Dominican Fair

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Gdańsk Dominican Fair is an event that has its roots in the Middle Ages, when in 1260 Pope Alexander IV allowed Gdańsk Dominicans to grant 100-day indulgences on the feast of their founder, Saint. Dominica.

Since then, every year at the turn of July and August, ships loaded with objects from distant countries called at the Gdansk port, and the squeaker playing trumpets announced the opening and closing of St. Dominica.

Dominican Fair

In the old days, goods were traded in bulk at the Dominican Fair. Here you could buy goods unavailable on a daily basis, such as glass, Toruń gingerbread, furs and cloth, as well as wine, esotic spices and amber.

The tradition of organizing a Dominican fair has survived to this day.

Dominican Fair

The ceremonial opening of the Dominican Fair in Gdańsk announces the bugle call played by sixteen trumpeters from the windows of the Artus Court. The bugle call has one note more each year. At the beginning of the fair, the President of Gdańsk gives the buyers the key to the city gates.

In the old days, in addition to merchants, numerous circus performers, acrobats and jugglers came to the Gdańsk Dominican Fair.

Dominican Fair
Gdansk 27.07.2019 St. Dominic's Fair - opening ceremony; Photo Lukasz Glowala

The Dominican Gdańsk market is a time when trade, joy and fun last for 23 days in the city, and the royal route is filled with musicians, buyers and tourists visiting this place.

At the end of the St. Dominika, the Master of Ceremonies, tells the audience about the events of the Dominican fair. The prizes of the St. Dominik and for the last time in the year you can hear the bugle call of the Dominican Fair. When the key to the city gates returns to the hands of the Mayor of Gdańsk, the traditional formula closing the Dominican Fair is pronounced.

From 1996, the main organizer of the St. Dominika is the Gdańsk International Fair.

Fair Dominican 2020

For over 750 years, the Dominican Market in Gdańsk has been one of the most important trade and cultural events in Poland and Europe.

In 2020, the Dominican Fair will be held on July 25 - August 16.

Around this time, it will open its stands 1000 buyers, artisans, collectors and artists. Here you will be able to buy things that you will not find anywhere else, such as original jewelry, ceramics, handicrafts, clothes, antiques and many other items.

In addition, catering stands with regional products, also from abroad, will be opened.

Densely arranged stalls in the Main City visit every year several million people. The 2019 Dominican Fair was visited by about 7 million guests.

There is also a Dominican market in Gdańsk rich artistic program. Every day, for three weeks, there will be concerts, fireworks shows, performances, street parades, also with the participation of cocks, which have already become a symbol of the Dominican fair, as well as festivals and competitions.

During the Dominican Fair 2020, concerts organized in the halls and in the open air will again attract crowds of fans of various genres of music.

It has already become a tradition organized annually St. Dominica.

St. Dominica

During the Dominican Fair, workshops, games, animations and performances for children and families are also being prepared.



-flea market

- regional products

Oriental delicacies

- various music genres

- board games zone

- outdoor cinema

- a social economy station where products are created by people with disabilities, refugees, immigrants and young creators

- a huge observation wheel about 50 meters high set on the Ołowianka Island. A 15-minute journey allows you to admire the panorama of Gdansk.

- swivel footbridge The ghost connecting Long Pobrzeże with the Granary Island at the height of the Gdańsk Crane is rotated at a height of about 1,5 meters above the water surface and is 57 meters long and 4,5 meters wide

In designated places of the Dominican Fair 2020, you will be able to receive a map of the fair, a concert program, a list of attractions, a guide to the fair, a commemorative certificate of a friend of the Fair, as well as make an entry in the souvenir book and play a city game.


-sportowo recreation

Below is the official program of the Dominican Fair 2020 events, a map of parking lots and a presentation of the zones of the St. Dominica.

Dominican Fair 2020 map

Dominican Fair 2020 map


4.9 / 5 - (33 votes)


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