Lanckorona is a small village in Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in the Wadowice poviat, located 30 km from Krakow. Thanks to the fact that it has preserved the original wooden buildings from the second half of the 19th century, it is often visited by tourists. Lanckorona acquired city rights in the 1366 year, but since 1934 has the status of a village. 

Lanckorona - history

The areas rich in animals were eagerly and often visited by King Casimir the Great. Wawel was located only 30 km from the king's hunting grounds, so the king decided to establish a town here under Magdeburg Law, called from the XNUMXth century - Lanckorona. The privilege of a weekly fair held on Thursdays was also established in the urban right granted.

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Casimir the Great was founded on a hill in Lanckorona lock performing strategic and residential functions. He guarded the border between Krakow and the Duchy of Oświęcim. He was the residence of Lanckoronski starosts and for many years he changed his owners many times.

The ruins of the castle are still at the top Lanckorońska Mountains.

Lackron Castle

Kazimierz the Great also funded in Lanckorona church Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

church Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Until the year 1512, the starosts in Lanckorona were the descendants of Zbigniew, the grand marshal of the Crown, who adopted the name Lanckoronski.

The next owners, starosts from the Wolski family, made Lanckorona flourish, and King Sigismund the Old granted the city the right to organize two fairs: in June - at St. John and in August - to St. Bartholomew. The market day has been moved from Thursday to Sunday.

Not only the Swedish Deluge, but also politics contributed to the economic decline.

At the beginning of the 17th century Lanckorona belonged to the Krakow voivode Mikołaj Zebrzydowski, the organizer of the raid against King Sigismund III Vasa. During the Bar Confederation the castle in Lanckorona was the point of resistance of the Confederates. 

Battles of the Bar Confederates

First battle, the so-called "Defense of Lanckorona" - February 20, 1771

Second Battle - May 23, 1771 - considered the first Polish national uprising.

The commander of the confederates was Kazimierz Pułaski.

The fenced grave of 300 confederates, located on the Trail of Bar Confederates, is ground graves, age-old lime tree and chapel.

In 1869, the fire of the presbytery barn spread to wooden buildings around the market square. The chalets built in Lanckorona after the fire are today a monument of wooden architecture.

In the Regional Chamber you can see the old everyday objects of the inhabitants of Lanckorona and souvenirs associated with Kazimierz Pułaski.

The ruins of the castle funded by Casimir the Great are located on the Lanckorońska Mountain, from which Michał Zebrzydowski matured the Żar hill, on which he built the first in Poland calvary, inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

The castle in Lanckorona was transformed into a prison by the Austrians, and after the prison was transferred to Wadowice, it was blown up. To this day, only the foundations of the towers and the remains of the shield wall have survived.

Mount Lanckorona, otherwise called Castle Hill, with a height of 545 m above sea level, is the highest elevation Hills of the Lanckoronski Wieliczka Foothills. At the top there are the ruins of the castle from the times of Casimir the Great. Mountain slopes are overgrown with mixed forests.

Mount Lanckorona

Walking routes have been marked out here, for example along Aleja Cichych Szeptów or Aleja Zakochanych, as well as cycling and cross-country skiing.

Tourist routes

- from Brzeźnica to Łopuszna - the blue route

- from Myślenice to Chełm Wschodni - yellow trail

Souvenirs from Lanckorona


home-made preserves




The following are organized in Lanckorona:

- movie shows


- meeting with artists

-The Angel of Angels in December


In the interwar period, climate villas were built in Lanckorona, among others Bajka, Tadeusz and Modrzewiowa.


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