Luxury hotels in the Palaces

Luxury hotels open their doors not only in modern, newly built buildings, but also in old palaces that remember completely different times. Guests are attracted by magnificent luxurious interiors meticulously restored in cooperation with conservators of monuments. Despite their age, these facilities meet the highest modern hotel standards and are equipped with all modern amenities.

Fragments of the former stonework, window frames, brick medieval walls and unique portals of the main buildings and outbuildings delight guests. During the many years of its existence, the exclusive rooms of the palace buildings changed their function, but the original elements of the old architecture, and sometimes even wall paintings, have survived inside.

For a holiday, short break and conference organization

The magnificent luxury hotels located in the former palaces attract guests at any time of the year. They are a great place to relax with your loved ones or a business meeting.

Exclusive hotels located in historic interiors offer luxuriously equipped spaces and a magnificent view from the windows of the surrounding area. You can feel the atmosphere of history here, and the entertainment offered in the hotel is a guarantee of freedom and escape from boredom. It is also a great proposition for people who want to organize a business meeting. Service staff working in exclusive hotels arranged in former palaces will prepare conferences or trainings for you, and modern equipped conference rooms guarantee the success of any project.

Stay in luxury

Conveniently located luxury hotels in former palaces can be chosen thanks to our search engine. Each of them features comfortably equipped interiors, exclusive details and modern technical solutions. Professional service ensures a stay in luxurious conditions.

Palaces that are part of history

Luxury hotels located in former palaces still remember the times of previous owners and many important historical events. There have been many known politicians, leaders, aristocrats and artists, and from every part one can feel the spirit of the past.

Rest and relaxation

Beautiful interiors of exclusive hotels located in palaces will allow you to relax in luxury. An additional attraction during your stay at the hotel will be the opportunity to take advantage of the rich offer of the luxurious Spa & Wellness center, which is offered, among others, by massages, baths, saunas and various beauty treatments.


The restaurants of these luxury hotels have prepared a variety of delicious dishes inspired by regional and European cuisine. The best chefs serve their dishes in the historic and exclusive interiors of hotel restaurants.


Hotels in former palaces also have the opportunity to organize exclusive workshops, conferences, business meetings and banquets. The dinner will be accompanied by music, creating a unique atmosphere.

When choosing a luxury hotel, we invite you to take advantage of our hotel comparison service.

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