Ocean Park Władysławowo

Ocean Park Władysławowo is a family theme park located in Władysławowo. It is a place that has been connecting whole families for many years and is becoming more and more popular every year.

In the Ocean Park Władysławowo family amusement park, we have the opportunity to meet live animals and models of sea creatures made in a 1: 1 scale. It is here that the largest in the world, 34 meters, blue whale is located. In Władysławowo Ocean Park you can see the living conditions of the largest sea animals.

On 20 hectares of land, many maritime attractions for children, teenagers and adults are located. There is a waterfall, live sharks and tropical fish, a fishing village, a sandy mini beach, a games room, a collection of wood-carved fish, maxi blocks, bonfires and many other attractions.


Ocean Bar offers sea snacks, family dinner or pizza straight from the oven.

In the cafe, you can enjoy a delicious dessert and relax with lemonade, tea or coffee. At this time, children can have fun under the watchful eye of animators at the Ocean Park Władysławowo playground.

Attractions for children in Ocean Park:

  • Virtual reality in 7D cinema, where the highest quality is guaranteed by Oculus Rift technology
  • Animated whalewith which the whole audience can talk live.  
  • Campfires for groups, which are great memories for the participating children for their whole lives.
  • Waterfall is the perfect place for a family souvenir photo from holidays.

In Ocean Park Władysławowo concerts have become a symbol of the best fun at the sea.

The opinions of people visiting this place circling about Ocean Park testify that you no longer have to go to the other end of the world to see tropical fish and live sharks. Today they can be admired on the spot, by the Polish sea, in Władysławowo Ocean Park.

In one of the fishing huts in Ocean Park Władysławowo you can admire the exhibition of sculptures of fish inhabiting the Baltic Sea made with great care and attention to detail.

In the fishing village of Ocean Park Władysławowo, old sea boats and various wooden items related to the history of the Baltic Sea were collected. Each fishing hut has a different attraction, and the visualization of this place creates a real seaside climate.

The outdoor playground is the largest children's playground in Pomerania located on a sandy beach.

Parrot is an atmospheric place where exotic birds flying around make us feel like we are on a tropic island.

Playing blocks at Ocean Park Władysławowo inspires action and constantly brings new ideas.

The whale is a great model of the largest mammal living on Earth. It allows you to feel the atmosphere of sea travel, and the ocean breeze cools our skin perfectly.

Remote RC model track is fun for everyone, for small and large guests Władysławowo Ocean Park.

A meeting with tiktokers is an unforgettable TIK TOK - Face to Face adventure, i.e. a meeting with people known from smartphones and computers.

Learning to ride a Segway allows anyone willing to learn to maintain balance and ride a two-wheeled electric vehicle.

Holy Festival - the festival of colors is great fun with colorful powders 

Offer for groups

Ocean Park Władysławowo is not only fun, but also learning. A visit to Ocean Park Władysławowo will easily and enrich students with information about animals living in our waters.

Władysławowo Ocean Park is designed to not only entertain, but also teach by bringing the living conditions of sea creatures. It also draws the attention of visitors to the dangers lurking on the planet's aquatic ecosystem and human activity directed at saving endangered species of marine and oceanic plants and animals, as well as raises the ecological awareness of people visiting this place.

For organized trips visiting Ocean Park Władysławowo:

  • preferential conditions for purchasing admission tickets
  • guide's care
  • interactive show, i.e. a conversation with a whale arranged individually for the whole group
  • Ocean Par Władysławowo ticket prices are available here


The concerts of the biggest Disco Polo stars regularly organized by Ocean Park Władysławowo always attract crowds of guests seeking summer fun in a seaside climate.

Ocean Park Władysławowo admission prices on the day of the concert:

  • 39 PLN for adults
  • PLN 29 for children
  • children under 3 years old enter for free

Ocean Park Władysławowo prices include all concerts taking place on a given day, as well as all attractions and playgrounds Ocean Park Władysławowo.


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