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Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko is 60 years of tradition, 40 attractions for young and old and great fun all day long.


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Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko is located in the Silesian Park, on the border of Silesian cities: Chorzów i Katowice

Our Story

It was opened in 1959 as the first entertainment place of this type in Poland. At that time, 63 devices were in operation, and several thousand people, also from outside Silesia, played here daily.

The largest carousel that has been operating here since the beginning of the Silesian Merry Town is Large airplanes, suspended from a 45-meter tower. Their flight at speeds of up to 55 km / h takes about 12 minutes.

In 1978, a 40-meter-long one was brought here Ferris wheel, to this day the largest carousel in Poland, today called "Legendia Flower"From which you can admire the panorama of Silesia.

The first roller coaster in Poland with a double loop, 21 meters high, Legendia was placed in the Silesian Amusement Park in 2007, and in 2014 an additional 26 carousels were purchased. 

Recent history

On March 30, 2017, the Silesian Amusement Park became the largest theme park in Poland called "Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko". You can not only have fun here, but also get to know the cultural heritage of legends, fairy tales and stories.

Over 26 attractions for children and adults are located in the 800 ha of the green Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko park, surrounded by 40 species of plants, near the lake.

The hit of the Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko complex is Basilisk, which is the only type attraction in Poland Interactive Dark Ride, intended for the whole family and at the same time one of the most modern in the world. 

In the Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko amusement park the leitmotif are legends, fairy tales and storiesand a. Treasurer, Silesian good spirit of the mine, Lech, the legendary creator of the Polish state, fern flower, scary Basilisk, these are just some of the attractions waiting for guests in five thematic zones.

The Legendia Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko theme park is at guests' disposal 11 dining outlets.


Air Balloons - a family carousel with 8 balloons for the youngest guests

Air Castle - an inflatable castle with a slide for lovers of jumping and swinging goats

Apollo - a trip in a double gondola along the sine wave path resembling a flight in a shuttle

Basilisk - Interactive Dark Ride attraction designed for whole families. A multimedia pre-show has been prepared in the room of the Monster Hunters' Guild, and then the participants travel in 6-seater carriages through the fairy-tale world of Basilisk: the old village, dark caves, forests and ruins. Weapons firing laser beams will allow you to defeat the monsters


Boruta's Tricks - magic mirror curves is fun for the whole family

Carousel of Love - a journey to the world of love, where you can meet cupids shooting bullets of love

Circus Hoppala - extreme, high-altitude attraction with a 20-meter arm (Device excluded from use)

Circus Tea Cups - in the alley of the Valley of Dreams there are huge, colorful and spinning tea cups

Circus Train - a journey in wagoniki, in which the train conductor betrays the secrets of the circus magician and shows the arena of acrobats

Cyclodrome - 2 speeding bikes allow 360 degrees rotation

Diamond River - A 12-seater boat goes down the track, like a mountain river, from two towers 8 and 12 meters high. A 10-minute drive takes you through the magical world of gnomes looking for diamonds in a mountain mine


Dragon Temple - 32-seater bench suspended on a 12-meter arm rotates in 6 seconds and provides an extreme experience

Dream Flight Airlines - the legendary attraction of the Silesian Amusement Park consists of six 10-passenger planes, turning around their own axis and deflecting to the sides

Dream Hunters Society - an extreme roller coaster rollercoaster with a length of 335 meters

Electric Ring - a wagon with a local alchemist and his history

Fish 'n' Wish - attraction for the whole family, meaning a boat trip on the water

A grove of rascals - the largest in Poland and the second in the world, a playroom for children, with slides to the pool with balls and a mysterious labyrinth

Game Room - games room: table football, car racing, filper and basketball

Giant Water Pump - extreme experience is provided by a pendulum with a round gondola, which is swinging and turning

Helikopterki - helicopters spin around a small tower and provide great fun for children

Lech Coaster - a rollercoaster riding in the legendary village of Lech with the speed of 96 km / h

Legendia Flower - the largest in Poland Devil's Mill with the best view in the city from the height of 40 m

The Crown of the Earth - an exhibition of mock-ups and multimedia presentations of the highest mountain peaks in the world, which are part of the Crown of the Earth, and Babia Góra

Magical Lake Expedition - pendulum, i.e. a rocking ship tilting up to 270 degrees

Magical Lake Taxi - boating in the summer sun

Magical Postal Service - small cars stylized for the 20s take people on a journey in various landscapes

Music Box - the carousel rotates to the rhythm of the music

Phoenix - wagons hang freely around the circumference of the wheel, and while moving, they swing to the side, so sometimes passengers are upside down

Royal Ballroom - two-person gondolas circle around on a circular platform, like a ball dancer

Sailor Academy - pirate ships take guests into the world of sailors, shanties and colorful parrots

Scary Toys Factory - extreme rollercoaster with pink cars

Super slide - the largest slide for the whole family, where you slide 12 meters down on a mat on a wavy surface

Sweet Dreams - a carousel that makes the hanging swings rotate

Sky Flyer - extreme fun, in which two boats at 20 meters are looping 360 degrees

Tea Cups - five-person cups rotate in several planes

Devil's Loop - roller coaster going up to a height of 20 m (The device is out of use)

Trampolines - 10 trampolines for the most active guests

Wonder Garden - the tunnel consists of two rings rotating in different directions

Legendia Chorzów Price list

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