Pacanów - Pacanów Fairy Tale Center

Pacanów is located in the Świętokrzyskie Province. Kornel Makuszyński made them famous, creating in 1933 the character of the funny Matołek the Billy Goat, who later became the symbol of Pacanów. Koziołek also became a patron of the European Fairy Tale Center operating here.

Pacanów Fairy Tale Center

Pacanów Fairy Tale Center is a special place. It was established in Pacanów, the destination of Matołek the Billy Goat, and was founded by people who love children's literature.

European Tale Center Pacanów is a fantasy world that not only entertains but also teaches.

On June 1, 2003, the 70th birthday of Matołek the Billy Goat, Pacanów was named the European Capital of Fairy Tales. Work has also begun on creating a European Tale Center named after Matołek the Billy Goat in Pacanów.

Matołek Pacanów goat, or European Tale Center, is the second most visited attraction in the Świętokrzyskie Province, intended for children. 

Fairy Tales Park Pacanów

The Pacanów commune strives to open a fantastic Park of Tales in 2022.

A plot of over two hectares will be built:

  • amphitheater
  • rope park
  • salt Cave
  • mini zoo
  • multimedia positions
  • four educational gardens: comics, fairy tales and fables, legends and stories.

The Fairy Tale Academy will promote literature and timeless values ​​contained in a fairy tale, legend, comic book, film, theater, photography and sculpture.

Pacanów attractions:

Matołek the Billy Goat lives in the European Center of Tales and likes his guests very much.

Fairytale World Pacanów, or European Center of Fairy Tales resembles children's sand buildings. However, it is a modern, multi-functional object with an area of ​​1750m2, containing:

  • fairy tale exhibition
  • Library of Children and Youth Literature with a reading room and bookstore
  • "Szkatułka" cinema with 50 seats
  • theater hall for 150 spectators
  • two workshop rooms that can be combined into one larger
  • administrative part

The multimedia and interactive "Fairytale World" exhibition is located on 800 m2. Children ride here in an enchanted train, and then, together with Bell, Red Riding Hood and Snow White, wander through the fairy-tale lands.

The building of the Centrum Bajki Pacanów is surrounded by themed gardens with gazebos and cafes, a mill wheel, a playground and an amphitheater on the pond.


Pacanów Center of Fairy Tales is an exhibition combining modernity with traditional museum exhibits. The Pacanów museum makes it possible to travel through fairy-tale lands full of pictures, sounds and colors. 

Travel time: 80 minutes

Entrance: every 20 minutes

Age of travelers: 3-103 years old

Group tours max 15 people together with a guide - animator

Land of Soria Moria

Land of Soria Moria is an interactive exhibition created at the Pacanów Fairy Center to combine the world of fairy tales, legends and stories from Northern European countries with modern exhibition technology. The multi-user game introduces the basic elements of Nordic culture, allows you to have fun together and teaches teamwork.

Travel time: about 50 minutes

Entrance: every 1 hour

Suggested age: from 7 years old

Group tours max 15 people with a guide - animator

Small theater

Small theater this is an intimate puppet scene, where well-known and liked fairy tales are presented, and the close contact of viewers with dolls and animators makes the audience experience the story with the characters.
After the performance, a short lecture allows you to learn about different types of dolls (puppets, puppets, puppets).

Duration of the performance: 30 minutes

Entrance: every 40 minutes

Suggested age of children: for everyone

Maximum number of viewers with carers: 15 people

An explosive time machine are physical and (al) chemical workshops transferring to the world of magic, music and illusion.

Journey to the PRL

The workshops bring back memories of the times of the Polish People's Republic, and songs, memories, movies and games popular at the time were the attractions of this meeting.

Manitu Indian Village in Pacanów

It is in the complex of 7 colorful lodges that those who want to feel the atmosphere of Indian life can live.

Birthday with Pocahontas

Indian birthday offer for the brave. Birthday wishes are made by Pocahontas.


  • guided tours and fun in an Indian village
  • workshop on creating Indian decorations
  • Indian certificate for birthday boy and other participants
  • games, surprises, Indian dances, animations
  • the possibility of organizing a bonfire

Time: 3h.

Birthday with Matołek the Billy Goat

Best wishes from the Pacanów Tale Host, Matołek the Goat.


