Energylandia in Zator is the largest Amusement Park and Family Entertainment Park in Poland.

The offer of several dozen attractions, located on 26 hectares of land, can be used by children, adolescents and adults.

Purchase one ticket Intro allows you to use all facilities and attractions of the Energylandia Park without any limit.

Parking lots are able to accommodate several thousand cars, and several dozen of cash desks allow you to avoid queues.

Energylandia Zator is present at the forum from the very beginning of construction SkyscraperCity Energylandia.

A lot of skyscraper skyscraper discussions concern the safety of new attractions, such as Hyperion. All devices in Energyland have ISO 9001 certificates and certificates.

Today, everyone knows, where is Energylandia and what attractions she prepared for her guests. From the following article you will learn all the necessary information about the Energylandia Theme Park.

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Energylandia - map of the object

ATTRACTIONS Energylandia

All attractions in Energylandia have been divided into the 4 zone:


Where children meet with the characters of their favorite fairy tales and can use safe carousels, mini coaster, cars and planes.

Roller Coaster "Śmiejżelki ENERGUŚ"

Attractions of Baikalandia:

Roller Coaster "Śmiejżelki ENERGUŚ"

The largest Polish family Roller Coaster "Śmiejżelki ENERGUŚ" moves at an altitude of 13 meters, reaching the speed of almost 50 km / h and overloading to 3g.

The Krasnala Farm railway

The Dwarf Farm Queue is a ride on small tractors on a rail track at a speed adapted also to the youngest guests.

Carousel "Super Pump"

The Super Pump carousel, in each fire engine vehicle, has water pumps installed, firing at the lights imitating the fire.

"Sissi" carousel

The two-level Viennese Carousel "Sissi" is a beautifully lit horses and wonderful carroots, as well as toy cars moving up and down.

Arctic Fun Energylandia slide

The Arctic Fun Energylandia slide allows you to enjoy the ride from a great height, and special mattresses protect the legs and increase the speed of the downhill ride.

WRC Auto Bumpers

WRC Auto Bumpers are children's cars driving in a special zone.

Flume Ride

Boats Treasure Island is a children's version of the so-called: Flume Ride, which is a boat trip on the water track.

Fairy Carousel "Leoś"

The fairy-tale carousel "Leoś" is the smaller equivalent of the Vienna carousel.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari with cars moving on a rail track. The scenery of the African landscape allows children to empathize with the role of a small explorer of the wild continent.

Carousel Flying Swings

Carousel Flying Swings not only revolves around but also moves vertically and tilts at an angle.

Carousel Skyships Ships

The Sky Carousel Ships are an adventure in boats, and the colorful Crazy Clown Carousel is intended for little ones.

Carousel Acrobatic Show

Carousel Acrobatic Show is an attraction for lovers of sky-high trips.

Family Magic Look Aerial Train

The Magic Fly Family Funicular with a magnificent view of Water Park and Bajkolandia moves at low speed.

Air Show

Air Show is an attraction for the youngest Guests of Energylandii Zator who like to fly, and Crazy Bus for those who want to travel by cheerful bus.

Circus Coaster

Circus Coaster - mini rollercoaster for children.

Circus Drift carousel

Circus Drift carousel is a carousel with small and large cars.

Funny Cars carousel

Funny Cars carousel - a colorful carousel for children, fulfilling dreams of becoming a driver, and Happy Loops is a queue that overcomes corners with accelerations.


With attractions for families, although some of them are available from 140 cm in height. There are several Roller Coaster's available here, water rafting, a look-out railway, or the Formula Autodrom track.

RMF Dragon

Attractions of the Family Zone:

RMF Dragon

RMF Dragon is a reverse queue, where the train cars are located under the rails, and the passengers' legs hang freely in space. It is intended for people from 4 years of age with a minimum increase of 120 cm.

Formula Autodrom

The Energyland Autodrom formula is toy cars for adults and children, where the main attraction is colliding with other vehicles and racing.

Monster Attack

Monster Attack Energylandia is a roller coaster ride in the dark, where set design and laser guns are an important element.


Mars is a roller coaster also for children, with a UFO style set.

