The most beautiful Polish beaches

Although a huge number of Poles decide to go on holiday abroad, the Baltic beaches attract crowds of tourists every year.

Holidays on the Baltic They are not necessarily associated with weather guarantee, but it can not be denied that there are the most beautiful Polish beaches, equal to many foreign resorts.

The beach in Świnoujście

First of all, it should be replaced the beach in Świnoujścienot only because of its impressive width, but also due to the fact that for several years in a row it was distinguished Blue Flag certificate. It is an extremely safe beach with very gentle descent to the water, which reaches the highest temperature in the whole country.

Beach in Ustka

One of the most beautiful is also beach in Ustkadivided into two parts by a port channel. It delights with a picturesque, dune landscape, and what's more, you can find beautiful amber specimens on it.

Beach in Łeba

It is also impossible not to mention the probably known to all Poles and not only Leba. A great advantage of this beach is the immediate neighborhood Słowiński National Park, one of the largest complexes of moving dunes in Europe. Łebska beach it is also one of the most sandy.

Beach in Międzyzdroje

In the lead of the most beautiful Polish beaches is also located beach in Międzyzdroje, sometimes referred to "Polish Malibu". Every year in July takes place here Festival of Starsto which crowds of tourists attract. What is the most impressive is not the star atmosphere, but the picturesque landscape of nearby cliffs.

Beach in Kołobrzeg

Another worth recommending Polish beach is beach in Kołobrzeg, being the largest Polish Baltic resort. It is not only exceptionally clean, but also well organized.

Beach on Hel

Particularly noteworthy is Wholethe more that it is the only Polish seaside resort surrounded by beaches on three sides. What's more, they are characterized by exceptional landscape values, complemented by fine white sand.

Beach in Sopot

One of the most beautiful Polish beaches is also beach in Sopot with the famous wooden pier from which unforgettable views extend.

Beach in Kynica Maritime

The picturesque, wide beach, also awarded the Blue Flag several times, is also in Krynica Maritime.

Beach in Dębki

It is also extremely charming beach in Dębkimainly due to its somewhat wild nature and location along the coastal forest.

Beach in Niechorze

Finally, it's worth mentioning beach in Niechorze. It is not only wide and very sandy, but also provides a gentle descent to the sea.

beach in Niechorze

Due to the highest water purity class, it received the Blue Flag certificate.


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