Krasiejów - Science and Entertainment Park

Bicycle and didactic - nature trails, as well as the presence of water reservoirs allow active rest in the forest area of ​​Krasiejów Park regardless of the weather.

The finds of dinosaurs in Bałtów inspired the creation of the "Bałtów Jurassic Park", "JuraPark ”in Solec Kujawski near Bydgoszczand in 2010 "JuraPark ”in Krasiejów near Opole.

Work is also underway to launch the first foreign facility in the US, Utah.

Krasiejów attractions


During Christmas, Santa's Cottage in Krasiejów invites you to Christmas delicacies and traditional winter attractions.

Saint will meet with guests Santa, and festive animations and workshops, as well as traditional dishes and dishes and sweets fragrant with holidays will make your time go by.

Ticket prices admission to Jurapark Krasiejów for individual guests and organized groups

Time tunnel

Time tunnel

Krasiejów Amusement Park offers an unforgettable journey through billions of years of the Universe's existence aboard the Time Capsule.

The journey begins with the Big Bang, that is, in times when Earth did not yet exist.

Getting to know the next stages of the formation of the Earth, galaxies and the Solar System, migration of continents, climate change, cataclysms and a look at the Opole region in the Triassic era, as well as observation of the formation of the atmosphere and the first life forms is possible thanks to the use of modern multimedia technology in Jura Park Krasiejów.

Educational trail

Educational trail

Krasiejów Dinosaur Park invites you to didactic path with a length of 1500 meters, which leads through the pit. A two-hour guided walk allows you to see about 200 life-size reconstructions of Mesozoic reptiles and amphibians belonging to 70 animal species. JuraPark Krasiejów is the largest of its kind in Europe.

On the sightseeing route there are boards with photos of plant environments characteristic of individual dinosaurs, as well as photos of places where dinosaur remains and their tracks were discovered.

Krasiejów map
Map of Krasiejów Park

Paleontological Pavilion

Paleontological Pavilion

The Paleontological Pavilion - Krasiejów Dinosaur Park is a place where you can see the largest fossils of Triassic amphibians and reptiles in Europe through the glass floor.

"The World of the Opole Dinosaur" is the only museum exhibition in the world that stands above an active paleontological stand. From July to September you can see working paleontologists here.

Here is also a reconstruction of the skeleton of the oldest discovered pradinosaur named Silesaurus opolensis.



Prehistoric Oceanarium takes the viewer into the underwater world of huge reptiles living on Earth thousands of years ago.

Kino 5D

The modern Krasiejów JuraPark cinema allows you to actively participate in the scenes taking place on the screen.

Kino 5D

Emotions Cinema 5D Cinema is subject to an additional charge and prior reservation is required.

Several films in 5D format are displayed here.

Amusement park

Amusement park

Jurapark Krasiejów Amusement Park it's great fun for the whole family on carousels, Pirate Ship, inflatable slides, slot machines, simulators, trampolines and euro-bungy.

The Fairytale Land of Dinosaurs is a maze of mysterious passages, slides and nooks in a fairytale prehistoric environment.



Playground in Dinopark Krasiejów has an area of ​​3000 m2 and has a 12-meter tower-slide. The swing-bird nest has a height of 7 meters. There is also a climbing wall, small swings, slides and playgrounds for the youngest guests.


Gastronomy available during the opening hours of Jurapark Krasiejów:

- gastronomy world, where you can do it yourself you can compose a set of dinner dishes

- barbecue world with an offer grilled meats, vegetables and fish

- ice cream, waffles, coffee and tea


In the Park of Science and Evolution of Man Krasiejów there is accommodation base with catering and recreation facilities.



Each two-week stay at Dinopark Krasiejów abounds in interesting art, music, cooking, dance and science classes for children and teenagers.


Day stay at Jurapark Krasiejów, during which attractions will be: a Space Ferry trip, a tour of the Human Evolution Park with a guide, experiments and demonstrations of chemical and physical experiences, a cinema and a sweet treat.

Trips to the Krasiejów Dinosaur Park

Educational classes conducted in the Krasiejów dinosaur park are intended for elementary and high school students, and can be implemented in the following thematic blocks: biology, geography, history and art, divided into younger and older classes.

Green schools

A few days stay in Jurapark Krasiejów with recreational, gastronomic and accommodation facilities with 50 places is a great time to play and learn.

During your stay in Jurapark Krasiejów with accommodation, all attractions of the Krasiejów Dinosaur Park are available for the entire duration of your stay free of charge.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the football pitches and the games room with board games available in Jura Park Krasiejów.


Jurapark Krasiejów is the right place to organize a ball for children, birthdays, corporate events and outdoor events.




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