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Luxury hotels in Masuria

They are sometimes referred to as the Land of Great Lakes or the Land of a Thousand Lakes. They surprise you with their diversity. And although there would be a holiday every year, it surprises every time. In addition, the second term Mazur, or the Land of a Thousand Lakes somewhat distorts reality to the detriment of the region, because it is around 2600. How much time would you need to see them all? Certainly it would take a while. But Masuria is not only lakes, it is wild, fantastic, in many areas intact by human activity, the land. Numerous animal species that have their home here. And in all this, luxury hotels in Masuria, which do not disturb the rhythm of this region, and perfectly fit into the landscape. At the same time pampering customers.

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A unique place on the map of Europe

Masuria has something more to offer than just beautiful landscapes. Even if the Masurian canals linking lakes, forming a long water route, are a real treat for all those who love water. This is just an example, because numerous tourist attractions attract every year tourists not only from Poland, but from all over Europe. And more and more interest has influenced the development of the offer of accommodation. Numerous guesthouses, rooms for rent, luxury hotels, manor houses with tradition, palaces and castles with a historical past await tourists. And they have much more to offer than just accommodation, especially if you choose a four or five-star hotel. We have chosen luxurious hotels in Masuria especially for you, which will meet the expectations of the most demanding guests. Check also our luxury hotels in the mountains and by the sea. Here you will find only unique places with a guarantee of a pleasant stay.

Spirits of the past

Masuria is a unique place also in historical terms, it is in this area that many events took place that were written on the pages of our history. The two best-known places are the Wolf's Lair and the Grunwald area. But the historical elements are much more. Bunkers, castles, monasteries shrouded in various legends are a real treat for people who like contact with history. And the meeting with ghosts of the past is a tempting prospect for a romantic getaway, an independent trip or a practical history lesson for children.

Live in a several-year-old castle

Time stops when we enter such a place. The castle has been standing for several centuries, although it looks like new, and yet some features indicate that it has already passed. On the other hand, this modern decor, these luxurious accessories, make us feel at home. The rooms have their own souls, they are like from a different era, and yet these amenities, which were never present, but are so imperceptible, creating a harmonious and unique whole. This is what luxury hotels in Masuria, manors, palaces and castles look like, restored, but with the spirit of the past. Let yourself be carried away and feel as if time has slowed down for a moment.

Wild nature and bison in its natural environment

Masuria is beautiful in spring, when everything blossoms and comes to life. In the summer, when everything around it smells, and the lush greenery is not the effect of the poster paint. In autumn and winter everything dies a bit, but still this land is not lacking in charm. Here, in one of the villages, a group of storks are flying in Żywkowo. This is where you can admire the bison in their natural environment. And here you will meet wild horses.

Biological and spiritual regeneration

Masuria help regain vitality, balance and regenerate the tired body. Luxury hotels in Masuria offer numerous treatments, massages, baths and other pleasures for body and soul. And for those thirsty for water, there are pools, slides waiting for children, and paddling pools and drawing rooms for the youngest. A successful trip guaranteed regardless of the weather.

A fabulous place for a wedding

Masuria is a good idea not only for a holiday trip or a conference / business, but also an ideal place to organize a fabulous wedding. An outdoor wedding, sophisticated rooms made available by luxurious hotels and attention to the guests at the highest level will delight every couple and guests. There are many choices. There are modern luxury hotels in Masuria in a minimalist style, but also more intimate palaces and manor houses and still very old castles, shrouded in numerous legends. In a word, to choose, to color, and the rest will take care of the hotel.

It is not without reason that the natural wonder is said in Masuria, because whoever was there once, it returns regularly. And using our search engine, you can be sure that the hotel will be at the highest level.

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