Errant Rocks

Errant Rocks is a picturesque complex of rock formations located in the Stołowe Mountains, at an altitude of 853 m above sea level, creating a labyrinth of paths in an area of ​​about 21 ha. It used to be a nature reserve, today the area is part of the Table Mountains National Park.


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Erroneous Rocks Map

Erroneous Rocks Map


In the Upper Cretaceous period, there was a sea in this area, where thick layers of sandstone and marl were deposited. In the Tertiary, during the process of orogeny, they were uplifted along with the Sudetenland. Erosion, due to the different resistance of individual rock layers to weathering, led to the formation and widening of gaps in the rock mass, creating deep corridors of Błędne Skały.

Errant Rocks

Tourist routes

- yellow: from Duszniki - Zdrój to Karłów

- green: from Polanica - Zdrój to Karłów

-red: from Karłów

-red: from Kudowa - Zdrój through Jakubowice

- green from Kudowa - Zdrój through the Chapel of Skulls and Pstrążna

- Blue: from the lower parking lot

Rock Forms of Errant Rocks




Some rock forms in the Błędne Skały area have their own names, e.g.

-Step Boulder



-Kurza Footer


-Bigless mushroom

The narrowest gaps on the Błędne Skały tourist route are only several dozen centimeters wide.

Just after entering the area of ​​Błędnych Skał, the left leads the path leading to the Skalne Czasze viewpoint, from where you can admire Szczeliniec and Karkonosze.

The route of Błędne Skały also runs along wooden platforms located over the muddy terrain.

Errant Rocks

Other names of Errant Rocks

Wilcze Doły - this is what Errant Rocks were called after World War II or compared to the ruins of an old castle. They were also called Wild Holes.


Legend has it that the Errant Rocks were created by the Mountain King, Liczyrzepa, during his great rage. Once there was a mountain called Skalniak, which was a place of worship of the local pagan people. Once sacrifices were made to the deities of fields and meadows here, a tall, unfamiliar man with a long red beard appeared. However, he did not want to offer sacrifices to idols and it was only the Priest who recognized him as the Mountain Spirit, that is Liczyrzepa, but did not give him the due respect. Ruchero, in great anger, stamped his foot, and the whole Mountain shook, and the rocks began to crack, creating cracks. A rubble of rock blocks was created in the place of the former Mountain. People started to run away, but not all of them found their way in the resulting maze of Errant Rocks. People were afraid to return there for a long time, but when the first daredevils arrived, they discovered strange rock forms, remains of people and animals, as well as wolf lairs. This place was named Wolf Downs.

Films shot on the premises of the Errant Rocks

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

A friend of the Merry Devil

Two worlds

Practical information

-Free parking the lower one is located next to the Hundred Curves Road, about 10 minutes by car from the center of Kudowa. It is 3,5 km from the car park to Błędne Skały and the walk takes about 75 minutes.

There is a road to the left leading to the upper paid parking lot.

- Due to the narrow road, there is a swinging movement here, and the change of the direction of travel takes place every 30 minutes.

-There are free toilets next to both parking lots.

-In summer, admission to the Błędne Skały area is payable. There are no entrance fees in winter, but the trail is not maintained.

-The tourist route in Błędne Skały is one-way.

-The visiting time is about 40 minutes.

-In Błędne Skały, climbing and smoking is forbidden.

Szczeliniec and Błędne Skały can be visited during one day, or around 8 hours.

A shorter and less tiring trail leads from Karłów to Kudowa-Zdrój.


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