Orla Perć

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Transition Orla Perci is the dream of every mountain tourist. This is one of the most well-known tourist routes on the Polish side Tatras. It runs through the slopes, ridge, through passes, peaks and ridges of the High Tatras.

Orla Perć is located entirely on the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains and leads from Zawrat (2158 m above sea level) after Krzyżne (2112 m above sea level). This trail requires very good physical condition, resistance to large exposure, knowledge of the principles of climbing and experience in moving around in the rock terrain. Despite the fact that the Orla Perć trail is a difficult one, there is a lot of tourist traffic in the season.

Orla Perć Map

Orla Perć Map


The Orla Perć route today differs from the old one, mapped out over 100 years ago.

The trail leads between the passes Zawrat and Krzyżne, the back Voloshin and further comes to Glades near Wołoszyn.

Ten the longest trail in the High Tatras passes through the eastern ridge Świnica and is considered to be the most difficult and dangerous one in the whole Tatrasas well as in the Polish mountains.

The Orla Perć trail is marked in red.

There are facilities on the trail, such as chains, clasps and two steel ladders, but nevertheless it is still considered unsuitable for beginner mountain hikers. There are also many on Orla Perć exhibitionstherefore, people with fear of heights are not advised this tour.

A good idea is to go Orlej Perci route in two days, with overnight stay in shelter.

Orla Perć can be obtained from:

Kasprowy Wierch and Świnica

-Kasprowy Wierch and Świnica - red trail along the ridge, difficult route, exposed, with chains and clasps, transition time: 2: 25 h

Of the Gąsienicowa Valley from the "Murowaniec" hostel

-The Gąsienicowa Valley from the "Murowaniec" shelter - blue trail to Zawrat, route difficult, exposed, with chains, time: 2:20 h


- yellow trail na Goat's Pass - difficult route, chains, transition time: 2 h

-black trail by Rysir Zaruskiego i Żleb Kulczyński - difficult route, chains, brackets, handrails, transition time: 2: 30 h

-green trail between They'll give you the Sieczkowa Switch na Zadni Grenade - medium-difficult route, transition time: 2: 30 h

-yellow trail under the top Extreme Grenade - route not too difficult, transition time: 2: 25 h

-yellow trail by Dolina Pańszczycę na Krzyżne - route with a small degree of difficulty, but quite tedious, transition time: 2: 45 h

-blue trail on Zawrat - a route with little difficulty, passage time: 1: 40 h

-yellow trail on the Koz Przełęcz - difficult route, chains, braces, transition time: 1: 50 h

-black trail na Kozi Wierch - moderately difficult and tedious route, transition time: 1: 55 h

-yellow trail to Krzyżne - route not too difficult, transition time: 2: 05 h

Conquering Zawrat from Hala Gąsienicowa is more difficult than the route leading from the valley Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich.

The most difficult part of Orla Perć is the route from Zawrat to Kozi Wierch.

A popular variant of getting to Zawrat is the red trail from Świnica, which, however, can not be closed until the fall of May in 2018.

The section between Świnica and Zawrat, also marked in red, is not part of Orla Perć.

The best starting points for Orla Perć

-school "Murowaniec" on Hala Gąsienicowa

- hostel in The Valley of Five Polish Ponds

In summer, it takes about 6-8 hours to complete the entire Orla Perć trail. You should also add time for rest and meal. It must not be forgotten that you still have to go to Zawrat and go down Krzyżne, which will take extra time.

Our Story

The trail to Orla Perć was opened in 1906 and today many popular access routes lead to this area. To celebrate the completion of the trail, a statue of the Virgin Mary was placed in the wall of Zawratowa Turnia, which has survived to this day.

Franciszek Henryk Nowicki came up with the idea of ​​marking the Orla Perć trail. The trail was prepared in the years 1903–1906 by expenditure Towarzystwo Tatrzańskiego and a priest Valentine Gadowski, a great lover of the Tatras. Help was also provided Jakub Gąsienica WawrytkoClement Bachled and a few other highlanders. From 1932, the section from Krzyżne to Polana near Wołoszyn is closed due to nature protection.

In the winter of 1932, they were the first to go through this episode Witold Henryk Paryski and Tadeusz Pawłowski. The Orla Perć trail in its current form, from Zawratów to Krzyżne, in the winter of the year 1949, was the first to pass Zbigniew Jaworowski and Andrzej Manda.

Recently, it was proposed to dismantle the clasps and chains located on the Orla Perć trail so that it is accessible only to people with climbing experience. However, it was recognized that this is a historical route and should be left in its current form. Many accidents on the Orla Perć trail have happened during the passing of tourists going in opposite directions, so in July 2007 the year introduced a one-way traffic on the section from Zawrat to Kozi Wierch.


- since the establishment of Orla Perć, more than 140 fatal accidents have taken place here

- the number of accidents in the Tatras at that time is about 800

-in 1995-2004, accidents on Orla Perć accounted for 5% of all accidents in the Tatra Mountains, and fatalities accounted for as much as 15%

- the most dangerous sections are around Zawrat and Kozia Przełęcz

Causes of accidents at Orla Perć

- slips on snow, wet or slippery rocks



- hitting with falling stones



- fitness condition

- improper planning of the trip

- not taking into account one's own strength

-no recognition of weather conditions

-insufficient preparation of the equipment

Orla Perć in the winter

To gain Eagles Perć in winter, you need a lot of skills and experience, as well as the right equipment. Weather forecast and avalanche warnings should be checked before heading to the trail.


-morning from breathable and quick-drying materials

-Long trousers

-trekking shoes made of waterproof and breathable material

- membrane membrane for protection against rain

- fingerless fleece and leather gloves, useful when using chains

- winter hat, because even in summer temperatures in the Tatras drop to 0 degrees Celsius

-first aid kit

- climbing helmet

-polar, because the route runs in the shade

- mountain school

Interesting facts

-6 September 2018 Filip Babicz from Zakopane, it ran Orla Perć from Zawratu to Krzyżne during 1 hours. 04 min. 23 s. The previous record by Piotr Łobodziński was beaten by over 12 min.

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