Miracles of Poland - unique places that are worth visiting

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Poland is a country where there is no shortage of exceptional places - both natural wonders and those that arose due to human interference.

Some of them deserve a special distinction, because they are a source of pride not only on the scale of Europe, but the whole world.

Morskie Oko

The first of these gems is Morskie Okowhich the American daily "The Wall Street Journal"He recognized one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world. Located among the peaks Morskie Oko it impresses with its unique, picturesque view that stays in memory for a very long time.

Slowinski National Park

Lovers of marine atmosphere should definitely visit the Baltic Sea Slowinski National Park. This picturesque cluster of dunes, one of the largest in Europe, resembles a desert landscape, like a fantasy movie.

The Elbląg Canal

Another Polish miracle, though not nature anymore, is The Elbląg Canal - the longest, artificial waterway connecting Iława and Ostróda with Elbląg.

Lake Solina

Impressive and exceptionally beautiful is also located in the Bieszczady Mountains Lake Solina, which is also not a work of nature, although not all tourists are aware of it. It is an artificial reservoir - the largest of its kind in Poland, and an additional attraction is a concrete dam located on the lake, counting 82 m height and 660 m in length.

Jeleniogórska Valley

Poland can also boast Jeleniogórska Valley - the only such a large concentration of historic monuments in the entire country palaces and residences. The whole of the Basin is close to 30.

Torun Old Town

It is impossible not to mention about Toruń Old Town, which was included in the 1997 list on the world heritage list UNESCO. Old Town in Torun provides numerous tourist attractions - not only Museum of Gingerbread and family home of Nicolaus Copernicusbut also wonderful, gothic architecture pearls.

Krakow Old Town

However, the biggest competition for Toruń's Old Town is Krakow's Old Town, which is also on the UNESCO list, and delights with charming, medieval streets.

Masurian Lake District

An undoubted Polish miracle is also Masurian Lake Districtwhich was almost enough to become one of 2011's New Wonders of Nature in 7. The largest Masurian lakes are connected with each other by canals, creating one big, picturesque waterway, over 120 km.

Hel Peninsula

You can not forget about too Hel Peninsulawhich was still an island that was cut off from the mainland in the 17th century. Over the years, the archipelago (due to the forces of nature and human activity) gradually changed into a spit, so unusual that in 2013 Whole he was on the 15 list of the most amazing peninsons in the world of the site The World Geography.

Dunajec gorge

A real Polish miracle is also the Dunajec gorge in the Pieniny Mountains - a picturesque mountain gorge that can be traversed by rafts guided by rafts.

Table Mountains

And while remaining in this mountain accent, at the end of the mention it is worth more about Stołowe Mountainswhose stony peaks not only amaze but also stimulate the imagination with its unusual shapes.

5 / 5 - (21 votes)


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