kopernik Science Center

kopernik Science Center it was opened in 2011 year and today it is one of the most important places on science on the map of Warsaw.

In 2016, the Copernicus Science Center obtained the status of a research unit. The exhibitions are visited by over a thousand people daily, and many guests return here again.

kopernik Science Center periodically changes and enriches the exhibitions so as to meet the needs of interested visitors. There are several hundred exhibits on the exhibitions presented here.


The Copernicus Science Center provides visitors to over 400 exhibits placed at permanent exhibitions, as well as at the temporary exhibition. A workshop space was also provided Maisternia and two theaters: Robotic Theater i Theater of High Voltage.

At weekends, classes for individuals are conducted in the Copernicus Science Center laboratories. Admission to these meetings takes place as part of a ticket to the Copernicus Science Center.

See Earth

This is an exhibition presenting 20 exhibits, located on three floors of the Planetarium and divided into 2 parts:

- space observations and the possibilities of their use

-technologies used to observe the Earth from space

Admission to this exhibition is free.

The exhibition space "See: Earth" can be used to carry out "Space Lessons" for the 6-8 grades of the primary school and the first high school classes.

Challenge yourself - temporary exhibition

This exhibition lets you explore the limits of human capabilities, your own strengths and limitations, and compare them with other people.


The latest discoveries of psychology, sociology, neurobiology and technology, as well as interactive exhibits used at this exhibition at the Copernicus Science Center allow you to do many experiments yourself.

The space is divided into the 4 zone:

-Ja, or psychology and internal life of a human being

-Ja-Ty, that is, the relationship of two people and feelings

-Ja-My-Oni, or the relationship between an individual and a group and social phenomena

-Ja-Świat, or about how the modern world affects us

Handyman - You think better than you think

This place in the Copernicus Science Center, where you can create yourself at the workshop tables. 

The time of classes is undefined here.

Exhibition Bzzz!

This space is intended for children up to 5 year and allows you to experiment in the Copernicus Science Center together with the supervisor. The stay takes 1 an hour and 10 minutes. At the water exhibit, children may splash, so it is advisable to take clothes for a change. A clothes dryer is provided.

Theater of High Voltage

Amidst the gloom, the generator bowl of Van de Graaff shines here, and in the distance you can hear the sounds of atmospheric discharges.   

Robotic Theater

Robothespans are technologically advanced humanoids that can do a lot. Performances are presented every half hour and available as part of a ticket to the Copernicus Science Center. There is 50 people in the audience at one time.


Workshops on various topics, lasting 20 minutes, are conducted by animators in various parts of the Copernicus Science Center. 

Experimentation Zone

This open space on the first floor of the Copernicus Science Center is devoted to man and nature. The interior design allows for independent experiments with over 200 exhibits in 19 thematic groups.

This zone is divided into two parts:

Eastern part - next to the orange pavilion - is dedicated to man and biological processes taking place in nature.

Thematic groups:

Picture in the eye
Human anatomy and physiology
Human capabilities - check yourself out
Movement - sight
Light and colors
Light and optics
Shapes and patterns
Environment - processes

Western part - at the blue pavilion - concerns physical phenomena.

Thematic groups:

Electricity and magnetism
Waves and vibrations
Gyroscopes and the moment of inertia
Simple machines
Chaotic phenomena

Rest areas and a cafe

Rest areas allow you to take a break in the break from playing and learning at the Copernicus Science Center. There is also a café with a view of the Vistula River and the National Stadium.


Weekend activities for families


Classes are prepared for individuals who have already completed 9 years.

-45 minutes

Saturday and Sunday

-godz. 11: 00, 12: 30, 14: 00 and 15: 30 (by the end of June)

-Space: Monday to Sunday

- entry as part of a ticket to the Copernicus Science Center

- for children aged 9-13 together with a guardian
- the classes are conducted in Polish

Green area

Between the Copernicus Science Center and the Świętokrzyski Bridge is the Discovery Park, where you can relax or experiment with the sound. In the summer, astronomical observations of the sky take place here.