Scenic Railways Airplanes

Aerial Sightseeing Train is a ride around the children's area.

Rafting Toffifee Gold Mine

The Toffifee Gold Mine (Flume Ride) takes place in wagon styled to the trunk of a tree, which along with the waterfall slides down to splash water.

Viking village

The Vikings' Village (Viking Village) is an area arranged as an ancient Viking stronghold, giving the opportunity to learn about their customs


In the air-conditioned Planetarium, you can watch several-minute sessions.

Swiss Village

The Swiss Village are streets, buildings, customs and cuisine in an alpine climate.

Viking Ride

Viking Ride is a boat trip in the style of an old raft in the Viking Village.

Swis Water Cups

Swis Water Cups - a quiet and relaxing rafting tour near the Swiss Village, among mysterious elves, plants, wooden structures and sculptures.

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is a crazy wild river with fast currents, waterfalls, waves and vortices.


Boomerang, a family run Roller Coaster with dynamic corners, sudden hills and speeds up to 70 km / h, moving forward and backward on a 25 m track.

Spill Water Anaconda

Spill Water Anaconda is a 20-boat ride at speeds up to 55 km / h, which no one goes out dry.

Splash Battle

Splash Battle is a scenic ride around Energyland and fun water cannons in one.

Frutti Loop

Frutti Loop is a gentle rollercoaster.


Atlantis (Grand Rapid River) is a rafting river in small dinghies.


It provides a huge dose of adrenaline and fun on several of the fastest and largest devices, including: Roller Coastery (also water), Azec Swing pendulum, 40 - Space Space Booster, as well as the largest and fastest in Europe Hyperion Mega Coaster at speeds up to 100 km / h and 5g overloads.

Attractions of the Extreme Zone:

Mayan Roller-Coaster

Mayan Roller-Coaster, where the wagons reach speeds of 80 km / h, overloads reach 5 g, and the height of the structure reaches over 33 meters, provides extreme survival.

Tsunami Drop

Tsunami Drop, is a drop tower at over 40 meters, with incredible speed and heavy overloads, taking people to the 16 deck.


Viking is a Spinning Coaster Roller Coaster with rotating wagons, moving on a 13 meter track.


Apokalipto Energylandia is a bench put into rotation around a circle with a diameter of 8 meters and around its own axis.

Aztec Swing

Aztec Swing - a huge pendulum, rotating in different directions and around its own axis after 27 - meter diameter of the circle, generating overloads reaching the 4,5 g.

Space Gun

Space Gun - two 16-bed gondolas on the 16 - meter arms, moving in opposite directions. This is the only attraction in Eneryland that does not have an automatic working mode, so each ride is different.

Space Booster

Space Booster - arm with a diameter of 40 meters moves at a speed of up to 100 km / h and generates an overload of 4 g.


Formula is the most modern Roller Coaster in Europe, meeting the highest safety parameters and taking 16 passengers once. It is a "Launched Coaster", i.e. a device that achieves the maximum speed of the wagons in the shortest possible time. The formula with a magnetic drive system generates overloads of almost 4,5 g, i.e. the speed 100 km / h is reached in 2 seconds.

Speed ​​Water Coaster

Speed ​​is the largest and fastest Speed ​​Water Coaster in the world in its category. It is a combination of roller coaster and water ride. Passengers are elevated to 60 meters and reach speeds of around 110 km / h.

Hyperion Mega Coaster

Hyperion is the highest (77 m) and the fastest (142 km / h) in Europe Mega Coaster with an 80-meter drop and 85 gradients at a slope.

WATER PARK Energylandia

It imitates a tropical island with sunny beaches with sun loungers and the largest water park in Poland, Tropical Fun.

Slides of varying difficulty, adjusted to age, also with pontoons, River, 3 swimming pools with heated water from the depths of 20 to 120 cm and many other attractions located on the XMUMX m1800 surface favors family fun and relaxation under the supervision of rescuers. Energy changers and dryers are available at Energylandia Zator.

Tropical Splash
Tropical Splash

Attractions Water Park Energylandia:

Tropical Splash

Tropical Splash is a slide made of 6 tracks, and the downhill takes place on mats, thanks to which the speed is higher.

