Polish natural wonders

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Poland is a country with exceptional natural qualities. Individual miracles of nature that are in our country are so unique that they were created without human interference, constituting unique treasures of nature, not only on a European scale, but also world-wide.

Puszcza Białowieska

One of such miracles is Puszcza Białowieska, which is the last natural forest ecosystem in Europe and a reserve of the world's largest bison population, which tourists can admire in Bison Show Reserve. For centuries the forest areas of the forest have been deprived of human interference, thus maintaining an amazing atmosphere and charm. A part of the forest is admittedly inaccessible to tourists, but it may survive the next centuries thanks to it.

Dunajec gorge in the Pieniny Mountains

The next Polish miracle is the Dunajec gorge in the Pieniny Mountains, which is probably the most picturesque mountain gorge in all of Europe. Its charms can be admired during a cruise on a wooden raft, which begins under the peak of Three Crowns and ends in Szczawnica.

Hercules's mace

In Ojcowski National Park, however, you can admire the unusual shapes of a rock statue - Maczuga of Hercules, around which there are many urban legends. Nevertheless, none explains its true origin and unusual shape.

Masurian Lake District

Still another Polish miracle of nature, which should be mentioned is the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes, which is a showcase of Polish lake districts. Masuria has a unique charm and atmosphere, which in 2011 year have been appreciated in the competition of the Swiss foundation 7 New Wonders of Nature. Masurian Lakes were then in the 14 group of the most beautiful places in the world.

Morskie Oko

An undeniable miracle of nature is also Morskie Oko - the most famous lake in Tatra, surrounded by mountain peaks, which bouncing on the surface of the water give an amazing visual effect.

Slowinski National Park

There is also a lack of natural wonders at the Polish seaside, the best example being the Słowiński National Park. In its area there is one of the largest concentrations of moving dunes in Europe, sometimes moving at even 10 m per year. The sand dunes carved by these sand dunes create an amazing and fantastic landscape at the same time.

Szczeliniec Wielki

Particularly noteworthy is Szczeliniec Wielki - the highest peak of the picturesque Table Mountains. What fascinates us most in this miracle of nature are the fascinating shapes visible from the top of the mountain, resembling animals to the illusion. This unique charm was noticed by film producers - in the Stołowe Mountains, some of the scenes of the famous fairy tale "The Chronicles of Narnia" were filmed.

Paradise Cave

It is also impossible not to mention the Paradise Cave - the most beautiful Polish cave located in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and the Hel Peninsula, which in the 2013 year was included on the 15 list of the most amazing peninsulas created by The World Geography.

Biebrza River

Finally, it is worth mentioning another Polish wonder of nature, namely the backwaters of the Biebrza River, which are sometimes called the "Polish Amazon". For nearly 100 km, from Łomża to Augustów, the meadows of swamps and backwaters all extend, which by their wildness create a beautiful piece of nature that is beautiful, unique and unscathed by any human intervention, and is also home to numerous species of birds.

5 / 5 - (15 votes)


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