Illusion Farm

Park of Education and Entertainment "Illusion Farm" Trojans is a unique proposition of active play and relaxation for children and adults.

The Illusion Farm is located in the surroundings of beautiful forests, in the village of Mościska, 90 km from Warsaw and 80 km from Lublin. (Check the map on the map)

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Amusement park Illusion Farm prepared for children a lot of great attractions, dining facilities, shop, as well as barbecues and picnic areas. In the summer, amazing illusion shows take place here every day, and during the rest of the year, shows can be seen every weekend.

Park Illusion Farm has certificates Polish and Masovian Tourist Organization certifying that it is the best tourist product in Poland. In 2019, Illusion Farm won the third place in the competition organized by the portal "Dziecko w Podróży" for the best attraction for children in Poland.

The 2019 season at the Illusion Trojan Farm begins 27 April 2019.

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Flying Lodge of Secrets it is probably the only building of this type in the world

The Mystery of the Abandoned Mine - exit to the mine is possible by mining elevator

The tunnel of forgetfulness - a tunnel in which you forget about the whole world

Freaky Cottage illustrates the illusion of apparent motion

Museum of Illusion in the Illusion Farm presents glass holograms, hollow-face room, anomorphic illusions and others

Ames' room makes the child become bigger than the parents

Ames' room

Labyrinth of mirrors with a hundred endless corridors

Fairytale Palace of Shadows reminds Peter Pan and other fairy tale

Mapping 3 D is a spatial mapping show of a few minutes

Impossible Triangle it is unreal, but in the real world

Head on the plate it's a great illusion and a place to take souvenir photos

Well of infinity allows you to look inside the earth

Levitating tap is a fountain in which water flows from an unconnected tap

Levitating balls they float in the air

Giant's furniture is a collection of 4 scale furniture: 1

Path of illusions leads through more or less known illusions

Garden of the Giant with gigantic fruits and vegetables


Pharaoh's tomb it presents the mysterious world of the rulers of Egypt and promises a meeting with the mummy

Egyptian Museum talks about ancient Egypt. This is an introduction to visiting the Pharaoh's Tomb

Crossing Rafts through the jungle in the middle of the Park

Traper trail is an adventure on the "wetlands" of the Illusion Farm

Wild Dragons Reserve lets you get to know dangerous and friendly Dragons

Bay of Pirates is a rest and fun for a small paleontologist in an exotic setting

Wicker maze with the task of solving the riddle

Village of Stone Creatures invites you to meet its residents

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Experience Lasek full of interactive exhibits for self-exploration of the mysteries of physics

Wooden Games Zone provides great fun for the whole family

Giga Chess and Chinese is a place in the Illusion Farm prepared for a game of this royal game and a Chinese in huge dimensions

Block of blind spots it's up to 7 atypical and different labyrinths

Gravity Funnel it simulates the attraction of black holes in space

Musical Glade at the Illusion Farm it is full of outdoor instruments and will certainly liberate musical talent in every child

Predator's eye, or how you can see thermal traces


Mini trampoline park it's the perfect place to have fun

rope park Illusion Farm is a challenge for the greatest adventurers

Mini golf it's great fun for the whole family. A golf ball is required (you can buy it on the spot, cost: 5 PLN)

Health path with balances, ladders and handrails develops child's efficiency

Mini Tyrolka it's a crazy downhill ride, but only for children

Cooling zone 1 with a paddling pool and water slides designed only for children with parents

Cooling zone 2 open in Illusion Farm during holidays, with 10xXUMUM basin and 15 cm depth


Rope playground "Spider's web" is a construction designed for climbing and great fun

flowers is a colorful playground for younger guests of the Illusion Farm

Town of the Dragon Hunters it's a new wooden playground

Factory industrial appearance provides a lot of fun

Field of inflatables with several large pneumatic constructions

A playroom with slides and a pool filled with thousands of colorful balls

Króliczkowo proposes to play in a bunny town for children up to 6 year old

Mega blocks is a great treat for small builders

Baby corner with attractions such as face painting, art work or playing with the animators of the Illusion Farm

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DRAGON train provides great excitement and surprise

