The most beautiful Polish palaces

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Poland is a country rich in various tourist attractions, both natural and architectural. The best example of this are the charming Polish palaces, of which there are over two thousand in our country.

Palaces in Poland

Each of them is unique in its own way, but it is combined with architectural chic and at the same time it is a carrier of memory about the lively social life of the former upper classes.

However, you can distinguish the group the most beautiful Polish palaceswhich due to its uniqueness deserves special attention.

It is in it for sure Pałac na Wodzie located in Warsaw Lazienki Park, considered one of the wonders of Polish architecture. It is located in the middle of the pond, and its outline was modeled on ancient buildings. The object impresses not only with its location, but also with a rich collection of works of art that can be admired in its interiors.

photo by Czesław Czapliński

Another exceptional Polish palace is the baroque one Branicki Palace in Bialystok, which is its headquarters Jan Klemens Branicki. Hetman decided to imitate his palace on French architecture, making it an exceptionally harmonious complex with perfect proportions and rich decorations.

It is also delightful The Raczyński Palace in Rogalin. This Baroque-Classicist building with circular galleries and a picturesque park was designed by the most outstanding 18th-century architects. In addition, in its interiors you can admire the works of eminent Polish artists, including Jan Matejko and Stanisław Wyspiański.

Returning to the capital, it is impossible not to mention The Royal Palace in Wilanów, near Warsaw. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful Polish baroque palaces, sometimes referred to as "Polish Versailles". An additional attraction is the extensive, picturesque gardens that surround the object.

And "Polish Louvre"He was hailed Palace of Izrael Poznański in the boat - mainly due to the shape, size and location in the city center. It is also the largest factory palace in Poland and one of the most interesting examples of eclectic architecture of the late nineteenth century.

The list of the most beautiful Polish palaces can not be missed either Zamoyski Palace in Kozłówka, perhaps the most fascinating and extreme palace residence in our country where glamor and combining were combined luxury with socialist art.

One of the richest magnate residences in Poland, erected at the end of the 17th century, it was Radziwiłł Palace in Nieborów.

Another unique building is Palace in Pszczyna, distinguished by baroque splendor and truly French elegance. This residence was inhabited by the most important Silesian families, and there were both magnates and eminent artists.

The most beautiful Polish palaces are also included Potocki Palace in Radzyń Podlaski - general headquarters in rococo Eustachy Potocki and the palace complex Valley of Palaces and Gardens.

On situated in The Jeleniogórska Valley is the Valley of Palaces consists of a total of 30 stylish palaces, castles, farms and other historic estates, so it is a paradise for lovers of palace architecture. What's more, in the Valley, you can taste the palatial life a bit longer, because some of the objects have been restored and function as hotel facilities.

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