What are hotel stars?

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Hotel stars are the main determinant of hotel standards, but not every tourist is fully aware of what exactly they mean.

Hotel stars

It is generally accepted that the more stars - the more luxury the object is present.

This is not a false statement, but it requires some clarification because hotel stars they refer to many dimensions of hotel activities, for example to the scope of services provided.

What's more, the standard and range of services may be different in hotels with the same number of stars, the more so that individual countries approach this form in a different way classification of hotels.

It should be emphasized that not every object providing accommodation services is a hotel, as has been generally accepted. Hotels are not motels, guest houses, hostels or hostels, so you should not refer to them as hotel star standards.

Hotel stars in Poland

As for Poland, in our country, hotel stars are awarded by the Voivodship Marshal on the basis of subscriptions bill on tourist services from 1997, in cooperation with a special committee, composed of, among others, from employees of Sanepid, fire brigade, construction supervision as well the hotel industry.

For each category expressed number of stars, therefore specific requirements are defined - their list counts until 52 points, a large part of them are purely formal requirements, which do not have to affect the quality of the object and the standard of services provided therein. A set of standards for one-star hotels it is the foundation that every hotel object should meet.

These standards assume:

  • minimum size of a room for two people, not less than 10 m2
  • minimum 25 percent rooms should have their own bathroom (in the case of newly built hotels, this requirement applies to all rooms)
  • the reception hall can not be smaller than the 10 m2
  • basic equipment of the rooms must include: a bedside lamp, a wardrobe with no less than 3 hangers per person, a desk or table, chair, mirror, wall hanger, glasses, at least one electric socket
  • the bathroom must be equipped with a bathtub or shower, washbasin with a top or shelf, a waste basket, a mirror, a toilet, towels
  • parking space for guests,
  • breakfasts,
  • heating in the entire facility
  • year-round access to cold and hot water
  • telephone and fax available at the hotel reception
  • 24-hour access to hot drinks
  • daily cleaning of the facility
  • change of bed linen and towels every 3 days or at the request of guests.

Each subsequent category hotel stars requires meeting all the first-star criteria and criteria of the previous star, to which, depending on the number of stars, there are other requirements (for example, a three-star hotel must meet all the standards required from one and two-star hotels, plus additional, appropriate for this hotel class).

And in the case of two-star hotels, this will be:

  • double room not smaller than 12 m2
  • minimum 50 percent rooms should have their own bathroom (in the case of newly built hotels, this requirement applies to all rooms)
  • the reception hall can not be smaller than the 20 m2
  • in the rooms there must be space for luggage and radio
  • coffee bar available in the facility or aperitif bar.

 For three-star hotels:

  • double room not smaller than 14 m2
  • all rooms must have their own bathroom
  • the reception hall can not be smaller than the 30 m2
  • furnishing rooms beyond the ones indicated in previous categories must include: TV, telephone, stationery, a set for cleaning shoes and clothes, a needle bar, a bag for laundry, bottled water
  • in bathroom, a bath towel is obligatory
  • if there is no restaurant within the distance of no more than 500 from the object, it must be located within the hotel
  • room servise issuing meals at least 18 hours a day
  • point of sale of cosmetics for personal hygiene
  • washing and ironing services.

In the case of four-star:

  • double room can not be smaller than 16 m2
  • the reception hall can not be smaller than the 40 m2
  • air conditioning
  • the equipment of the rooms must include in addition: a set of lounge furniture, tables, a minibar and a refrigerator
  • in the bathroom there must be a hair dryer
  • the facility must provide wellness and SPA services
  • daily exchange of bed linen and towels
  • guarded parking place
  • Luggage service available 24 hours a day
  • florist services
  • access to the daily press

hotel stars

However, five-star hotels must meet the following additional standards:

  • double room can not be smaller than 18 m2
  • the reception hall can not be smaller than the 50 m2
  • in rooms, in addition to the equipment required for previous categories, a safe must be available
  • bathroom equipment additionally includes a telephone and a scale
  • separate entrance and separate luggage way.

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