Hotels in the mountains

Modern and luxurious hotels in the mountains

Sudety, Karpaty, Świętokrzyskie Mountains attract tourists like magnesium. Because there is something unusual in the mountains. The high ones are awe-inspiring, the lower ones can be obtained. Each stay in the mountains are numerous, unique moments and memories that remain for a long time. The mountains are never short of tourists, because at any time of the year there is something to do. In the summer they are an escape from hot weather, but it is also warm and pleasant, and winter is just white madness on the slopes and not only. The whole is complemented by a luxurious hotel in the mountains, hidden under the peaks, in a forest setting or in the center, but usually in a quiet area. In a modern, highlander or mixed style. Luxury hotels in the mountains, palaces, castles and manors meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, because they are prepared for such.

For a holiday, short break and conference organization

The mountains are a great place for a short break to breathe fresh air and recharge the batteries, but also an attractive holiday destination. A lot of entertainment is a guarantee that no one will be bored. And for those who are looking for a place for a business meeting it is also a great option. Especially that luxury hotels in the mountains facilitate the organization of conferences, lectures, seminars or trainings. Large, spacious conference rooms, service at the highest level, and fantastic views outside the window and many opportunities to spend time in the evening, make it a perfect place.

Perfect harmony with the surroundings

Modern luxury hotels in the mountains, which you will find using our search engine, harmoniously fit into the landscape. In each of them you will find highlander accents, details that perfectly harmonize with the modern equipment and luxury that prevails inside. The facilities are located so that guests can relax in a quiet and peaceful area, with magnificent views, a roaring stream flowing past, but near the main routes and many places where you can spend time actively. And behind the window, picturesque views, mountains, forests, valleys, lots of greenery and animals that you will not meet in the city.

Castles that are part of the story

Some of the luxury hotels, majestic manor houses or highland palaces are situated on hills. From them stretches a breathtaking view of the entire mountain ranges and the closer ones, and further ones. You can enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony or terrace while admiring the whole area. Castles and manor houses in the mountains often involve a certain story. There are places where well-known politicians, heads of state, well-deserved leaders, in which key decisions were taken and the fate of people were weighed. Today you can taste history in a luxurious edition. Renovated castles, clubs or manor houses delight with their uniqueness.

Rest and relaxation

Mountains are an ideal place to restore life balance. The beautiful views have a positive effect on the senses, fresh air influences a better night's sleep, and luxurious hotels in the mountains offer a wide range of SPA and attractions. Massages, baths, saunas are just a part of the SPA offer. And all in an extraordinary atmosphere combining luxurious interiors with highlander atmosphere. There are also water complexes at your disposal, in which you will spend time actively with the whole family. In summer, you can rent bikes and winter ski equipment. The mountains offer so many possibilities that it is best to go for a few days at least.

Highlander food

After a day on the slope or walking trip, everyone has a wolf appetite, but the highlander's cuisine will satisfy the most hungry. Highlanders do not regret eating on plates, and at the same time everything is so tasty. Luxury hotels in the mountains, castles, palaces and mansions are especially important for spoiling the taste buds of their clients. Try the best kwaśnica, garlic, lamb and mutton. And you must try the trout. Traditional highlander cuisine was not too rich, because the funds for our ancestors did not allow it, but in combination with today's additions, you will eat your fill. Cooking masters cook in five-star hotels. From under their hands, the dishes come out as painted, sometimes they are sorry to destroy this work.

Highlander feast

Góralska music plays guests at supper, creating a unique atmosphere. Nowhere does a man feel like there. Poultry food and highlander rhythms delight and make the legs themselves beat up to the rhythm of the music. And strong highland drinks that warm up quickly in the winter.

Choose one of the luxury hotels in the mountains, using our comparison engine, and your only concern will be the choice of spending free time.

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