Wieliczka salt mine

Wieliczka salt mine is one of the most valuable monuments in Poland, inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 1978 year. Over 1 million tourists visit this place annually.

The historic Wieliczka Salt Mine is over 700 years old and has been the pride of kings and the source of the country's wealth for centuries. Thanks to the miners - artists, the salt chambers have become a gallery of sacred sculpture.

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Chambers carved in salt, underground lakes, carpentry structures and salt sculptures, as well as 3 kilometers of corridors, 800 stairs and a depth of 135 meters make this place one of the most attractive in Europe.

Salt is an inseparable companion of human life. The Wieliczka deposit is close to 14 for millions of years and has been forming for around 20 for thousands of years. The final form gave him tectonic movements, which piled up the salt deposits.

The rock salt deposit in Wieliczka lies at a depth of 30 - 330 meters below the surface.

Traditional sightseeing

The route starts in the Daniłowicz shaft. Guide during the tour Wieliczka Salt Mine tells about the history, legends and secrets of the Mine, as well as the ethos of hard work of the miner. The sightseeing route includes chambers decorated with salt sculptures made by miners - artists, mining machines and tools.

Route Museum of Cracow Saltworks  it is an additional 1,5 km of sightseeing, when you can see many valuable exhibits, e.g. the silver-framed corner of the auroch from 1534, i.e. the Horn of the Kopacz Brotherhood.

Rules of visiting:

- on the trail there are over 20 chambers

- average time of exploring the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Museum of Cracow Saltworks it's around 3 hours

- sightseeing takes place under the supervision of a guide

- take warm clothes as the temperature underground is 14-16 degrees Celsius

- there are about 800 steps to climb, 380 of which are already at the beginning of the tour

-a part of the route is wheelchair accessible - reservation is recommended

-children under 4 years of age visit for free

-toilets are located 40 and 90 minutes from the start of the tour

-in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, smoking and open fire are prohibited

- you can not take animals on the trail

-Luggage can be left in the storage room

- photographing and filming requires the purchase of a permit

- advance booking of all attractions is required

- parking lots for passenger cars and coaches are available in the mine

Visiting for active people:

Mining route

The descent takes place through the oldest mining shaft in the Wieliczka Salt Mine Regis. Each participant is assigned a task to do and during the expedition he meets mining life and traditions. 

Mining profession

Exhibition "Contemporary mining works - securing the mine" in the shaft head building, Regis talks about the difficult and dangerous work of the miners.

Visiting rules for active:

Sightseeing in the form of an active excursion starts in the Regis shaft and lasts about 3 hours.

This route does not connect with the Tourist Route and related chambers (eg St. Kinga's Chapel).

Each trip starts on time and you must be at the meeting point 15 minutes in advance to complete the formalities.

Guided tours take place in 20-personal groups. 

The route is available for people over 10 years of age. Minors visit with a guardian.

Tourists receive a protective suit and mining equipment: a lamp, an absorber and a helmet.

Warm clothes should be brought (temperature underground is 14 ° - 16 ° C).

Take comfortable, waterproof footwear

It is forbidden to smoke, use open fire and electric flashlights.

Additional offer for schools:

In addition to the traditional Wieliczka Salt Mine, it offers activities and entertainment for children and teenagers during the visit Tourist routes or Mining routesj. 

The tour takes place with a guide in the group to 35 people and lasts 2,5 - 3,5 hours.

Tasty meals are served in the inn located underground.

The underground shop offers mascots and other trinkets of the salt world.

In the accommodation complex in the Słowacki Chamber there are excellent conditions for fun and night rest.

the Slovak chamber

You should take warm clothes, because the temperature below the ground is 14 - 16 stC, as well as comfortable and waterproof boots.

Educational programs for children:

We discover Solilandia

(kindergarten and classes I-III)

It is a hike along the Tourist Route through the most beautiful places of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, combined with discovering the secrets of the land of fairy tales. The Treasurer and cheerful Soliludek appear here, and at the end the children receive commemorative diplomas.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

The minimum number of participants: 20 people

A young miner

(classes IV-VII, middle school and above)

It is an active, educational journey in time, telling about the history of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, as well as the customs and work of miners.

A three-hour tour of the Mining Route is fun in the form of an active trip with elements of mathematics, physics and geology. Students get to know the mine work and mining traditions.

Participants receive protective clothing and equipment, such as each miner: lamp, absorber and helmet, and finally - a diploma.

duration of the visit: approximately 3 hours

for children from the 10 year of life

number of participants: 10 - 20 people  

In the footsteps of legends

The legends of Wieliczka are passed down from generation to generation. The guides who lead tourists through the salt corridors tell about the treasurer who watches over the salt treasure, the Saint Kinga who brought salt to the Polish lands, about the hard work and history of miners from Wieliczka.

