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We invite you to read - TOP 10 best boutique hotels according to travel agency CARTER®

Do you dream about luxury vacation in a cozy, boutique hotel on the best golf course in Andalusia? Or maybe you want to spend your holidays on the most beautiful island of Montenegro, in a small one hotel facilityoffering accommodation in an elegant villa with a private pool?

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TOP 10 - The best boutique hotels in Europe

In addition to relaxing in typical tourist complexes, we strongly encourage you to spend your holidays in small hotels and facilities, consisting of accommodation in villas located among vineyards, in lush gardens on a cliff, or in a hotel located in the interiors of a medieval fishing village.

1. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

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Montenegro is currently one of the most fashionable new holiday destinations and Sveti Stefan is undoubtedly the most desirable address in the country!

The fortified island of Sveti Stefan is a medieval village and also an oasis of true luxury.

Hotel Aman located within the walls of a fifteenth-century fishing village is the most luxurious tourist complex on the Montenegrin coast.

The unique hotel of the ultra-exclusive AMAN chain occupies the entire island, on which few guests can spend the night in restored houses, which were once the houses of fishermen.

The island is connected to the mainland by a dam, which the sea floods during high tides.

For those who prefer to look at this spectacular island from a distance, there are several additional rooms in the Villa Milocer from the 30s. The night in this extraordinary place costs from 1000 euros and above.

2. Bill & Coo Suites, Mykonos  

Bill & Coo Suites, Mykonos
Bill & Coo Suites, Mykonos

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Mykonos or party time!

It's a holiday in the style of stars and millionaires. Another unique island that captivates with its beauty and climate. It is an island that never sleeps ... fashionable, exclusive, full of good events and very expensive hotels. 

No one will be surprised by the presence of famous footballers, famous actors, artists or multimillionaires.

Mykonos is known as the island of stars, parties and numerous windmills. Bill & Coo Suites hotel in Mykonos has only 32 apartments; is the most intimate and luxurious hotel on the island.

The panoramic view and terrace with an unusually illuminated swimming pool are the biggest advantages of this place. This is one of the most favorite boutique hotels of many world-famous stars.

Well-trained hotel staff treat all guests exceptionally, no matter if you are Cristiano Ronaldo or Mr. Kowalski with a fat wallet.

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3. Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, Principality of Monaco

Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, Principality of Monaco
Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, Principality of Monaco

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Monte Carlo is not only the most famous casino in the world surrounded by a wreath of ultra luxury cars, expensive restaurants and boutiques that do not put prices on websites.

It is a world of the rich, which, however, is worth visiting and even spending a longer vacation.

The perfect place to vacation in Monaco will be Boutique Hotel Monte Carlo Beach, which was created in the 30s many.

A few years ago, it underwent a thorough renovation and impresses visitors with great class and splendor.

The hotel offers access to a prestigious private beach and a rich culinary offer.

Principality of Monaco provides many attractions: concerts and circus performances, Japanese gardens, oceanographic museum, palace of the Grimaldi family and proximity to the picturesque city of Menton, known for the annual Festival of Lemons.

For the most demanding CARTER® office offers helicopter transfers from Nice Airport and a service VIP Monaco Concierge

4. Villa La Coste, Provence, France

Villa La Coste, Provence, France
Villa La Coste, Provence, France

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Provence is lavender fields, charming towns abound in interesting architecture and numerous art galleries.

It is also a region known for producing excellent wines.

Exclusive and original Hotel Villa La Coste lies halfway between the historic city of Aix en Provence, the homeland of Cezanne, and the famous Luberon nature park.

The 28 apartments are located in hotel villas built in the heart of a biodynamic vineyard Château La Coste.

The apartments and villas are surrounded by gardens full of fragrant herbs and flowers.

Château La Coste is a vineyard where wine, art and architecture live in harmony.

World-renowned artists and architects were invited there, who, discovering the beauty of Provence and its landscapes, created unique works blended into nature.

Stroll through the vineyards of Château La Coste and through the wooded hills, valleys and olive groves you will discover many artistic installations of modern art.

5. Sikelia, Pantelleria island, Italy 

Sikelia, island of Pantelleria, Italy
Sikelia, island of Pantelleria, Italy

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Pantelleria is one of the smallest and southernmost islands of Italy.

In fact, the island is closer to the continent of Africa than to Europe!

Take a fantastic trip on a small plane from Trapani or from Palermo.

The landing takes place on the slope of an extinct volcano. 

Pantelleria will welcome you with wonderfully clean air and black beaches. An island with incredible and original charm should be included on the travel route of anyone who prefers extraordinary places and authentic, unpolluted Italian cuisine.

The waters of the Mediterranean, washing the black slopes of Pantelleria, are rich in red tuna.

The volcanic soil produces delicious dark grapes and lighter, used to make slightly sweet wine Passito di Pantelleria.

Boutique Hotel Sikelia it is only 20 luxurious rooms and suites, furnished in a simple style, referring to local architecture dammusi.

