snake slide

The depth of the shower tray for the youngest is 0,6 m, the air temperature in the play area is 29 degrees C, and the water has a temperature of 28 - 32 degrees C.

Water at Aquapark Kraków is ozonized, and the facility is equipped with the latest surveillance and protection systems.

Learning to swim in the Aquapark Krakow

- learning and improving swimming for school groups, children over 5, teenagers and adults

- classes take place on separate swimming lanes

- water attractions to use and special booths for water games: volleyball, basketball and water polo

- group classes take place from Monday to Thursday from 16.30 to 20.15

- learning about water - activities for toddlers and older children, carried out in the form of games with parents (colorful balls, mats, wings). At the place of classes for children, the water temperature is 37 ° C.

They watch over safety rescuers and instructors.


- training in safe behavior over water (exercises in the so-called "rapid river")

- the possibility of using hydromassage to correct posture defects

- classes in water are conducted from 0,6 m to 1,4 m

Gastronomy and services

-Restaurant and Cafe "Family Siesta" is located in the main hall of the Aquapark Krakow

- Play center for children up to the age of 10 "Gibon" with an area of ​​200 m² in the Aquapark Krakow Water Park, on the level -1

-Swimmer sports shop
Eurogames arcade games room (-1 level)

- Euronet ATM in the main hall, by the elevator

Aquapark Kraków offer

For youth:


- climbing wall located above the water

- places of water activity

- waterways


-Ticket crew

-Student Tuesdays

For students:

- 50% cheaper every Tuesday

For adults:

Aquapark Krakow is the perfect place for an active holiday. On offer:

- brine jacuzzi


-water whips


- brine inhalations

- swimming lanes

- places for water sports: volleyball and basketball, water polo


- Rapid River with a length of 30 m with the current leading to the "cave"

-Water Bar

For seniors:

For participants of the "Senior" program using the Aquapark Krakow offer at attractive prices, from Monday to Friday between 8: 00 - 15: 00 and on Saturdays and Sundays between 8: 00 - 13: 00.

The program is intended for women after 55 and for men after 60.

In addition, classes at the FitPark Club in Aquapark Krakow are conducted:

from Monday to Friday between 6: 00 - 15: 00.

For teachers:

The "Teacher" program of the Aquapark Krakow is intended for education workers from the voivodeship Małopolskie.

Based on the ID of the participant of the "Teacher" program, you can use the pool hall and classes at the FitPark Club at attractive prices, also during the holidays.

Hours of validity of the "Teacher" program at Aquapark Krakow:

- swimming pool hall - from Monday to Friday between 8.00 - 16.00, Sunday from 8.00 - 11.00

- FitPark Club - from Monday to Friday between 6.00 - 16.00, Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 - 12.00

For employees of external companies:

Aquapark Kraków allows the use of the following cards:

-Card MultiSport offered by the company Benefit Systems

-Card FitProfit

-multikarnet OK System



Offer for companies:

- water recreation



-FitPark club: gym, fitness, yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts

Birthdays at the Aquapark Krakow:

-Fairytale Birthday - for the youngest children

- Birthday of Little Conquerors - for older children

- Olympic birthday

- Pirate birthdays

Birthdays at Aquapark Krakow are:

- safe fun among water attractions

- interesting animations
- care of rescuers
- present for the jubilee (book and hand-made lollipops)
- birthday invitations for guests

-1,5 hours of fun

Monday-Friday 18,00 PLN / person

Saturday, Sunday, holidays 21,00 PLN / person

-animator - 85,00 PLN


-2,5 hours of fun

Monday-Friday 26,00 PLN / person

Saturday, Sunday, holidays 30,00 PLN / person

-animator - 120,00 PLN

The game takes place in a group of 8-10 children. An additional animator is required for children under the age of 7.

One adult guardian enters the pool hall of Aguapark Kraków free of charge with a group of children.

In addition, you can order refreshments at the Siesta Family Restaurant, located in the Aquapark Krakow, as well as a birthday cake.

Offer for schools:

- excursion package, i.e. a combination of sightseeing Krakow with relaxation and fun at the Aquapark Krakow

- "Always be safe in water and by the water", or an hour training in the field of water safety combined with 130- a minute stay at the Aquapark swimming pool in Krakow

- hazards over water in summer and winter

- basic rules for providing first aid

Outdoor slides

-pontoon Congo

from 10

from 6, it is possible to rally with an adult guardian in a double pontoon

low level of difficulty

165 length m

the downhill gives the impression of a pontoon rafting down the jungle

- extremely fast Nitro

from 14

high level of difficulty

106 length m

recommended for high speed amateurs

refers to car rallies

a vibrating platform can be started at startup 


from 10

medium level of difficulty

132 length m

winding slide with multimedia effects (Big-Flash effect causes a feeling of momentary confusion in space, the Star Sky effect imitates the starry sky)

pre-start selection of sound program (storm, fear tunnel) possible

-Speed ​​Fire

from 12

high level of difficulty

155 length m

for fans of multimedia effects and high speeds

narrowing between the multimedia and high speed zones (race track noises)

Internal slide

-Pontoon Mamba

from 10

from 6, it is possible to rally with an adult guardian in a double pontoon

low level of difficulty


the longest inner tube

colorful multimedia

-Alligator and Yellow Snake



18 meters long

2 meters wide

downhill ride in several people possible

from 8 years of age (from 6 years of age under adult care)

Yellow Snake

from 7

Paddling pool for children with a rainbow slide

- water up to 0,6 depth

- water temperature 29 - 30 ° C

AQUA GYM water gym

AQUA GYM Water Gym is the offer of Aquapark Krakow for people:

- in need of rehabilitation in water

- with back, hip and knee problems

- older people wanting to train


-active, as a regenerative training

Personal training

Personal training under the guidance of a specialist guarantees an individual approach and excellent exercise results.

On offer FitPark club, located on the first floor of the Aquapark Krakow, there are group classes conducted at the Water Gym.

Aquaaerobik is run from Monday to Friday at 8: 20 and 9: 15

Water bar with a wide range of cooling drinks, warm dishes and desserts

Aquapark beach

The Aquapark beach is an area outside the Aquapark Kraków with an area of ​​500m². The beach is fenced, monitored and open to guests of the Aquapark Krakow in the summer season from 10.00 to 21.00. On the beach there are 70 deckchairs and a paddling pool with a water cascade.

Opening hours and address of the Aquapark Krakow

Open daily from 8.00 to 22.00

Water Park in Krakow SA
ul. Good Shepherd 126
31 416-Kraków

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