Gdynia Oceanarium

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Gdynia Oceanarium - Gdynia Aquarium is located in the center of Gdynia, on the extension of Kościuszko Square and at the following address: Aleja Jana Pawła II 1.

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Already in the years of 20. 20th century Helu created Sea Fisheries Laboratory, and its employees collected nature specimens, which they presented in showcases and aquariums.

In 1932, the institution's name was changed to Maritime station, which at the turn of 1938 / 39 was moved to a newly built building in Gdynia, at Kościuszki Square.

In 1949, the Marine Station was renamed to Maritime Fisheries Institute and started to create Oceanographic Museumwhich opened in 1971. Part of today's exhibition dates from that period and is presented in Aquarium, among others map of the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

In 2003 the object was renamed to Gdynia Aquariumand in 2005, the facility obtained status the zoo.

It has also been operating here since 1998 education Center with a cinema and conference room, a kindergarten room and laboratories equipped with microscopes and computer equipment.

Oceanarium in Gdynia not only presents the flora and fauna of aquatic environments around the world, but also develops social environmental awareness.

Gdynia Oceanarium

Educational classes for organized groups are conducted here (museum lessons, workshops, lectures, laboratory and field classes).

It also operates in the Gdynia Aquarium Young Explorers' Club and Travelers' Club, and the idea of ​​"Ocean Literacy" in Poland.

Ocean Literacy - "understand your ocean" is a concept that originated in the USA as a result of the work of scientists, teachers and educators, and aimed at the development of maritime education.

The Gdynia Aquarium is also a shelter for animals from the lists of animals threatened with extinction CITES. Some of the residents come from the illegal transport of animals detained in Poland by customs officers.

Oceanographic biotypes

Four biotopes found in the world are presented in the Gdynia Aquarium:

  • Coral reef
  • oceanic water
  • Amazon tropics
  • Baltic Sea

In 68 aquariums located in 7 Oceanarium rooms there are more than 1500 living organisms belonging to 250 species.

Coral reef

The coral reef is the largest living coral reef in Poland. Dozens of hard coral, soft corals and invertebrate animals such as sea cucumbers and starfish live in the 3000 liter tank.
A sea horse also lives here - the sign of the Gdynia Aquarium.

Gdynia Aquarium Coral reef

Aquatic Animals

Aquatic Animals of the World is an exhibition showing animals living in the cold depths of the world's oceans. Here live invertebrates, young marbled sharks, Wobbegong shark, as well as the invasive starfish destroying coral reefs, the so-called "crown of thorns".


In the Amazon zone, you can see one of the largest snakes in the world: the giant anaconda. The females living in the Gdynia Aquarium are over 5,5 m long.

Freshwater electric eel living here can grow up to 2,5 m in length and produce 300-600 V electricity.

Zostera marina

Zostera marina is a seagrass, among which there are many interesting organisms living in the Inner Puck Bay, belonging to the protected areas of Natura 2000. They live here, among others shrimps, crabs, sea and freshwater fish (due to low salinity).

Baltic Room

The Baltic Room houses exhibits related to the Baltic Sea. On the plastic map, you can look at the topography of the Baltic Sea and locate its deepest places (Landsort Deep, Gdańsk Deep). In this room, you can also see organisms living in the Baltic Sea, from tiny phytoplankton to sharks hosted in the Danish straits.

Didactic room

The didactic room presents unique specimens of turtles, sturgeons and curiosities related to cartilaginous fish, such as rays and sharks.

At the interface of water and land

The tanks connecting the aquarium and the terrarium are inhabited by animals that live in nature at the interface between land and water, i.e. amphibians, reptiles and fish.

He lives here, among others. Mexican axolotl, whose characteristic feature is neotenia, i.e. permanent occurrence in the larval form, but capable of reproduction.

Mudskipper is a fish, although it is more like a amphibian and sometimes comes out of the water ashore, using its strongly developed abdominal fins.

There is also the smallest crocodile in the world, i.e. the short-crocodile.

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Practical information

Electronic guides can be borrowed on the first floor of the Gdynia Aquarium during the opening hours of the facility. The multimedia guide has been prepared for adult visitors as well as for children in three language versions: Polish, English and German.

For groups, advance booking of the guide is required.

The cost of renting one device for the duration of the visit - 2 PLN

The Gdynia Aquarium does not book tickets for the exhibition.

The cloakroom is open from September to May.
There is no luggage storage in the Gdynia Aquarium.

