Majaland Kownaty

Majaland is the largest family theme park in Poland on this subject. Viking Vic, Heidi, Maya the Bee and her meadow friends invite you to have fun here.

Attractions Majaland

At Majalad Disco, you can learn Maya's dance and party with your favorite music.

At Heidi Farm, you can admire the animals up close.

The carousel of flowers is fun in the wonderful world of Mai bee.

Butterfly Carousel and a pool filled with colorful balls in the Mai area.

Playground with obstacle course in the Heidi area.

Little firefighters can climb the ladder and "put out the fire" in the outdoor area.

Car town in Majaland Kownaty in the Bumby area teaches traffic rules. You can choose a car or a truck.

The Gucia playground is climbing, descending, sliding and jumping in the Mai area.

Mai's playground with climbing and jumping facilities is available throughout the year, regardless of the weather - in the park's internal zone.

Adventure with Filip in the outer zone of Majaland park.

The Viking Rollercoaster allows you to ride among the rocks and discover the interior of a dark cave in the Viking zone of Vic and his father Halvar.

Toy cars or games at the wheel.

The Super Slider is a very long slide in the Mai zone.

The school of flying above the Mai bee zone is great fun for the whole family.

The dancing fountain is a dazzling water spectacle.

The Theater hosts daily performances, which are free for guests of Majaland Kownaty Park.

The Viking totem is a movable tower in the Vica zone that provides amazing experience and great views of the entire Majaland Torzym park.

Raft - an adventurous water excursion.

Big Drakkar - play with big waves in the Vic area.

Werewolf, i.e. the first wooden rollercoaster in Poland, which travels at speeds up to 71km / h at an altitude of up to 22 meters in the dark world of werewolves. This mountain train is 618 meters length.

The volcano is located outside Kownaty Majaland. You can descend from this great climbing mountain using slides.

Frogs are an attraction in the Mai zone, where on the back of a jumping and croaking frog you can have fun.

The crazy farm offers a ride in the company of Heidi's pupils.

Boats allow you to discover the great pirate lake located in the Vica zone.

Viking boats are an attraction in the Vica area for entire families.


The Vikings Bar near the rollercoaster serves tasty hot dogs.

The "Pod Kameniem" bistro located in the outer zone of the Majaland amusement park guarantees delicious coffee.

Restaurant Mai is the largest restaurant in the Majaland theme park. It's inside a big tree, directly in front of the park entrance.

Sweet Heidi - The bistro near the main entrance to the Heidi zone serves mainly sweets.

Bar Wilkołak in front of the entrance to the wooden rollercoaster Wilkołak. It is a perfect place for those who love hot dogs, sweet snacks and drinks.

Majaland theme park has prepared a variety for its guests shows and performances

Meet Heidi - You can meet Heidi little girl every day in the Majaland Park Theater.

Magical winter with Maja - in winter Majaland Kownaty becomes a magical meeting place with Maja and her friends at the Majaland Theater.

Christmas with Bing - Bunny Bing, who lives in Majaland Kownaty during the holiday season, is waiting for a meeting with the youngest guests of the park.

Maja Show -Show of three friends: Bee Mai, Gucia and Filipa are having fun and dancing together.

Meeting with Maja and Gucio - Meeting with the bee Maja and her friend Gucio, commemorative photo and great fun in the fairy-tale world of Majaland Kownaty.

Maja Dance Class - Maja dance lessons.

Meet Vick and Halvar - Vic is a northern kid who along with his dad Halvar are meeting all the Viking fans.

Meet Maja and Filip - a dance meeting with Maja and Filip in Majaland Kownaty.

Hunt for Easter eggs - great fun when looking for surprises.

Super wings show - fun show with Jett and Donnie.

PAW patrol show - Chase, Marshall and Sky invite you to an exciting adventure in Adventure Bay.

Shop Majaland

The Majaland store is located at the main entrance to the Majaland park. The offer includes products related to the heroes of the Majaland Kownaty theme park.

Birthday in Majaland

Birthday in Majaland is a day full of adventures among fairy-tale characters.

A birthday group of guests should count at least 8 people. Advance booking is required.

Majaland price list and tickets

Majaland price list for admission tickets and birthday meetings is given here

Majaland tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of the Majaland theme park or online.

Majaland Kownaty park map

Majaland Kownaty park map

In the Majaland Kownaty theme park it is possible to organize a small meeting, intimate dinner, birthday, wedding reception or First Communion party.

Majaland Kownaty is the perfect place for a trip for all ages.

Educational activities

The Majaland theme park runs educational workshops for children in classes I-III:

Maja the Bee Class - educational workshops about the life of bees, enriching knowledge of nature and ecology.

Class - Traffic on the road - traffic classes.

Practical information

The bus to Majaland Kownata from Słubice leaves every Saturday from the Collegium Polonicum bus stop in Słubice (20 m from the border bridge).

Majaland bus tickets available at the office in Frankfurt (Oder).

Majaland Kownaty map to download at the entrance to the Majaland theme park.

The area of ​​Majaland Kownaty theme park has been adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Parking has space for disabled people, buses and passenger cars.

All parking spaces in Majaland are paid.

Children up to 11 years old visiting Majaland Kownaty on their birthday, three days earlier or three days after birth, pay 1 PLN for admission.

The picnic area at the Majaland Kownaty theme park is located within the park and is available to Majaland guests with an admission ticket.

In the Majaland theme park You can rent a wheelchair.



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