Sopot Aquapark

Relaxation and sports facility Sopot Aquapark is a place for entertainment for the whole family, where you can actively relax and take care of your body.

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One of the leading aqua parks by the sea is also Reda Aquapark – szczegóły here

Wide expansive room available Sopot Aquapark, Aqua SPA, 8 sauna, tepidarium and relaxation roomwhere you can take advantage of care and relaxation treatments, as well as massages.

The basement is modern bowling club.

Pick&Roll Club w Aquapark Sopot to miejsce, gdzie Goście mogą nie tylko skosztować wyśmienitych potraw serwowanych przez tutejszą restaurację i wypić aromatyczną kawę w  kawiarni, ale także wziąć udział w wielu wydarzeniach kulturalnych i rozrywkowych.

Attractions of the Sopot Aquapark

Recreational pool

Recreational pool with umbrella and water jets and artificial river current, hydromassage loungers and grotto with a waterfall.

Pool for children

Basen dla najmłodszych o temperaturze wody 30 – 32 st. C i głębokości od 0 do 60 cm wyposażony jest w armatki wodne, zwierzęta tryskające wodą, zjeżdżalnie dla maluchów i gejzery.

Parapływacki swimming pool

Parapływacki swimming pool is used, among other things, to teach swimming lessons and sports swimming. It has 25 meters long, 3 tracks and 140 cm depth.

An all-year outdoor pool

Całoroczny basen zewnętrzny czynny jest również w okresie zimowym i połączony jest z basenem rekreacyjnym oświetlonym kanałem przepływowym. Wykorzystywany jest do prowadzenia kursów nauki pływania, pływania rekreacyjnego oraz rozgrywania zawodów  pływackich odbywających się w Aquaparku Sopot. Ma długość 25 metrów, głębokość 140 cm i 4 tory.

Seasonal outdoor pool

The seasonal outdoor pool has a depth of up to 130 cm. A three-meter water slide is leading to it. For children there is a colorful construction for water games. The pool is open in the summer season. Around him there are sunbeds.

Wild River

The Wild River at the Aquapark Sopot has a length of 71 meters, and the level difference here is 6 meters. The water flows in it with the speed of 600 liters per second, which is just as fast as in the natural mountain stream.

The attraction is designed for people with a height of 160 cm and depends on weather conditions.


Whirlpool is the pride of Aquapark Sopot consisting of 5 whirlpool tubs. In two of them, you can use air pearl massages, while in the others, the massage is performed using water and air. This hydromassage balances the blood pressure and oxygenation of the body.

The water here has the 34 temperature°C, and a one-time stay in a hot tub should not exceed 15 minutes.


Attractions of the Aquapark Sopot include also water umbrellas, water grotto and massaging couch, as well as water jets providing a beneficial effect of water on the body. Hydromassage relaxes and relaxes the muscles, and also causes better oxygenation of the body.

Family family family slide (YELLOW)

It has a length of 110 meters and numerous turns, and the level difference is up to 12 meters. It can be used by people with a height of 110 cm.

Turbo internal slide (BLUE)

This is a very fast tube - kamikaze, 70 meters long and 12 meters difference in levels.

It is the fastest slide in the Sopot Aquapark and a great attraction for those who like to play in the water and fast ride.

The slide is designed for people with a minimum 140 cm.

Two-family family water slide Familijna (Biała)

This slide has a length of 7,5 meter and is suitable for family play, because it allows a joint ride with a child.

Water Playground

It is a place where you can take a three-meter water slide. The outdoor pool has a maximum depth of 130 cm. Around the pool there are sun loungers. A colorful design for the youngest guests ensures great fun. Water Playground at Aquapark Sopot is open in the summer season.

Three-legged 8 family slide Familijna

This slide leads directly to the outdoor recreation pool with a depth of up to 130 cm, located on the surface of Wodna Playground.



Laconium is intended for people who can not use the treatments in a classic sauna. 55 ° C temperature and low humidity makes Laconium safe even for people with cardiovascular disease. Stay cleanses and detoxifies the body, and helps to relieve tension and stress.

Serail Bath

Serail Bath has a beneficial effect on the mental sphere and improving well-being, as well as relieving muscle and joint pain. Treatments in this mud bath are also a perfect complement to detoxification treatments.

Nordic sauna

Nordic sauna is located on the external terrace of the Aquapark Sopot. Staying in it has a positive effect on the respiratory, immune and endurance of the body. Aromatic sauna rituals are also held here every day.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna (dry sauna) is a traditional Finnish sauna. Staying in it cleanses the skin, stimulates circulation and supports the body's immune system.

Aroma Sauna

Aroma Sauna is a dry sauna in which the odor has a therapeutic effect on the body.


Biosauna is a Finnish sauna with a lower temperature. It regenerates and regulates the immune system.

Steam bath

Steam Bath is a steam sauna in which natural scents regenerate the body.


Caldarium is a steam bath in which the temperatures are lower than in a traditional sauna. The stay here is regenerated and purified.


Tequila in Sopot Aquapark is equipped with stone, heated couches. Staying here favors the elimination of stress and relaxation.

SPA Aquapark Sopot

Beauty zone

-the zone of beauty, where cosmetic treatments for the face, body, hands and feet are proposed

Relaxation zone

- relaxation area where you can take advantage of massages performed by specialists, peelengs, body rituals, as well as hammam treatments

Health zone

- health area, where guests are offered a mud sauna and various therapeutic baths


Aquapark Sopot offers the possibility to rent restaurants to organize your own special or corporate event.  


Modern Bowling in Aquapark Sopot is a place for a good time with friends or organization of events, for example a child's birthday.

Sopot Aquapark price list

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