The prestigious FORBES Italy magazine recognized this hotel as one of the 25 best hotels in Italy.

The hotel serves delicious dishes based on products from local gardens and offers wonderful treatments SPA based on exclusive Valmont products.

6. Capri Palace, Amalfi, Italy

Capri Palace, Amalfi, Italy
Capri Palace, Amalfi, Italy

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Capri - the island despite its small size has gained worldwide fame!

It's a favorite holiday destination for celebrities, millionaires and politicians from the headlines.

It's also a popular honeymoon destination. The island of love, flowers and artists offers in its capital - Anacapri - the wonderful atmosphere of a small town.

In the port we will see unbelievably luxurious yachts competing in size and breadth.

Capri Palace lies in the heart of Anacapri, it is a wonderful place in an intimate style, in the middle of the town, but it is a complete oasis of peace and relaxation.

The best type of accommodation is Presidential Suite, reflecting the tribute of Hollywood beauty Gwyneth Paltrow.

Particularly noteworthy is the hotel glass pool, where lovers of instagram sessions can make enviable photographs and 2 restaurants, awarded a total of 3 * Michelin.

7. Vila Joya, Albufeira, Algarve region of Portugal

Vila Joya, Albufeira
Vila Joya, Albufeira, Portugal

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Region Algarve located on the south coast Portugal extends from Cape St. Vincent up to the borders with Spanish Andalusia. The region is separated from the rest of the country by mountains, which affects the wonderful climate and diverse culture.

Vila Joya is a real gem of a hotel industry, providing blissful moments of rest to the most demanding guests in its 20 rooms and exclusive apartments.

The hotel is located on a cliff, next to a wonderful dune beach with white sand.

The hotel restaurant was awarded 2 * Michelin; we will find a fantastic selection of the best Portuguese wines and a great sommelier who will take care of our palates.

8. Ikador Boutique Hotel, Croatia

Ikador Boutique Hotel, Croatia
Ikador Boutique Hotel, Croatia

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Just 10 hours by car to get from southern Poland to the crystalline waters of the Adriatic. Istria Peninsula is one of the most fashionable and most developed tourist and culinary regions of Croatia, with very strong influence of Italy.

Experience the fantastic atmosphere of olive groves, lavender fields and picturesque vineyards that produce delicious grape wines Malvazja Istarska.

Discover the history of historic towns and sophisticated culinary flavors.

You will easily love this region and its exclusive hotels with direct access to the sea and the beach.

Ikador Boutique Hotel is the newest and most luxurious hotel on the east coast of Istria.

It offers only 16 stylish rooms and suites, exclusive interiors, great restaurants and the luxurious Riva boat and the prestigious Riva Lounge (there are only 4 Riva Lounge in the world).

9. Boutique Hotel Alhambra, Lošinj, Croatia

Boutique Hotel Alhambra, Lošinj, Croatia
Boutique Hotel Alhambra, Lošinj, Croatia

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We stop again in Croatia, this time in the picturesque Bay of Cikat, on the island lošinj.

Boutique Hotel Alhambra is the most sophisticated and elegant hotel on the island of Lošinj.

This luxury property is located directly on the private beach and promenade along the sea.

Until recently, the enchantingly beautiful island of Lošinj was a relatively unknown destination on the luxury travel map.

The Alhambra Boutique is housed in the meticulously restored interiors of a 100-year-old Austro-Hungarian villa in the Art Noveau style.

This exclusive 5-star hotel is surrounded by pine trees, palm trees and the crystal-clear water of the Adriatic Sea.

10. Hotel Finca Cortesin, Andalusia, Spain

Hotel Finca Cortesin, Andalusia, Spain
Hotel Finca Cortesin, Andalusia, Spain

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Costa del Sol also called by golf lovers Costa del Golf, guarantees beautiful, sunny mornings and days almost all year round.

Nowhere else in the world are there so many golf courses in such a small area!

This beautiful part Andalusia only on the coast, between Malaga and Gibraltar, offers green enthusiasts more than 50 class and diverse golf courses.

Finca Cortesin is one of the most luxurious coastal hotels in Spain.

The hotel is located west of Marbella, in a beautiful setting, on a hill and overlooking the sea.

It is surrounded by a championship golf course, one of the best in Spain.

Silence, relaxation, birds singing, wonderful views, beautiful well-kept gardens, four large swimming pools and great service ...

It is a mirror of the splendor and wealth of true Andalusia!

The elegant rooms are spacious and 4 meters high; they offer beautiful views from the balconies, some junior suites also have private pools. 

The hotel also has several ultra-comfortable villas, furnished in a designer, modern style.

Are you inspired by the presented places? Are you looking for inspiration for a quiet and prestigious holiday location? Or maybe you are looking for extraordinary exotic expeditions to distant corners of the world?

We also highly recommend traveling around the world and luxury cruises

If you love villas on tropical beaches then the Maldives and Seychelles will be the right choice for you for a winter escapade!

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