Magical gardens

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Magic Gardens is a fairy-tale, family theme park. Flowers, trees and shrubs create lands full of fantastic inhabitants here, and the allegorical story of the struggle between good and evil allows children to understand the values ​​present in their lives.

We invite you to visit the Magic Gardens Park.

Adventures develop imagination, build self-confidence and a sense of value. Playing in Magical Gardens motivates movement and arouses interest in the world, nature, literature and other people.

In addition to playing in themed lands inhabited by fairy-tale characters, Magic Gardens they also organize regular events with unique attractions.

magical gardens

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There are restaurants, cafes, toilets with changing tables for children, souvenir shops and quiet rest areas.

Polish Tourist Organization she granted Magical Gardens Best Tourist Product Certificate of the year 2015, the Internet users have indicated this place as the best tourist attraction of the Lublin province.

Magic Gardens They also pride themselves on the title of "Top Attractions" of 2016 and 2017, the "Eye of Mama" certificate and "Child on the go".


Devices placed on playgrounds are certified and meet the highest safety standards.

A trained paramedic moves around the Magic Gardens Park on the segway device, which allows quick movement around the Magic Gardens.


All attractions Park Magic Gardens Janowiec are available in the price of the ticket.

Free parking lots at Magic Gardens can accommodate 1000 cars and coaches.

There are resorts offering accommodation nearby.

The facility is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. They will use the majority of play equipment and games, and some attractions (eg rafts, swings) are dedicated primarily to them. 

Non-cash payments are available at all points


Opening hours of Magic Gardens Janowiec:

Monday - Friday from 10.00 a.m. - 17.00 p.m.

weekend in hours 10.00 - 19.00

Magic Gardens in 2019 will be open from 27.04


The opening of the 27 Magical Gardens on April 2019 at 10.00.

Housewife Chronicler invites you to a journey to the fairy-tale nooks of Magical Gardens. fairies they charm and dance, and Bulwiaki they discover the secrets of nature in front of children. Joyful Robots i rustling they will tell new stories, and Dwarf Castle you can hear calls for joint training. Mordole and they are fooling around in Magic Gardens and you can find them everywhere.


Magical Gardens offer free fun in the world of fairy tales, including water. It is worth taking extra clothes and a towel for the children to spontaneously use the prepared attractions.


Magical gardens with wide paths allow for walking, also with a pram.

The spacious toilets have baby changing tables.

In restaurants there is a possibility of using a kettle, a microwave oven and a bottle warmer. Special chairs make it easy to feed small children.

Even babies who are just beginning to perceive colors and shapes will not be bored in Magic Gardens.

Lost toys or items of clothing are stored in the Office of Things Found and are waiting for their owners. Just write to the address:  


All attractions of the Park Magic Gardens in Janowiec are available in the price of the ticket: ciuchcia, castle of fairies, slides, trees, playgrounds, swings, carousels, beach, rafts, tunnels and others.

Magic Gardens - price list


reduced to 14 years and 60 +: 43 PLN

normal 15-60 years: 52 PLN

group family (3 persons): 126 PLN

group family (4 persons): 169 PLN

every next person: 43 PLN

20% Return Ticket - you can buy the next 20 admission ticket cheaper.

Big Family Card - ticket to the Magic Gardens 10% cheaper.

People with disabilities: 5 PLN

Birthday Ticket - each person, including adults, enters the Magic Gardens paying PLN 5 for a ticket (applies to +/- 5 days from the date of birth)

Ticket for Maluszek (for children up to 100 cm height): 1 PLN

It is possible to buy a ticket online earlier. Such a ticket is valid until the end of the 2019 season

The pricelist does not apply to organized groups


Flowers, trees and shrubs, and among them roaming streams, flying birds and butterflies are the multi-hectare Magic Gardens in Janowiec. The place has been designed in accordance with the Renaissance principles of creating gardens and makes you relax in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful nature.


In the fairy-tale Grove of Magical Gardens, barbecues and tables have been prepared, where you can indulge in the atmosphere of a family picnic in the open air.

There are four zones in the Magic Gardens where you can have a healthy and tasty meal, and everyone will find something for themselves. The dishes are served in the Restaurant in the Courtyard, Red Tavern, Grill and Restaurant in Drzews.

The restaurant in the courtyard prepares ready sets, the Grill and the Red Inn serve sausages, meat and grilled vegetables, and the Restaurant in the Trees serves dishes by weight.

Cafes, ice cream shops, hot and cold sweets, ice-cream and Italian ice cream are additional suggestions for guests.


Shops in the Magiczne Ogrody Janowiec Park offer themed souvenirs, such as mascots, plush pendants with images of the residents of the Magic Gardens, key chains with dwarves' coats of arms, wooden weapons and shields, tunics, t-shirts, wings and fairy costumes, wands and glowing jewelry, sashes, fans, crayons, notebooks, painting sets and pencil cases, sets for blowing soap bubbles, jumping ropes and puzzles, pocket mirrors, fridge magnets, as well as mugs with prints.  


Four high-standard toilets have been installed in the Magical Gardens, with cabins adapted to the needs of disabled people and changing tables for babies.


Magic Gardens is a place where, through play, the imagination and creativity of children are developed and shaped.

Scenarios for classes in Magic Gardens are created based on the core curriculum. Animators have a joyful disposition and are involved in working with children. Proposed games and activities help to integrate the group and teach cooperation.

Playgrounds and tour programs in Magical Gardens are designed using elements of SI therapy to support the harmonious development of the child. Solid and durable elements of devices encourage creative play, help overcome fears and support courage. Restaurants serve children's favorite dishes, and for custodians, cafes serve tasty drinks and desserts.


Active recreation, new friendships and selfless help are the advantages of the colonies organized in the fairy-tale park Magiczne Ogrody full of plants, fairies, wizards, dwarves, dragons and fantastic Mordoli.

Colonies are intended for children aged 7-11 and organized on the 28.07-09.08.2019 date.

For the participants of the colony in the Magic Gardens, all-day activities were organized under the supervision of animators, taking place in an entertainment and outdoor space, also on the beach, accommodation in Pension Oblasówkafour meals a day. 

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4.2 / 5 - (36 votes)


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