Wild West Express it's a western train ride

Queue of Merry Duck goes through the beautiful garden of the Illusion Farm

Carousel Chain it's a guarantee of impressions for everyone

Floor carousel Jungle designed especially for children

Pirate ship for the brave

Falling tree guarantees great emotions

Mini boats it's fun with water for younger children

Film Club gives a moment of respite in an air-conditioned cinema room, and an illusionist rabbit appears on the screen


ponies, in fact, the whole family of ponies who live in the Illusion Farm: Czarus, Gwiazdeczka and the little magician

Bunny Farm is a delightful bunny town located in the Illusion Farm

African goats it's competition for bunnies

Ducks and chickens they arouse admiration and curiosity

parrots can be found in the "jungle" of the Illusion Farm

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Crazy Ambrose it's a chemical show of an exceptional professor

Balloon Fantasy World is a program Patrycja Lipińska - the master of making balloons

Meeting with Sokolnik The Illusion Farm allows for close contact with wild nature and getting to know falcon, hawks and owls

Illusionist Damian Spoiled presents a show for children and adults, and in it a special number, meaning levitation with humor

Illusionist Maciej Pęda presents his magical and fun show  

Mr. Ząbek is a unique magician, whose humor and emotions are guaranteed

Land of Mupets This is an interesting show Konrad KONY Czarkowski


In the Iluzio Farm Amusement Park there are:

Gastronomic points

Shop with souvenirs and props for young magicians

Bonfires and barbecues in several places of the Illusion Farm Park


In the Amusement Park Illusion Farm there are several dining options:

Domestic dinners


Food Truck - 100% beef burgers
Vege Box
Old West Chicken
Homemade fries and casseroles
Hot Dogs
Field kitchen with a military pea soup

Tropikana (ice cream, waffles, pancakes, extruded juices and fresh lemonade)
2 points with ice cream

It is possible to light a fire to prepare a meal on your own

FAMILY OF ILUZJI Tickets and prices

(one-day ticket, two-day ticket)

regular one-day ticket (49 PLN, 79 PLN)

Reduced ticket to 16 years (45 PLN, 72 PLN)

Family ticket 2 + 2 (children up to 16) (180 PLN, 288 PLN)

A birthday ticket (+/- 3 days from the date of birth) (5 PLN, 8 PLN)

ticket for a disabled person (PLN 1, PLN 2)

(carers buy tickets according to the price list)

(prices quoted do not apply to organized groups)

Senior ticket (over 60 years old) (PLN 25, PLN 40)

Children up to 100cm height (1 PLN, 2 PLN)

The 2-day ticket can be purchased only on-line and used at the Illusion Farm on any day of the year until the end of the season.

All attractions of the Trojanów Illusion Farm Park are available at the ticket price.


Discount cards

Family rebates, Parkmania, Krajtroter, NAU: 10% discount in the Illusion Farm Park

Big Family Card: 15% discount in the Illusion Farm Park

It is forbidden to introduce pets to the Illusion Farm Park.

Payment by card is possible at all points in the Illusion Farm Park.

Offer for Groups

Illusion Farm is the perfect place for a group trip school and kindergarten.

Illusion Farm - price list for groups

group entrance PLN 40

"Fun Illusion" educational lesson PLN 10

Baking sausages by the fire 10 PLN

Meals from PLN 6

one guardian for every 10 children for free

coffee, tea and sweet snacks for caregivers for free

Illusion Farm is a great place to organize a small, intimate corporate event or a large family picnic.

In the Illusion Farm Park you can separate the area or prepare a discreet picnic place outside the Park, with individual attractions, catering and professional service.

Each meeting at the Illusion Farm cannot take place without a show of illusion by the best artists in this industry. Intimate shows, stage performances, magic props, levitating and quartered assistants and transformations of objects and people - all this awaits the Guests of the Illusion Farm.

Birthday for children

Birthdays in the Illusion Farm are a great time for the Jubilat and all guests. There is a possibility to give the exclusive part of the Illusion Farm area, together with a picnic tent, tables and grill. The offer also includes an individual illusion show with a program prepared for children and adults.

Entrance ticket to the park for the Jubilarian 5 PLN

Renting a place with a grill and benches for up to 20 people 150 PLN

Private show of illusion PLN 300-700

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