Aloha Slide

Aloha Slide is 111 meters of water slide with pontoons.

Exotic Fun

The Exotic Fun slide is a powerful hopper with a height of 9 meters, whose design guarantees great impressions and unexpected changes in directions of the descent.

Tiki Ride Energylandia

Tiki Ride Energylandia is a pontoon ride from 15 meters.

RMF MAXXX Kamikaze

RMF MAXXX Kamikaze, or slide, in which the floor collapses and vertically falls into a completely unknown space at enormous speed.

Ship with slides

A ship with slides is an attraction available even for the youngest guests, but under the supervision of a guardian and rescuers.

Adventure River

In Adventure River, 3 runs the slides: Aloha, Tiki ride and Exotic fun or is treated as a run-off allowing relaxation.


In the Energylandia Theme Park in Zator there are organized meetings and thematic shows for children and adults.

Stand up magic show

Stand up magic show is a meeting with a stand up cabaret.


Monday - Friday, at 17: 20

weekend, at 12: 30 and 17: 20

Colosseo Concert Hall

It's show time

It's show time is a demonstration of the skills of acrobats, jugglers and hula-hop masters.


daily, 15: 00 and 15: 45

The spectacular hall of Egypt

Moto & fire extreme

Moto & fire extreme is a show performed by Extreme Energylandia Team combined with a fire show. Artists, stunters, fast cars, ATV stunters and motorbike as well as fire show - all in the science fiction scenery.


every day, from 22 April, at 17: 00

Audience: 1000 seating

Crazy Scientist Laboratory

Crazy Scientist Laboratory - an educational show directed to school groups, in which the main character will introduce the students to the laws of physics.


Monday - Friday, at 12: 10

Colosseo Concert Hall

Happy circus

Happy circus is a show showing the happy adventures of clowns.


everyday, at 12: 00, 12: 30 and 13: 00

Theater Egypt

The prince of magic

The prince of magic, an illusionist show, full of magical tricks and tricks involving the audience.


everyday, at 16: 00, 16: 30, 17: 00

Colosseo Concert Hall

Western show

Western show is a mini musical in the western scenery


everyday, at 14: 30, 15: 00, 15: 30

Colosseo concert hall


Dreamland is a fairy tale for the youngest viewers, with the participation of mascots: Energus, Leosia, Bartusia and Sissi.


everyday, at 11: 50 and 13: 10

Colosseo Concert Hall

Extreme Show

Extreme Show is a demonstration of stunt skills on motorcycles, quads and in cars.

Audience: 1000 seating


every day, from 22 April, at 14: 00 and 15: 30

Pirate adventure

Pirate adventure is a spectacle for families, in which the crew of a pirate ship traverses the oceans searching for treasure, and on the road encounters new adventures.


everyday, at 11: 30, 12: 10, 12: 50

External scene of the Colosseo amphitheater

Pyramid Ilusion Cinema 7D Energylandia

Pyramid Ilusion Cinema 7D Energylandia - a cinema offering amazing experiences, thanks to the combination of three-dimensional film projections, crystal clear sound and special effects. The pyramid-shaped building, statues of pharaohs and elements of ancient Egyptian stylization emphasize the uniqueness of this place.


Energylandia in Zatorze has a variety of dining options, each serving a different cuisine and a variety of delicacies.

cytrynka offers lemonade and other cool drinks in the Water Park area

Super Hot-Dog These are hot dogs prepared in various ways.

Chilli Restaurant it's delicious sausages and grilled meat served in gazebos with comfortable tables.

Azteca Kebab serves gyros with fresh vegetables and perfectly fried fries.

Mr. Pancake gives pancakes in many ways.

Life Pub it's a rest in the shade, with delicious desserts and drinks.

Ice Creame Lab, or Ice Cream of Alchemik, is ice cream with many flavors.

Ice cream and chocolate to patisserie with ice cream, waffles and desserts.

Scandinavia restaurant it will accommodate many Energyland guests in a large space. Lunch dishes, salads and pasta will satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Crispy Chickens these dishes fresh poultry prepared on the spot every day.

