Paradise Cave

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Paradise Cave is located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and is one of the most beautiful karst caves in Poland.

The richness and variety of dripstone forms, the unique density of stalactites, archaeological sites and corridors that were formed in Middle Devonian limestones make the Raj Cave one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region.

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For tourists Paradise Cave was made available in 1972 year and can only be visited under the supervision of a guide. The route is illuminated and suitable for sightseeing also by tour groups.

Raj Cave is small. Inside there is a constant temperature 8 -10 st.C and humidity exceeding 95%.

The entrance to the Paradise Cave leads through the adit, in the place of the former cavity opening, which has already been completely buried rocky slope.

The length of the natural corridors of the Raj Cave is 240 m, and the artificial walkway inside it is 40 m.

The length of the tourist route inside the Paradise Cave is 180 m

Sightseeing Paradise Cave begins in the pavilion, where it is placed museum exhibition, telling about karst phenomena and archaeological sites.

They are presented here flint toolsserving Neanderthal man inhabiting this cave about 50 000 years ago to work, as well Mammoth remains, woolly rhinoceros i cave bear.

In the camp of the Neanderthal family created in the museum, you can see three life-size human figures.

In the Raj Cave, you can visit:

-obszerną Pre-chamberthat connects three corridors

-Chamber of Scrapyards, i.e. the largest hall in the cave. There are huge boulders that broke away from the ceiling and later covered with infiltrations.

-The dripstone columnthat is here, is called the Harp and shines through the backlight.

-40 - meters artificial tunnel leading to the next room

- Column Hallwhose name comes from the dripstones and stalactites found here.

Numerous walls have been preserved in the walls coral fossilsthere are lakes at the bottom, tombstones i rice fields.

There are also so-called pizoidy, i.e. loose ball-shaped infiltrates, called otherwise cave pearls.

- bridge over the lake

-Stalactite Room with hundreds of stalactites at various stages of development.

There are more than 200 pcs / m2.

In addition, there are on the floor stalagmites i composite infiltrates, creating various forms, incl. dripstone column - pagoda.

- High Hall with a ceiling 8 m above the pavement.

First Neanderthal Center in the Paradise Cave it's four thematic rooms that show the history and fate Neanderthal man.

This place was created in cooperation with Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists at The State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw.

Cele Center:





Neanderthals they had brains bigger than ours and over the 200 000 years they developed their rich culture while living in very difficult conditions.

To hunt mammoth or woolly rhinoceros they had to be bold and well organized.

The knowledge of Neandertals is the result of over a year of research over 150. Recent genetic testing of fossil DNA they determined the degree of kinship between the Neanderthal and contemporary man.

On the exhibition in the Paradise Cave you can see:

- natural size Mammoth replica (6 meters in length and 3,5 meter in height)

-multimedia presentations and films

-replics of the skulls of primitive people

-3D hologram neanderthal skull

-promotion of hunting and everyday life

In the Paradise Cave you can in the company shop buy souvenirs.

Paradise Cave Price list:

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4.8 / 5 - (34 votes)


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