Bochnia Salt Mine

The Bochnia Salt Mine is today a tourist destination, visited by approximately 200 000 tourists annually.



Already around 3000 BC around Bochnia salt was obtained by evaporating it from brine. Bochnia Salt Mine started its mining operations in 1248 and brought large revenues from the beginning. In 1368, King Casimir the Great issued the Saltworks Statute specifying the rules for the sale of salt.

The oldest mining shafts in the Bochnia Salt Mine are the Sutoris and Gazaris shafts.

In the following centuries, the Bochnia Salt Mine developed intensively. The extraction of salt was facilitated by treadmills and the use of a steam engine.

During the partitions, the Bochnia Salt Mine found itself in the Austrian partition and only after World War I did it fall into Polish hands.

In 1981, the Bochnia Salt Mine was entered in the register of monuments, and since the 90s, tourist activities have been carried out here.

The tour of the Bochnia Salt Mine includes not only sidewalks and old tunnels, but also a trip on wooden boats on a chamber flooded with brine.

One of the attractions of the Bochnia Salt Mine is also an underground train ride and a ride down the longest (140 meters) slide.

The multimedia exhibition located in the Bochnia Salt Mine allows you to learn about the history of salt mining in Poland and draws attention to the hardships of mining work.

23 June 2013 of the year The Bochnia Salt Mine was entered on UNESCO World Heritage List.


Tourist routes are open to visitors in the old workings of the Bochnia Salt Mine.

The basic route with the Underground Multimedia Exhibition

The basic route with the Underground Multimedia Exposition - guides tourists through the old workings of the Bochnia Salt Mine, unique salt chambers and chapels carved in salt. Salt sculptures, mining tools and equipment tell the story of salt mining in these lands. The route is covered on foot, by train and by boat. The Ldag 05 M battery locomotive, which pulls a train with tourists, can reach speeds of up to 2,5 m / s.

In the largest chamber, the so-called In the Ważyn Chamber, in the Bochnia Salt Mine, there is a Ważynek restaurant, a souvenir shop, a sports field and a playground for children.

The Underground Multimedia Exhibition tells the story of the Bochnia Salt Mine. It is a journey in time that begins in the times of Bolesław the Shy and Princess Kinga, and Polish kings, Genoese saltworks and the spirit of the Cistercian monk tell the story of this place.

Historical route "Expedition to the Old Mountains"

The historical route "Expedition to the Old Mountains" leads through the oldest, medieval, previously unavailable to tourists, excavations of the Bochnia Salt Mine.

The journey begins at a depth of 70 meters, from the Danielowiec level, and ends at the IV August level, at 176 meters. It is about 3 km of tight sidewalks, the crossing of which requires good physical condition.

Nature trail

The nature trail allows you to learn the geological history of the local salt deposit.

The rocks and minerals that build the deposits in the Bochnia Salt Mine are: northern, middle and southern salts, gypsum and anhydrite, Bochnia visceral, tuffite (volcanic ash), clusters of salt dripstone, efflorescence, cauliflower, as well as fluorescent halite.

The route runs through historic corridors from the Sienkiewicz level to the August level. Visiting the Bochnia Salt Mine begins with a stay in the Chamber Ważyn, then a 81-meter boat ride takes place in Chamber 120. On the route there are underground corridors and chambers, as well as the Mysiur Stable and the Chapel of St. Kinga.

Routes vary in difficulty.

Practical information:

-time of stay - 3 hours

- the route is available for people with no mobility problems

-the route is available for children over 7 years of age

-children and youth from 7 to 18 years of age must be under the supervision of an adult

- comfortable, full footwear required

-school groups: the minimum age of participants is 10 years

-temperature in the mine: 14-16 ° C

air humidity: 70%

-stay underground only under the supervision of a guide

In the footsteps of the miners' chapels from Bochnia

In the footsteps of Bochnia miners' chapels, this is a trail leading through chapels and recesses carved in salt by miners during their work. In the past, there were over thirty underground chapels in the Bochnia Salt Mine, serving as places of worship, sources of comfort and safety, places for repairing a mining lamp, and they were also an excellent landmark.

Today, the Bochnia Salt Mine has seven chapels, of which six are open to the public.

Chapel Meeting with the Mother

Chapel Meeting with Mother - it was established in 2008 and has the form of stone sculpture. It presents the most important images of Marian apparitions in the world.

Old Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angels

The old Chapel of the Holy Guardian Angels, patrons of porters, is today only a trace in the form of a niche and a short corridor, because the chapel was moved in place of today's Chapel of St. Kinga.

Chapel of St. Kinga

St. Kinga - its history dates back to 1747. The current layout, however, was shaped in the 80s. The main items of equipment are the altar of St. Kinga and a salt chandelier. From June 2016, the chapel has relics of St. Kinga. In front of the altar there is a sacrificial table at which John Paul II celebrated the canonization mass of St. Kinga.