Visiting the Gdynia Aquarium lasts about 1-2 hours.

Do not use flash units in rooms with live animals.

In the summer, on the terrace of the Gdynia Aquarium, there is a gastronomic point with a view of the Gdańsk Bay.

Oceanarium opening hours

The Oceanarium exhibition is open:

1 April - 31 May 09:00 - 19:00 09:00 - 18:30
1 June - 30 June 09:00 - 20:00 09:00 - 19:30
1 July - 31 August 09:00 - 21:00 09:00 - 20:30
1 September - 30 September 09:00 - 19:00 09:00 - 18:30
October 1 - March 31 10:00 - 17:00 10:00 - 16:30

The exhibition is closed:

  • on Mondays - in the period from November 2 to February 29,
  • 1 November (All Saints' Day), 24 - 25 December (Christmas),
  • 31 December (New Year's Eve)
  • 1 January (New Year)
  • And Easter day
  • Corpus Christi


-car (parking lot in front of the Gdynia Aquarium)
-communication: a stop near the Aquarium is "02 Shipping Harbor"
- coach - stops at the Oceanarium only when getting off and on the group

Details of how to get to the Oceanarium:


A large paid city car park is located in front of the Gdynia Aquarium.

Ticket prices to the Oceanarium

Detailed price list > (opens in a new tab) ”> here >>

Children up to 5's birthday visit the Oceanarium for free (an entry card can be picked up at the Oceanarium ticket office).

Happy Hours in the summer - after 18:00 cheaper tickets to the Oceanarium (to be collected at the Gdynia Aquarium ticket office)

Family tickets
-for children from 5 to 18

Disabled person - guardians use free entry cards. The Bałtycka Room is not adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities.

Group tickets
One guardian for 10 group participants - free admission
From September to April, organized groups (over 15 people) - 20% discount

Personal Annual Ticket - 75 PLN
- any number of free admissions to the Gdynia Aquarium
- valid 365 days from the date of purchase

Free Entry Card is collected at the cash register, upon presentation of a document entitling to free entry

Free admission:
- children until 5 birthday
- group supervisors (1 mentor for 10 mentees)
- carer of a disabled person
- zoo employees
- PTTK guide
- PTTK leaders
- people using occasional free admission
(occasional promotions in the year 2019 - to download)

Gdynia Aquarium Friend Card
-for each person who will make a one-time purchase of entry tickets to the Gdynia Aquarium for a minimum amount of PLN 80,00
- entitles you to 10% discount on the purchase of each subsequent admission ticket
-rabrabat is valid for one year
- the offer does not apply to organized groups

Gdansk Tourist Card - 20% discount when choosing a package:
• Communication
• Family & fun
• Sightseeing

Retirees, pensioners, children from care and education centers
-on the first and third Wednesday of each month - admission free

Ticket prices
Current ticket prices for the Oceanarium can be found in the price list
Oceanarium tickets can also be purchased online
Entrance tickets to the Oceanarium are valid 30 days from the date of purchase.

Educational activities

Participation in classes requires prior reservation

The Gdynia Oceanarium Education Center offers educational classes for children, youth (elementary, middle and high school students), students and all organized groups. Classes are adapted to the age of the participants.
The duration of the educational classes is about 45-60 minutes.

Multimedia presentations take place in the Cinema Room, Biological Laboratory or the Multimedia Room of Sea Ecology.

Laboratory classes are divided into theoretical introduction and practical classes.

Outdoor activities they are conducted not only in the Cinema Room, Biological Laboratory, Multimedia Room of Sea Ecology, but also in the field, near the Gdynia Aquarium.

Shark Week: 18.11. - 24.11.
From Sunday November 18 to Saturday November 24 in the Gdynia Oceanarium Shark Week.
On weekend days, the Gdynia Aquarium prepared joint fun for children in the Toddler Zone.
Older guests are invited to the Player Area.
The Scientist's Zone is prepared for everyone who wants to admire amazing exhibits (also through a microscope)

Blackfin reef sharks will be visible in the basement.
The tour takes place at: 10.30, 12.30 and 14.00.
About full hours: 13: 00, 14: 00, 15: 00, 16: 00. Quizzes with prizes will be organized in the Gdynia Aquarium.
On Monday, the Oceanarium will be exceptionally open from 10.00 to 17.00.

Specially prepared task cards will be available at the multimedia guide rental point and at the ticket office. You will be able to receive a commemorative badge for completing the work cards correctly.

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4.7 / 5 - (43 votes)


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