Planetarium Torun

Planetarium Torun 17 was opened on February 1994, and the first public show entitled "And yet it's spinning" took place 2 days later, which is the anniversary of birth Nicolaus Copernicus.

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At the beginning, 70 used slide projectors, then they were combined in panoramas, and 1997 created the first in Poland system "All-sky", Which allowed to cover the whole dome with the image. In January 2014 the projection system was changed to a digital type fulldomethat enables presentation of not only astronomical objects, but also Torun Old Town, as well as interior of churches.

Planetarium Torun

Star projector Zeiss RFP remains the same from the beginning.

Zeiss RFP stars projector

Planetarium Torun has broadened its offer and today it is modern Space Communications Center "Planetarium - Toruń".

Except Planetarium room interactive exhibitions are also available Geodium i MARS # 17 database.

Planetarium Toruń is open all year round.

The "PLANETARIUM - TORUŃ" Space Promotion Center is a cultural facility run by Fundacja Przyjaciół Planetarium and the Museum of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun.

Objectives of the Foundation

- popularization of life, work and era Nicolaus Copernicus

- popularization of astronomical knowledge and related disciplines

- creating with Museum of Nicolaus Copernicus and from Planetarium Toruń significant tourist objects of Poland

-propagation of the idea of ​​constant conservation of the tenement houses at Kopernika Street and the construction of the Planetarium Toruń

Planetarium Building Torun is a former gas tank from the second half of XIX century

The patron of the Planetarium in Toruń is the astronomer Władysław Dziewulski, teacher Stefan Batory University in Vilnius and co-creator University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun, and Astronomical Observatory in Piwnice.

The attractions of the "Planetarium - Toruń" Space Promotion Center are intended for children from 4 years of age.

The historic Toruń Planetarium building and the associated architectural restrictions as well as fire safety considerations make it impossible to introduce prams to the Planetarium projection room.

The external elevator is designed for transporting disabled people using wheelchairs.

Planetarium Hall

In the projection room Planetarium Torunthanks to special equipment, astronomical demonstrations lasting about 40 minutes are conducted.

They talk about size and construction universe, the most popular constellations as well as the mysteries of planets and galaxies.

The central place of the Planetarium is occupied by the RFP II stars projector Zeissthat recreates the appearance of the sky from any moment and anywhere on Earth.

On the artificial sky, or dome with a diameter of 15 m, you can present:

- the system of all 6500 stars visible to the naked eye

- configuration of the planets against the background of the zodiac

- constellation system

-moon phases


189 has comfortable chairs around the projector, from which you can watch the show by listening to the narrator's story.

Screenings in the Planetarium Toruń room are conducted in Polish, and viewers using the translation receive headphones with narration in a foreign language.

Available translations:




"Beyond the horizon"

"In Search of Life"

"My buddy Niko"(Family)



"Earth - the planet of Copernicus"

-Spanish language:

"Earth - the planet of Copernicus"



Interactive exhibitions

1. MARS # 17 database

It is a modern, interactive space in the form of a space base, where visitors become crew members and have to perform tasks necessary for survival, such as monitoring the condition of the Base, removing minor failures, examining soil samples and proper energy management.

All positions are equipped with a short description, a computer application, as well as additional information for those who want to know more.

A Polish and English language version is available.

The fun takes 40 minutes

2. Geodium exhibition

The interactive exhibition created in the Planetarium Toruń dedicated to the planet Earth is intended for school groups and individuals. The central element is the illuminated and rotating model of the globe with a diameter of 2,15 m, showing the appearance of the Earth from space.

The exhibition corresponds to for questions:

- why we have four seasons

- why the day follows night

Interactive devices allow for independent experiments.

Interactive positions:

-magnetic field



- Earthmosphere

Coriolis effect

lithospheric lithas

- liquid volume


- renewable energy sources


- planets flattening

- rocket start

-Aurora borealis

- meteorite collection

The exhibition features 2 stands with a collection of rocks and minerals.

Plastic installations show the changes of the planet of the Earth throughout history.


- Explosive volcano

-ocean - the cradle of life

- a ship with polar auras

- a model of human civilization

Free leaflets with user manual and description of phenomena in the English, Russian and German versions are available at the box office.

Course time: 40 minutes

Didactic offer

Shows for children

-seanse in the Planetarium Toruń are intended for viewers above the 4 year of life

Astropies Laika

- "Astropies Laika" is a fairytale screening for the youngest. Children get to know the sky and take part in astronaut tests.

A wonderful journey

- "Wonderful Journey" shows the basic constellations. Children with the astronomer go to the moon, land on Mars and fly through the rings of Saturn.

My buddy Niko

- "My buddy Niko" is a story for the younger years of primary school. Together with the young Nicolaus Copernicus, children discover the constellations of stars, the movements of the planets, observe the solar eclipse, the passage of a comet and the phases of the moon.

Shows for students

Rotating Earth

- "Whirling Earth" is a show that answers questions about the four seasons and the sequence of day and night. The show also shows how the sky changes during the year and helps in teaching geography and physics.


- "Meteoplanet" tells about the conditions prevailing on selected planets and moons in the solar system.


- "Macrocosm" is a journey to the boundaries of the Universe, during which viewers pass artificial satellites, the boundary of our planetary system, stars and galaxies.

Earth - the planet of Copernicus

- "Earth - the planet of Copernicus" is a screening about the discoveries of Nicolaus Copernicus, leap years, phases of the Moon and the zodiac. This show is aimed at junior high and high school students.

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