It is an offer for children, combining education with fun and active sightseeing in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Children walk along the Tourist Route, solve quizzes, track down the Treasurer and compete in competitions related to old mining works. At the end, they receive diplomas and a sweet treat is served.

duration: around 3,5 hours

number of participants: 20 people

Young Miner and Workshops. Forge of Knowledge

The adventure begins with a journey along the Miners' Route, during which students play the roles of young miners, and also independently complete tasks and prepare a report. For the journey, participants are given protective clothing and mining equipment: a lamp, a hood and a helmet.

Then, in the lecture hall of Shaft Regis, educational workshops for the Forge of Knowledge take place, giving children the opportunity to perform independent experiments. The topic of the classes is salt and its properties.

duration of the visit and workshop: approximately 4 hours

for children from the 10 year of life

number of participants: 20 - 40 people


Walking through the Underground Pilgrimage Trail "God bless you" runs along a route that is a testimony to the religiousness of miners working here.

Pilgrims will see salt sculptures, the Chapel of St. Anthony, Wooden Golgotha, the Chapel of St. Kinga with salt altars, a carved pulpit, a copy of the Last Supper and a salt statue of John Paul II. There is also the Chapel of St. John with a wooden, polychrome interior, as well as the workings of the Krakow Saltworks Museum in Wieliczka with a chapel dedicated to John Paul II. 

The underground restaurant offers meals, and in the shop you can buy souvenirs and devotional articles.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is led to the depth of 64 m by a lift, the exit from the depth of 135 meters takes place.

Słowacki Chamber - accommodation underground

Wieliczka Salt Mine has prepared 48 beds in 125 located underground meters of the Słowacki Chamber.

In the seating area of ​​the chamber, you can play arcade games and organize a disco. There is also a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner.

Packages for school groups combine various forms of visiting the mine with an overnight stay underground and two meals.

Number of people using the underground accommodation: 20 - 48, including caregivers

You can rent a set of bed linen for 17 PLN / person

Shower included in the price

Graduation tower

The graduation tower is located near the Daniłowicz Shaft of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. It is 9 meters high, has an area of ​​7500 m2, and there is a 22-meter high observation tower nearby. The graduation tower in Wieliczka was built of larch wood and lined with blackthorn bundles. The Wieliczka brine flows in it with a concentration of 16% NaCl.

30-minute inhalation supports the treatment of recurrent and chronic respiratory diseases. 

The graduated time is spent individually, without a guide and there is no booking here.


In the Wieliczka Salt Mine, meals prepared on site are served in underground kitchens.

Hotel Grand Sal **** has 80 beds in single or double rooms and an apartment, and in the Grand Sal restaurant you can organize an event for 1 people, and in the conference room for 2.

The hotel restaurant provides catering services at the highest level.

The hotel is situated in a park, in the immediate vicinity of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Hotel Grand Sal **** is a perfect place for business meetings, banquets or corporate events. The hotel has a modern equipped conference and training room and Business Center. It provides full technical support and high-quality multimedia and conference equipment. Free Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the hotel, and the service provides business services such as computer, fax, scanner, photocopier and courier services.

Organization of events, conferences and meetings:

Location of the Wieliczka Salt Mine in the distance of 10 km from the center Krakow, unusually original interiors and professionalism of the service is a guarantee of organizing a perfect event even for 600 guests.

All chambers are equipped with:

- sound system

-multimedia projector



- own cloakroom

- individual dining facilities

Additional equipment:

- wireless microphones

-drink bar



- audiovisual system

- simultaneous translation tabs

- access to the Internet and mobile phone networks

-professional technical service for organized meetings

-parking place

-decoration of tables

- room interior

-professional catering service (coffee breaks or gourmet meals). Dishes are prepared on site in the underground kitchens

The chambers were given to the guests:

-Jana Haluszki I 
-Jana Haluszki II 
-Drozdowice IV 
-Drozdowice III




- St. Catherine Kinga

- St. Catherine John

Additional attractions during company meetings:

- sightseeing of the tourist route or mining route

-The underground escapade, that is, a trip with adventures

- ferry ride through the salt lake

-night at the Grand Sal **** Hotel or underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

- meeting with the Treasurer, good spirit of the Mine

- the mining orchestra

- salt carving show

-program building team

- laying on the Honorary Mine Guest

- a huge welcome drink

-salt gifts for guests

- a meal in the restaurant of the Grand Sal **** Hotel or underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Types of events:



- intimate business meeting in the form of a gala dinner in a salt scenery

-company meeting or integration event

- promotional events









- theater and opera performances


-fashion show

dance dances

beauty contests

-sport events


- occasional events


-family, anniversary and jubilee parties


- the school graduates' visit

- an invasion to the sounds of Chopin's music

-vine in front of the altar in Chapel of St. Kinga or Chapel of St. John


- welcoming the New Year

- photo session in the salt underground

-events and special events

- theme themes

The chambers of Warszawa and Jana Haluszka are equipped with stages and facilities (dressing room) for artists.