Don Energio serves a pizza at Zelałku Italia.

Frytkomania fries in many editions, with toppings and sauces.

Dumpling especially for lovers of flour dishes prepared a delicious menu.

Taverna Zator, or the Pirate Tavern, gives fish and seafood.

Energuś restaurant is a place dedicated to organized groups, offering home dinners.

Vienna Cafe - a cafe with a terrace and a view of Hyperion.

Pączuś gives delicious donuts with marmalade, rose and other stuffing

Royal Restaurant it's elegant interiors and sophisticated dishes

black Jack - a quiet place stylized to an English pub.

Queen Coffee welcomes guests before entering Energyland

Boomerang kebab serves Arabic cuisine.

Palace Caffe it's something for lovers of aromatic coffee, tasty desserts and relaxing on sun loungers.

Viking kebab serves rotating baked meat.

Formula Restaurant is a three-level restaurant offering casseroles, Italian snacks, world cuisines and desserts. It is located near the Roller Coaster Formula and thematically refers to races. Due to the surface of 1000 m2, this restaurant is also dedicated to groups of visitors visiting Energyland in Zator.

shashlik - Turkey Kopyto serves dishes in a convenient form of skewers.

Golden Churros Palms it's sweet Spanish pastries in the form of a long, star-shaped toe

Crazy Bubble provides refreshing drinks.

Zurich Bar Serves Swiss cuisine in the Swiss Village.

Tropical Pizza in the Water Park zone for lovers of drinks with a paland and pizza.

MR. Knuckle gives a traditional, baked pork knuckle.

Burger Store serves meat dishes, crispy bread, salads and sauces as energylandia burgers.


At the turn of the 2019-2020 years, the Energylandia hotel zone will be opened, arranged in the atmosphere of a Venetian town, with atmospheric streets, tenement houses, a canal and gondolas.

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The complex will be partially covered with a transparent structure, with a zone SPA, two restaurants, conference rooms and facilities prepared for the organization of events and events throughout the year.

Currently available to guests Energylandia complex in Zator proposes accommodation in apartments, hotels, at the campground, in summer houses, agritourism, boarding houses and hostels in the area.

Energylandia TICKETS

Day ticket Energyland in Zator has no time and quantity limits.

The ticket does not include gastronomy and slot machines, stores and souvenirs.

Price Lists Energylandia

Normal 119, PLN

Reduced for people up to 140 cm 69, - PLN

2 Day - Normal 219, - PLN

2 Day - Reduced for people to 140 cm 119, - PLN

Up to the years 3 1, - PLN

Birthday 1, - PLN

Pregnant women (upon presentation of a pregnancy card) 69, - PLN

Seniors + 65 69, - PLN

All-year discount 209, - PLN

All-year normal 359, - PLN

For a young couple (wedding session in the park) 1, - PLN

Disabled people 4 to 12 year 49, - PLN

Disabled people 4 12 from 69, - PLN

Parking for Camper with access to water, electricity and toilets 50, - PLN


All children on their birthday come to Energyland for PLN 1.

Also applies to 18 - birthday. (However, you must show a document confirming your birthday).

The ticket is available at the ticket office of the park.

Ticket prices in Energyland are also set for individual age groups:

Preschoolers 29, - PLN

1-6 49 classes, - PLN

7-8 classes and 59 junior high school, - PLN

high schools and 89 students, - PLN

Ticket prices to Energyland are set individually for groups, companies, travel agencies, hotels and tourist centers. You can sign an agency contract with Energylandia Park in Zator.


OPENING HOURS Energylandia

The season begins in Energylandia Zator 6 April 2019

In April Energylandia is open on Saturdays and Sundays on weekends: 6-7.04 .; 13-14.04, and from 22 April to 19 June is open daily at 10: 00 - 18: 00.

From 20 June to 1 September - opening hours: 10: 00 - 20: 00

From 2 September to 29 in September - opening hours: 10: 00 - 18: 00

In October (to 27 October) from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 opening times: 00 - 18: 00

End of the season - 27 October 2019

During the night events (Magic Night) you can enjoy all the attractions of the Energylandia Park from morning until midnight.

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