  • visiting the Fairytale World or a performance at the Little Theater
  • fairytale ball with animators
  • magic diploma for birthday boy
  • fun and surprises

Workshops with Santa and Snowflakes: "Anyone can become Santa Claus"

Mikołaj distributes gifts to guests of the Pacanów Tale Center.

Attractions to choose from:

  • - puns
  • - skiing races

- jumping in Santa's sack

  • letters to Santa
  • test of knowledge about Santa
  • my story with Mikołaj, i.e. creative art workshops
  • pantomime - a story about Santa
  • gift wrapping, lucky rope, snowballs (competitions)
  • icing gingerbread gingerbreads
  • dancing with Santa Claus

Magic Bookstore

Visitors to the European Fairy Tale bookstore will find books known from their childhood here, and children can meet the cult heroes of the 80's tales.


The Fairy Tale Center invites all guests from the first spring sunshine to the ripe colors of late autumn.

In front of the entrance to the Pacanów Tale Center, there is a garden with as many as eleven species of grass differing in growth strength, habit, color and timing of flowering.

In the Fairy Tale Center in Pacanów, three colorful gardens were created: yellow, purple and white, and the plants were selected so that those with similar colors of leaves, flowers, fruits and shoots were adjacent.

Edible plants grow in the Garden of Taste.

The touch garden is a place where plants with different leaf textures are adjacent.

We will also find here "willow pears".

Company party

If a fairy-tale company event in the Świętokrzyskie landscapes among meadows, fields and forests, then only in the European Fairy Tale Center, which has space, excellent equipment and modern rooms, allowing you to organize workshops and conferences for up to 200 people.

The workshop and exhibition rooms of the Fairy Tale Center can be used as training or conference rooms, space for vernissages, photo exhibitions, etc.

The building is equipped with modern multimedia devices, sound system, 3D cinema, lighting, projectors, flipcharts, etc.

Trips for schools

The offer includes all permanent exhibitions and additional activities, animations and workshops at the Pacanów Fairy Tale Center, which are individually tailored to the needs of children and young people.

Music and movement classes are proposed for the youngest, and a scientific expedition through the world of technical experiments and explosive experiences for the older.

Groups can also take advantage of drama and Kamishibai workshops.

workshops are intended for school pupils, pre-school children and organized groups of people of all ages.

During the classes, children acquire knowledge, increase their manual skills, discover talents and passions.

Duration of classes: 60 minutes

The workshop groups have a maximum of 30 people

For groups participating in the workshops free cinema

Workshops to choose from:

  • Sports
  • for the youngest
  • theater
  • animation
  • Montessori method
  • Technical and chemical

Events at the Pacanów Tale Center

Fairytale Mikołajki

Fairytale Mikołajki at the Pacanów Tale Center are meetings with authors of books for children and young people. Animators organize competitions during which you can win an autographed book. Meetings with folk artists, Christmas tree decorations workshops, films and organized fairs are also held.

Children's meetings with the comic

Children's meetings with the comic is a cyclical event organized at the Pacanów Tale Center always in the second week of the holidays. Then performances, concerts, games, competitions and openings are held.

Fairytale May Day

Fairytale May Day - it is a time of having fun together, developing imagination and creativity, disseminating collective book reading, watching movies, participating in games, plays and workshops.

Museum Night

Museum Night - from 19.00 until midnight there is a "tour of the Pacanów Tale Center with a thrill", unusual events, mysterious workshops, crazy contests and games. 

Festival of Children's Culture in Pacanów

Festival of Children's Culture in Pacanów is one of the largest cultural events in Poland intended for children.

Family is strength

Family is strength is a joint, family and creative spending time with relatives in the Pacanów Tale Center. 

Congress of fairy-tale characters

Congress of fairy-tale characters - takes place in October. That's when the European Fairy Tale Center fills with magic. There are art games, meetings, competitions with prizes, balls and theater performances.


  • Children's Meetings of Theater Masters
  • Meetings of Music Masters
  • Polish Matołek the Billy Goat Adventure Contests
  • Photo Competition "All Children of the World"
  • International Theater Day

Access by minivan Hoper to the door of the European Tale Center in Pacanów.

On the website UG Pacanów there is the most important information about the town and tourist attractions of Pacanów.



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