Thematic events:

Underground escapade

This adventure tour can be a variety for a company meeting or employee training, as it combines fun and effective team building on the tourist route of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

-20 - 70 people

- duration: 2,5 hours

- Polish or English language

-additionally: reception underground or a meal in the restaurant of the Grand Sal **** Hotel

Wieliczka evening - Miners' feast

A feast in an underground chamber allows you to learn about mining traditions. The program is led by actors of Krakow scenes.

-additionally: accommodation for 48 people in the basement of the Wieliczka Salt Mine or in the Grand Sal **** Hotel

-20 - 200 people

- duration: 2 hours

- Polish or English language

-additionally accommodation in the Słowacki Chamber or Grand Sal Hotel ****

Available chamber equipment:


-big screen

-multimedia projector

- MIPRO sound



-possibility to use mobile phones in the networks of all operators

-Internet access

- catering



- effect lighting


Jan Haluszki Chamber

The name comes from Jan Haluszka, the former mining starost of Salina Wieliczka. Its boat-shaped shape and walls carved in a block of green salt 135 meters underground make it a perfect place to organize a banquet, party or company meeting.

Jan Haluszki Chamber II

Located at the depth of 135 meters is a suitable place for a small business meeting or a family celebration for 40 people.

Drozdowice III Chamber

The construction of white logs and dark salt walls give the chamber a unique character. It is an excellent place to organize a banquet or a small meeting.

Drozdowice IV Chamber

It is the perfect space for an effective conference or scientific symposium.

Warsaw Chamber

This chamber was exploited as early as the 700th century. Today it is a unique place to organize a ball, conference or theatrical performance for up to XNUMX people.

Chamber of Gwarków

Its decor refers to old mining inns and you can feast on long wooden tables. There is a reconstruction of the former mine drainage system


Chapel of St. Kinga

This most beautiful chapel in the Wieliczka Salt Mine is located 101 meters underground and has been under construction for 100 years. Chandeliers made of salt crystals, sculptures and bas-reliefs inspired by biblical scenes are a tribute that miners-artists paid to the Christian tradition and faith.

Here are Christmas shepherds, ceremonies, holy masses, concerts and weddings for up to 400 people.

The following chambers are available in the rental price:


- sound system, wired and wireless microphones


- effect lighting

Chapel of St. Cross

It was built in the 300th century as a vote of thanks for saving the mine from an underground water leak. The figures of saints here are XNUMX years old.

Chapel of St. John

This historic chapel is characterized by a wooden interior. The most valuable monument here is the figure of Christ crucified from the 135th century. St. Jana is located 40 meters underground and is perfect for organizing a mass. or weddings for up to XNUMX people.

Chapel of St. Anthony

It is the oldest of all chapels in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. It was established in the XNUMXth century. A salt crystal chandelier and salt sculptures of saints delight visitors.

Chapel of St. John Paul II

The chapel was founded in 2014 year and is dedicated to Saint. John Paul II

Michałowice Chamber

The miners created a structure of large wooden logs here, which impresses with its panache and precision. It is an ideal place for an intimate concert or snack for 100 people.

Some events that took place in the Wieliczka Salt Mine:

Underground concerts

- concert in the chapel of St. Kinga as part of the Misteria Paschalia Festival

-New Year Concert

-In front of the altar of the mining patron - entertainment music

-Krakowskie Zaduszki Jazzowe

- performances of the Representative Brass Band of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the oldest in Europe, established in 1830, mining orchestra

- "Meetings in the depths" where "great known" and "little known" met at poetry evenings

Unusual events

-lot with a balloon in the Stanisław Staszic chamber reaching up to 36 meters in height

- bungee jump from a height of 36 meters in the Stanisław Staszic underground chamber

-underground windsurfing on the surface of a salt lake 104 meters underground, 9 meters deep

-tour de Pologne - the cyclists pass near the Daniłowicz Shaft, and the race ends with a gala in the Warszawa Chamber

Sport struggles

-football - the Warszawa chamber was the venue for football tournaments

-turns dance on the dance floor of the Warsaw Comoros

- martial arts - kung fu tournaments, boxing competitions


-the route of the race leads around the Mine, and its ceremonial ending takes place in a salt chamber, 125 meters underground

Interesting facts

-0d 1945 the year Wieliczka Salt Mine visited about 45 million tourists

- the deepest lake is 9 meters deep

-the largest sculpture on the Tourist Route weighs 15 tons

- the top excavation, which tourists can see, is the Stanisław Staszic Chamber with a height of 36 m

- during the reign of Casimir the Great, the income from the Krakow Saltworks covered 1/3 of the state treasury

-7,5 million m3 of salt were exploited from the mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tickets:

Ticket prices
5 / 8 Saltworks Castle PLN
46 / 64 Salt Mine PLN

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