512 Pavilion

An additional pavilion was built from clay and concrete, intended for artistic activities of the Copernicus Science Center.

Copernicus on wheels

This stand presents musical and optical experiences over 60.


The Copernicus Science Center provides its laboratories for "young explorers":

-chemical - which arouses scientific curiosity

-biological - allowing you to understand yourself

-physical - showing that it is physics that uses such fields of science as: chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology and technical sciences

-Robotic - using computer science, mathematics, physics and technology to create artificial intelligence and new technologies

The Copernicus Science Center organizes:

- Scientific Markers

-Fashion Transformation

-FameLab competitions

Planetarium of Heavens of Copernicus

It is one of the most modern planetariums in Europe. Sky shows, film screenings, lectures, meetings, as well as concerts and laser shows take place here

The projection room, with a spherical, 16 - meter screen, is equipped with 139 comfortable chairs allowing free viewing of sky shows displayed from six digital squares and a Megastar IIA star projector.

The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium also has its own production studio, in which displayed shows are made.

The Planetarium building is equipped with elevators, platforms and toilets adapted to the needs of the disabled. For people with vision dysfunction, three films with audio description have been prepared:

"Earth, moon and sun"

"Black holes"

"On the wings of dreams"

The exhibition "See: Earth" is available to all recipients, and some exhibits are also adapted for people in wheelchairs.


Evenings for adults

- one Thursday a month

-from 19.00 to 22.00

- each evening focuses on a different scientific topic

- visiting the gallery


- movie projections




- meetings with experts


- sky shows in the Planetarium

Apollo 11

In the Planetarium of the Copernicus Science Center, besides the sky shows, there are also moon concerts, films and shows.

Copernicus sky, planetarium, cinema

Short film shows were prepared, displayed in front of the films as a supplement, as well as longer, lasting about 45 mines, for which you can buy a separate ticket.

Musical and laser demonstrations

The Heavens of Copernicus planetarium presents shows created thanks to the use of modern multimedia technologies, with music, lasers and dome visualizations:

-Voices in the Dark

-Dark Side of the Moon (with Pink Floyd music)

Musical shows

In the cinema room, on the semi-spherical screen, the movie "Chaos and harmony" is displayed, which delights the viewer with a show of the world of algorithms.

Concerts under the Stars

In the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium on selected Fridays, "Concerts under the Stars" take place, where you can listen to classical or contemporary music while watching the projections displayed on the dome.

Jazz Orbit

Once a month, on Friday, at 19.00 p.m., there are concerts of jazz, fussion or avant-garde music.

Concerts for children

Interactive, 45-minute concerts, enriched with visualizations of the sky and space, prepared especially for the youngest viewers, are held once a month at the Planetarium of the Copernicus Science Center.

These concerts are intended for children from 7 to 12 years and are held on the selected Sunday of the month at 14.00.

For adults

"Constellation: Love" - ​​an idea for a date under the stars

Meetings with scientists

Straight from the sky are multimedia shows taking place in the Planetarium of the Copernicus Science Center and combined with conversations with scientists

In the evenings about stars and planets - conversations and discussions about space

For teachers: Shaping the future

Before visiting the Heavens of Copernicus Sky Planetarium, the Copernicus Science Center is worth learning the repertoire and choosing a film appropriate to the age and interests of the students.

Elements of the core curriculum included in films and presented shows were also given.


For children from the 3 year of life:

"Under One Sky" - the film tells the story of the Big Bird from Sesame Street who went to the moon

For primary school students of primary school:

"Polaris" - the film tells about the meeting of the polar bear by Vladimir the penguin James and their journey to space.

"Secrets of the cardboard rocket" - is a film about children in space and their own cardboard rocket

Older students:

For them, all other films presented at the Planetarium are proposed.

The film "On the wings of dreams" was created in the graphic studio Planetarium and tells about the dreams of a man about flying.



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