Clement's fairy-tale orchards

Clement's fairy-tale orchards Podskarbice Szlacheckie is an unusual family Park of Entertainment and Recreation located near Rawa Mazowiecka.

The fairytale Sady Klemensa has an area of ​​about 5 hectares and offers families with children many attractions, relaxation and activity zones, as well as the opportunity to relax in the shade of old trees and bushes.

There are fruit trees and shrubs, honey herbs, birch forest and fragrant coniferous forest waiting for guests of this fairy-tale land. Sady Klemensa Rawa Mazowiecka Amusement Park provides all guests with great fun in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Location of Sady Klemens Amusement Park

Sady Klemensa Family Amusement Park are located in Podskarbice Szlacheckie in the district of Rawa, in the municipality of Regnów.

Access 7 km from Rawa Mazowiecka towards Kalenia.

It is here, due to the clean agricultural area, where the orchards cover as much as 45% of the commune's agricultural area, the Sady Klemens' Fairytale Amusement Park. Decades ago, real orchards functioned in this place, and a large proportion of fruit trees and shrubs still remain here, as well as a great atmosphere.

Attractions of Sady Klemens Park

Fruit avenue

The fruity alley welcomes the guests of Sady Klemens Amusement Park and puts it in an idyllic mood. Here everyone can feel like a child and go to a real fun.

Clement's shop

The Klemens Store offers souvenirs and gadgets related to Klemens's Sady Fairytale Family Fun Park, as well as salt and beekeeping products.

Soft Flight Zone

The Klemens soft flight zone is a pantry, fruit orchard and a ship transporting fruit abroad, referring to the ancient history of this place and fruit farming.

Rainbow Land

Rainbow land is a zone of water attractions, open only in appropriate weather.

Hot sands and great

Hot sands and huge mounds encourage digging and building sand castles and fortified buildings.

Klemens Orchard Health Zone

Klemensa Orchard Health Zone, i.e. a brine and iodine graduation tower, is a place of relaxation, allowing you to rest in silence in the bosom of nature.

Forest Obstacle Course

The Forest Obstacle Course is a perfect place for small and large, for everyone willing to check their physical condition.

"Turlaj Owoca" Field Game

The "Turlaj Owoca" field game is fun with huge fruit on hills, hills and obstacle courses, great for the whole family.

Strachowisko is a place of fear and terror

Strachowisko is a place of fear and terror. In Klemens' Fairy Tale Sounds, numerous scarecrows are a terror. This place can be visited by children who are at least 7 years old.

Fear descriptions are available at the Park ticket office.

Maturing area

The resting area in the shady area of ​​Sady Klemensa is a great place to relax and unwind. The soothing atmosphere of the forest will help you relax in a comfortable hammock, listen to the singing of birds and look at the sky, and maybe read a book.

Traffic zone

The traffic zone is a clearing intended for physical activity, workshops, fitness classes and other outdoor games in Klemens' Fairy Tale.

Clement slide

The Clement Slide is a ground gravity slide that brings a smile to all faces. This attraction is for children over 12 years of age and requires a helmet and protective pads.

Catch up with Clement

Catching up with Clement is an attraction for those who want to experience the car chase after Clement, who has just hid.

Hop hop

Hop Hop up is a lively madness for children


An amphitheater with a stage intended for children's performances and interesting events, i.e. theaters, lectures and musical performances taking place in the Clement's Fairy Tale Amusement Park.

Birch maze of a mysterious forest

The birch maze of the mysterious forest hides many secrets. You have to be very careful here not to get lost and be able to recognize the signs that nature gives.

Clement's garden workshops

Clement's gardening workshops are intended for those who dream about learning the secrets of nature. You can plant plants yourself, participate in weeding flower beds, use gardening tools, and observe the form of fruit shrubs. And all this is done under the watchful eye of Mr. Gardener.

Train to nature

Train to nature is a favorite attraction of children, allowing you to visit Sady Klemens and explore the fairy-tale world of nature.


Grill point, i.e. a place where you can eat sausages, sensational burgers, pea soup and tasty ice cream. Open only on weekends.

Bistro Antonówka at the entrance to Sady Klemensa is a great place for dinner, a sweet snack, coffee, a glass of juice or lemonade or for a moment of rest in the shade of trees. You can also heat baby food.

Bistro Papierówka, which is a place where only healthy snacks, cocktails and dishes are served.


Klemens' fairy-tale orchards welcome guests along with their animal favorites, but make sure that the dog does not disturb anyone or pose a threat. The dog must be on a leash and have a muzzle on. It also cannot be left unattended and should always be cleaned after it.


In Sady Klemensa you can prepare your own picnic.

Practical information

In the Sady Klemensa Rawa Mazowiecka Amusement Park you can pay by card.

Sprinklers are set up in the heat of the Sady Klemens Amusement Park.

You can move around prams and wheelchairs around Sady Klemensa.

Clement's Sady Price list

Normal ticket: PLN 29
Concession ticket: PLN 25
Children up to 2 years old: 1 PLN
Birthday ticket: PLN 1
2 + 1 family ticket: 75 PLN
2 + 2 family ticket: 95 PLN
Family ticket - each subsequent child: PLN 25
Disabled people: PLN 1
Group tickets: up to 20 people - 29 PLN, from 21 to 100 people - 25 PLN.

Tickets purchased online should be used in the season in which they were issued.


Sady Clement's map


Clement's orchards address: 96-232 Podskarbice Szlacheckie 1

There is free parking for coaches in the Sady Klemensa Amusement Park.

School trip to Sady Clement's Amusement Park

Organized school and kindergarten groups can take part in an amazing biology lesson at Sady Klemens's Fairy Tale Amusement Park, because education combines with fun here.

Thematic classes and workshops are prepared by Klemens' collaborators. The theoretical part of the classes conducted here concerns biology and is then used in field games. After the workshops, you can regenerate with a delicious meal to later have fun at all the attractions of Sady Klemensa Amusement Park.


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