Hel sealarium

The seal station of the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk, colloquially the helium seal is located on the Hel Peninsula in the town of Hel, at the Seaside Boulevard.

Hel sealarium It consists of a complex of three breeding pools for adult seals, several small pools for young and sick animals, as well as a didactic and laboratory building with a seminar room and laboratories where research and educational activities are carried out.

The seal sanctuary of the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of the University of Gdańsk is not a zoo, but a scientific and research facility.

The purpose of this facility is to restore the gray seal colony in the southern basin Baltic.

Hel Fokarium - main tasks are:

  • protection of the gray seal species against extinction
  • organization of courses for didactic groups of children, adolescents and adults
  • restoration of the local Baltic Sea ecosystem
  • deepening research on marine mammals, especially those inhabiting the Baltic Sea
  • implementation of the educational offer regarding ecology of the Baltic Sea

The Seal Aquarium can be visited.

It is a place where you can get acquainted not only with the life of seals in the Baltic Sea, but also with the threats lurking for these animals from human beings and environmental pollution in which the seals live.

The migrations of Hel seals can be followed under the tab "We track our seals", and the Hel sealarium camera allows you to observe the life of these animals.

Blue Village

In 2005, the project of the Multiannual Construction of the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk was created, which aims to protect the local fauna as well as the sustainable development of the city of Hel, where the Seal Center is located.

The project consists of:

-Baltic settlement, or reconstruction of a fishing settlement for the needs of natural and cultural education in this region of Kashubia

  • Dune park, i.e. restoration of flora and revitalization of existing dunes here
  • Porpoise (House of Porpoise) in Hel, i.e. a research center on the Baltic population of these animals to protect them
  • Aqua-labs - water intake and sea water circulation system for aquariums and research pools at the University of Gdańsk Marine Station

Seal Aquarium Hel began its activities in the field of seal research and protection after curing the first seal delivered for rehabilitation to the Hel facility in Lithuania, Balbin.

The seals cured in the Sealarium and obtained from breeding offspring are released into the water of the Baltic Sea. This is to supplement the losses that the Baltic seals suffer through reckless human activities, marine pollution and fishing in these waters.

The seal aquarium in Hel examines the behavior of seals, nutrition and their diet, age, walking routes, toxic poisoning, and identifies the most important threats and causes of death for these animals.

By learning about the history of seal life, visitors to the sealarium will learn about the problems of protecting the Baltic Sea.

The employees of the institution conduct classes and information and educational meetings.

A special educational project "The Blue School" has been prepared for school children.

Lectures and field classes are organized here for nature students.

A camera placed in the object allows you to observe the life of local seals.

Blue School

The Blue School is an educational project carried out at the Maritime Station of the University of Gdańsk. Classes conducted here relate to biology, ecology, local tradition, fisheries, as well as conservation and exploitation of the Baltic Sea.

Educators from Fokarium Hel carry out ecological classes not only on the premises, but also organize away meetings in schools and kindergartens.

Classes are held throughout the school year, from Monday to Friday.

The program of the classes is a lecture on a selected Baltic theme, a multimedia presentation and films.

It is also possible to conduct practical classes (depending on the chosen topic).

Lessons on the Baltic theme conducted at the Seal Center of the Marine Station in Hel:

The lesson on a selected topic lasts 90 minutes (2 x 45 minutes)

Maximum number of participants: 100 people.

Classes are selected each time for the appropriate age group.


Fokarium Hel shop is a place where you can buy items with the image of a seal and a porpoise, as well as souvenirs from your stay in Fokarium Hel.

The seal shop is open all year except on the following days:

first and second day of Christmas

first and second day of Easter

1 November

January 1

There is also the Online Seal Shop, where you can buy all items with the image of seal and porpoise associated with the Seal Shop Hel, and also available in the stationary store.


Entrance to the Seal Center Hel:

individuals - through the turnstile

organized groups - through the gate for groups

Price list

seal sanctuary - PLN 5 / person

permanent exhibition "Mammals of our sea" in the building -1 PLN / person.

Tickets can be purchased at the machine at the entrance. To enter the sealarium, you must have 5 zlotys coins, because the money changer is out of order.

Tickets for children up to three years old and people in a wheelchair - free admission.

Opening hours

Seal Aquarium, opening hours depend on the season of the year.

The sealarium is open on all days of the year.

Currently Hel Seal Aquarium opening hours - open daily from 9.30 to 16.00.

There is no need to book admissions.

It is forbidden to bring and bring any animals to the sealarium.


Feeding seals, combined with medical training and a lecture on the care, health and living conditions of these animals, takes place every day.

Sealarium Hel feeding hours: 11:00 and 14:00


Seal aquarium Hel camera - view from the camera available here


The Sealarium can be reached by entering Hel with a passenger car or a tour bus.

To the right of Morska Street (next to the sports hall) is the nearest parking lot for Fokarium Hel.

You can come to Fokarium Hel using public transport by PKP or PKS, and in the summer also by the water tram (cruises from Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia).


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