Chapel of Our Lady of Bocheńska

The chapel of Our Lady of Bocheńska is located at the depth of 192. It was built in 2009 on the initiative of miners.

Chapel of Passionis

The Passionis Chapel is the oldest of the preserved chapels of the Bochnia Salt Mine, dated 1709 year. Wall and ceiling polychromes date back to the early 18th century. Miners gathered here for prayers on Good Friday, because in the past the Passion of the Lord was the main service of crumbs and diggers. Today, along the road leading to the chapel, the Way of the Cross stations were placed.

Crucifix Chapel

Crucifix Chapel - it is a remnant of an old, XNUMXth-century excavation with a sacred function. The chapel's furnishings were carved in salt.


Underground boat crossing through a flooded brine chamber 120 meters long.

Night stays at the Bochnia Salt Mine - at a depth of 250 meters underground, where there is a unique microclimate, beneficial to health.

Additional attractions for participants of a night stay in the mine:

- visiting the mine

- underground sports field with an area of ​​almost 300m2

-140 meter slide

-mini playground

- gastonomic offer ("Ważynek" restaurant)

- souvenir shop

Dates of individual stays are given on the website of the Bochnia Salt Mine, and for organized groups they are arranged individually.

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"Sports Saturday with the Bochnia Salt Mine”- these are recreational, 3-hour stays in the Ważyn chamber. They are held every Saturday morning on vacation. For those willing, there are sports activities (zumba, yoga, aerobics) led by professional instructors for children, adults and seniors.

Gastronomy - Ważynek Restaurant

-menu for organized groups of at least 15 people (prior reservation required)

- menu for school groups of at least 15 people (earlier reservation required)

Offer for schools

-for the youngest - five educational programs based on meetings with legend heroes

-for older students - the integration game "Adventure in the Salt Mountains" telling about the history of the historic Bochnia Salt Mine.

-night at the Bochnia Salt Mine

Underground events

-office party




- special events for individual guests

-sports events: Spinning Marathon, Shooting Competition, 12-hour Relay Run, International Judo Tournament, Brazilian Ju-jitsu Tournament, Mining Rescue Volleyball Tournament

-specialized rescue exercises

- banquets and parties

integration games

The Ważyn Chamber is a space with a total area of ​​2 500 m2, allowing the organization of events for up to 500 people.

Room equipment:

-multimedia projector




- in the conference rooms of Ważyn I and II - wireless internet


Day camp with the Bochnia Salt Mine (field games, riddles, quizzes, underground boat ride, creative workshops, meetings with special guests, activities on the underground pitch, playground and participation in an underground disco).

Each week of holidays, day camps with a different theme are organized.

The organizers provide:

- care of qualified staff

-original scenario of classes

- delicious meals

-healthy microclimate

- accident insurance

-free parking for parents for the time of picking up and dropping off participants

- an offer for children from 5 to 12 years of age

Half-hill with the Bochnia Salt Mine

- classes take place in two weekly stays (from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 16.00)

-Offer is intended for children from 5 to 12 years old



-motor (on the playground and underground sports field)

-sports (games and team games)



- Underground Carnival Ball


- Underground boat crossing

-film show

- visiting the mine

- interactive show

On offer:

- care of qualified educators

- accident insurance

-two-course dinner

Participant's toolkit:

-second breakfast

- comfortable sports shoes

- warm sweatshirt or fleece

- outfit for the Carnival Ball (optional)


Blessing of Easter food on Easter Saturday in the chapel of St. Kinga in the Bochnia Salt Mine

The Way of the Cross in the Bochnia Salt Mine leads the faithful along the Regis stairs, through the Passionis and Crucyfix chapels. Crossing the Way is available for organized pilgrimage groups.

Bochnia Salt Mine opening hours

Monday Friday
9:15, 11:15, 12:15, 15:45, 16:30
exit on the tourist route
9:30, 11:45, 12:45, 15:15,
descend to the tourist route with an underground boat crossing

Saturday Sunday
10:15, 11:15, 12:15, 13:15,14:45, 15:15, 16:30
exit on the tourist route
10:45, 11:45, 12:45, 14:15, 15:45, 16:15
descend to the tourist route with an underground boat crossing

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Ticket prices

regular ticket 43 zł 49 zł
concession ticket 33 zł 36 zł
ORGANIZED GROUPS (min. 15 people)
regular ticket 37 zł 44 zł
concession ticket 30 zł 36 zł
school ticket 26 zł 28 zł
2 + 1 95 zł 107 zł
2 + 2 119 zł 137 zł
2 + 3 139 zł 161 zł
1 + 2 87 zł 102 zł
1 + 3 111 zł 129 zł
regular ticket 75 zł
concession ticket 60 zł

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