Invisible Exhibition

Invisible Exhibition is an educational and social project showing how the world around us is perceived by blind and visually impaired people.

It is also a place where blind and visually impaired teach how to safely help people with visual impairments.

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The Invisible Exhibition is an interactive journey into the world of everyday situations, but experienced without the help of eyesight, but only with the sense of hearing, smell and touch.

Through contact with modern sensory solutions, it becomes possible to sensitize to the problems of the blind and visually impaired people, to live with them, as well as appropriate help.

Conversations with children and young people about empathy, sensitivity and integration are often just a necessary theoretical lecture at school.

The integration of children with disabilities is still a problem, and they often feel alienated because those around them do not know how to behave towards them. The Invisible Exhibition shows that blind people are the same as sighted people.

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Sightseeing rules

Visiting the Invisible Exhibition takes place in complete dark.

An invisible exhibition it is intended for people above 8 year of lifea, and the upper age limit is motor and communication efficiency.

In case of demand for an English-language guide it is necessary to contact us at the following address:

The tour takes place under the supervision of a guide in groups of 8 people, departing every 15 minutes.

A walk around six rooms of the Invisible Exhibition takes about 1 hours, and additional 15 minutes are spent to explore. "Visible parts"Exhibitions.

Before visiting the Invisible Exhibition, visitors will get acquainted with objects, tools and toys for the blind.

Before visiting the Invisible Exhibition, it is recommended to introduce an introductory lesson at school, after which it will be easier for children and teenagers to understand the purpose of the trip.

School teachers have the opportunity of a free trial tour to determine if the Invisible Exhibition is suitable for their pupils.

Comfortable shoes, clothes with a deep pocket are recommended, watches and hanging jewelry pieces should be left at home or in a cabinet.

There is a ban on bringing reflective, shiny clothes and shoes.

From 17: 00, entrance only for individual guests and teambuilding groups (adults).

People with disabilities

An invisible exhibition

For safety reasons, visiting the Invisible Exhibition requires working arms, legs and the ability to communicate freely.

Due to significant experiences and strong impressions while staying in the dark, the Invisible Exhibition is not recommended for children and adolescents with moderate or severe dysfunctions.


Visiting the Invisible Exhibition is intended for children above the age of 8 due to possible fears of a child staying in the dark and the lack of proper communication with him.


Invisible Exhibition shows the experience of sighted and blind people staying in the same world.

Specially equipped and darkened rooms, as well as the care of guides show how to move in the city noise and in the apartment, and how to pay for coffee in the bar, when we move in total darkness.

The guide of the group of visitors is a blind or visually impaired person.

For safety reasons, it is essential to follow the guide's instructions.

You can leave the exhibition at any time, after informing the guide that you are feeling unwell.

Each of the Invisible Exhibition Guides has passions, plans and dreams. Everyone loves their job and proves that the world can be beautiful, even when we experience it without our eyesight.

Price list and tickets

Ticket prices on weekdays (Monday to Friday):
Normal ticket (adults) - 25 PLN. / from 1 September 27 PLN.
Reduced ticket (pupils, students, retirees) - PLN 22 * / from September 1 PLN 24.
Group ticket - 18 PLN ** / from 1 September 19 PLN.

Ticket prices on the weekend (Saturday, Sunday) and public holidays:
Normal ticket (adults) - 29 PLN. / from 1 September 31 PLN.
Reduced ticket (pupils, students, retirees) - PLN 26 * / from September 1 PLN 28.
Group ticket - 22 PLN ** / from 1 September 23 PLN.

* Reduced ticket only upon presentation of a valid document
** Group ticket - an offer for organized groups buying at least 20 tickets for participants up to 18.
Warning! The last entry in the group price is at 16.45.
Group leaders enter for free according to the following key:
20 - 30 tickets bought - + 2 free tickets,
31 - 40 tickets bought - + 3 free tickets,
41 - 50 tickets bought - + 4 tickets free



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