Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is a picture showing the victorious episode of the Kościuszko Uprising, i.e. Battle of Racławice, fought on April 4, 1794 by Kosynierzy and insurgent troops, commanded by Tadeusz Kościuszko with Russian troops.

In 1893, the Lviv City Council ordered the painting Panorama Racławicka from Jan Styki. This image was to be shown at the General National Exhibition in Lviv, organized in 1894, i.e. the centenary of the Kościuszko Insurrection.

The painters Jan Styka and asked for help had the largest share in the work on the Racławice Panorama, Wojciech Kossak. Other painters also helped the authors.

By combining the technique of oil painting with scenographic elements arranged at its base, the artists managed to blur the line between the viewer and the work of art, and thanks to this the viewer had the impression of a personal participation in the presented events.

Preparing to create the work, the authors went to the site of the battle of Racławice to learn the topography of the area and make drawings that are a sketch of a later picture.

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Based on the observation of museum collections, including the uniforms and armament of the troops participating in the battle, it was possible to make appropriate designs of the characters, later depicted in the image. The whole was also consulted with military historians.

Panorama Racławicka painting was painted in the years 1893 - 1894 on sail canvas, 120 meters long and 15 meters high, specially imported from Belgium.

The Racławice Panorama was originally displayed in a rotunda building located in Stryjski Park in Lviv. The grand opening took place 5 June 1894 year.

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Image Panorama Racławicka survived World War II, the bombing of Lviv in 1944 year and long-term storage in a wooden crate, until the decision of the Polish authorities after the war, along with other collections of Ossolineum Wroclaw.

The inconvenient subject matter of the painting, depicting Poland's victory over the Russian army, meant that for many years the work was not made available to visitors, despite the conservation work already carried out.

It was not until after 1980 that the idea of ​​building a special rotunda in Wrocław was born, in which it would be possible to exhibit the work of Kossak and Styka. The rotunda was erected in the years 1961-1985 according to the marriage design Ewa and Marek Dziekoński and is currently listed in register of monuments.

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The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice was opened in Wrocław on June 14, 1985 and has been the city's main attraction ever since. Every day there are long lines waiting for admission to the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice.

Entrance tickets are best booked online, which avoids long waiting times for entry.


The price list and opening hours are available on the website of the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice.


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