Hydropolis - an ultra-modern knowledge center about water

The Environmental Education Center Hydropolis in Wroclaw is a place where thanks to multimedia technologies, interactive installations, faithful replicas and models, visitors get rich information about water and its significance for human life, the functioning of the world, and the existence of life on Earth.  


hydropolis it was opened at the end of 2015 of the year. It is the only facility of this type in Poland and one of the few in the world. Exhibition dedicated to "water"Is located in a historic, nineteenth-century underground reservoir of clean water with an area of ​​4000 m².

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The tank was taken out of use in the 2011 year. After the renovation and revitalization, the building was transformed into Center for Environmental Education Hydropolis.

The facility is located on list of monuments of Wroclaw.

Space of the object hydropolis is organized in 9 exhibition zones, where in addition to the exhibition was prepared 4 cinema hallsin which it is displayed 6 moviesdevoted to me. in. explorers deep sea i camouflage of ocean animals.

Despite the fact that the exhibition is aimed at people of all ages, in Hydropolis a zone for the youngest is prepared, where multimedia interactive games on the subject of water. You can play here with dolphins, clean up coral reefs, discover mythical water creatures, and learn about the structure and principles of the formation of a water molecule. 

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Educational offer:


- design projects

The classes are intended for children and youth, from kindergarten to upper secondary schools.

The priority of the Hydropolis Environmental Education Center is fulfilling educational functiontherefore, a special educational offer for schools and kindergartens and a range of facilities have been prepared here.

Hydropolis is located directly next to the building parking for coaches.

He guides the group around the exhibition przewodnikthat adapts the information provided to the age of the students.

For every 10 children, one guardian enters free.

Offer combined: visiting the exhibition + interactive educational workshops.

Thanks to the exhibition at the Environmental Education Center of Hydropolis, students they will discover water-related phenomena from fields such as biology, geography, physics and chemistry, not only from theoretical but also practical.

The workshops last about and the subject matter of the students' classes implements the current core curriculum.

Workshops + visiting the exhibition takes about 2 – 3 godzin.



Planet of water

Projection of 360º on the 65-meter screen. This 10 - a minute-long film about the creation of water on Earth. This is the first stage of visiting the Hydropolis exhibition, which transports the viewer to the most remote corners cosmos.

In the middle of the room an image of the globe with a diameter of 2 meters is displayed, and the animation shows the phenomenon of tides on our planet.


In this zone you can see the most terrifying deep creatures living in the darkness of the water depth, as well as wrecks of sunken ships and ships. Daredevils of a bathyscaphe "Trieste"They are talking about a legendary journey to the deepest place on Earth.

Water states

The zone describes three states of concentrationin which it occurs water, its properties, water circulation in nature, types of clouds and weather forecasting based on the appearance of clouds.

Time exhibition area

Contains installations in which a human interfering with is shown water, science and art together in Hydropolis.

City and water

This is the Hydropolis zone about the use of water by man.

There is, among others, answer the question: how many gallons of water per capita use citiessuch as Wroclaw, London or Dubai.

You can also see here visualization of the map of Wroclaw i floods from 1997.

The process of water production and supply as well as collection and treatment of sewage are also discussed in detail.

Ocean of life

The theme of this zone is evolution of lifethat appeared in the water around 3,3 billion years ago. 

A hunting scene is shown here tiger shark na school of tunaand also rich coral reef ecosystems, camouflage techniques of aquatic organisms and the diversity of aquatic life, from microorganisms hidden in a drop of water to enormous marine mammals.


Relaxation zone

This zone is intended for all those tired of an excess of sensations, where in a fabulous scenery you can relax on deckchairs and gain strength for further exploration hydropolis.

One of the walls is covered with moss, which is a visualization rainforests in the vicinity Amazon River in South America, seen from the bird's eye view.

Man and water

About 60% of human body weight is water. It also performs various functions important for life in the body. Hall "Sacrum"Hydropolis talks about the role of water in various cultures i religions.

The symbolic meaning of water is represented by a copy of the sculpture Michelangelo "David",  wykonana przy pomocy 3D printers.

History of water engineering

In this zone you can get to know and independently check the operation of water inventions from ancient times, among others screw Archimedean, water wheel, water clock and turbine Heron.

The example of Egypt and the Nile is shown here, how important for the development of civilization there is water.

It also presents the evolution of floating structures that have been created over the centuries, on the example of ship models built from antiquity to modern times.

Water printer before entering Hydropolis.

This longest installation of this type in Europe has 46,5 m in length. Various patterns and inscriptions are created on the wall of the water, and at the height of the entrances to the exhibition it acts like a curtain and opens up to the visitors. It is an integral part of the front facade of the Hydropolis building.

Hydropedia is a collection of popular science articles that are presented on touch screens at the Hydropolis Environmental Education Center. The texts of specialists and enthusiasts, together with posted photographs and films, explain and expand the subject taken at the exhibition.

Hydropolis is located shop with souvenirs

Gastronomy – po dniu pełnym wrażeń: Arcadia Lounge & Molecule Cafe

Ticket prices

18 zł concession ticket
27 zł regular ticket
72 zł family ticket (2 + 2)

For children under the age of 3, admission is free.

  • Bilet ulgowy przysługuje dzieciom w wieku przedszkolnym, uczniom szkół podstawowych i ponadpodstawowych do lat 19, studentom oraz uczestnikom studiów doktoranckich, emerytom, rencistom, a także inwalidom i osobom niepełnosprawnym wraz z ich opiekunami, za okazaniem stosownych dokumentów uprawniających do zniżki,
  • Group tickets are for people in a group of 10 or more people. In the case of organized groups, one guardian is entitled to free admission for every 1 people.
  • Card holders are entitled to a ticket with the Urbancard Premium card. The right to the discount is verified upon presentation of the card at the Hydropolis ticket office before entering the exhibition area. Up to 1 ticket with Urbancard Premium card is entitled to purchase up to 5 discount tickets with an additional discount. The right to purchase a reduced-price ticket is verified upon presentation of relevant documents at the Hydropolis ticket office before entering the exhibition area.
  • Bilet rodzinny z Kartą Dużej Rodziny przysługuje dla 2 osób dorosłych, z co najmniej 3 dzieci. Przysługuje posiadaczom Karty Dużej Rodziny oraz karty „Dwa plus trzy i jeszcze więcej”. Możliwy jest również zakup biletów pojedyńczych (normalny, ulgowy), z dodatkową zniżką dla osób z Kartą Dużej Rodziny. Weryfikacja prawa do zakupu biletów z Kartą Dużej Rodziny następuje za okazaniem stosownych dokumentów w kasie Hydropolis przed wejściem na teren wystawy.


90-day normal voucher - price: 30 PLN

90-day discount voucher - price: PLN 20

90 family day voucher (2 adult + up to 2 children) - 80 PLN

The reduced voucher is available to children of preschool age, primary and secondary school students up to 19 years old, students and participants of doctoral studies, retirees, pensioners, as well as invalids and disabled people with their guardians, upon presentation of relevant documents entitling them to a discount.P



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