Rafting down the Dunajec

Rafting down the Dunajec this is the biggest attraction Pieniny and takes place on canoes made of boards connected in stable rafts.

Pieniny gorge of the Dunajec - the gorge of the Dunajec River through Pieniny appropriate, about 8 km long, on the route between Sromowce Niżne, the Szczawnica.

The river forms numerous bends on this section, and the rock walls, built of Pieniny limestone, are even 300 meters high.

The oldest representation of rafting on the Dunajec river dates back to the 16th century and is located on the polychrome in an old church in Krościenko.

In the first half of the 19th century, a tree obtained in the mountains was floated on the Dunajec and Along the Vistula to Gdańsk.

In the mid-nineteenth century rafting down the Dunajec became a tourist attraction.

Day and night trips were organized for patients visiting Szczawnica, as well as for guests locks in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

In time Rafting on the Dunajec rafters they lead the raft and tell stories about the Pieniny and passing places, and tourists admire the nature and mountain peaks located on both sides of the river (Three Crowns, Sokolica).


Dunajec in some places of rafting becomes a border river between Poland and Slovakia.

Where does the Rafting on the Dunajec River begin?

Currently, rafting down the Dunajec begins in Sromowce Wyżne - Kąty or at the marina in Sromowce Niżne. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of both marinas.

Duration of Rafting on the Dunajec

Rafting on the Dunajec River to Szczawnica takes about 2,5 hours, and to Krościenko about 2 hours. 45 min.

The length of the trip to Szczawnica is 15 km, and to Krościenko 18 km.

Rafting on the Dunajec is also organized by Slovak raftsmen.

Polish Association of Pieniny Rafters on the Dunajec River in Sromowce Niżne, it was established in 1934. It unites raftsmen from Pieniny and organizes rafting down the Dunajec River gorge on the Polish side of the border.

rafting on the Dunajec river

Rafters wear a regional costume and a metal rafting badge.

The rafting season lasts from April 1 to October 31.

Rafting on the Dunajec takes place every day, except the first day of Easter and Corpus Christi.

Rafting on the Dunajec Tickets and Price List

For organized groups, the fee is agreed each time at the ticket office of the Dunajec rafting trip.

Dunajec rafting rules:

-Boats depart after the minimum condition of 11 people is assembled. In the case of a smaller number of people, it is possible to sail the boat, but after paying the tickets for 11 adults
- In the case of an increased water level (over 240 cm on the Sromowce-Kąty water gauge), the discounts do not apply
-Return to the parking lot to the starting marina is for an additional fee. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office.
-People wishing to sail together on one boat should purchase tickets at one box office.

Ticket office opening hours:

April: 9.00-16.00
May - August: 8.30-17.00
September: 8.30-16.00
October: 9.00-15.00

The sale of tickets takes place on an ongoing basis and does not require prior reservation.

There is a possibility of purchase online ticket. With this ticket, go to the ticket office to assign people to a specific boat.

At the marina, parking lots, toilets, restaurants and kiosks with souvenirs are available for guests.

It is possible to rent a kapok and buy a souvenir photo of the Dunajec rafting at the price of PLN 10 / item.

Rafting on the Dunajec Map

Rafting on the Dunajec Map

presented map shows rafting down the Dunajec river on the Sromowce Wyżne - Szczawnica route

Rafting on the Dunajec River

Camera allows you to check the volume of tourist traffic in Szczawnica and to take commemorative photos on the Dunajec rafting route.

See Rafting down the Dunajec river on camera here.

Rafting on the Dunajec canoe

Rafting on the Dunajec canoe

- river difficulty - WW1-2 (easy)

Kayaking on the Dunajec River is safe. This river does not require prior physical preparation and experience in swimming on mountain rivers.

The most interesting routes for rafting on the Dunajec canoe

1. The route along the Dunajec from Niedzica to Szczawnica
- length: 20 km

- average trip time: 3 - 3,5 hours

2. The route along the Dunajec from Szczawnica to Wietrznice
- length: 19 km

- rafting time: around 3 hours

Canoeing trips on the Dunajec are organized for:

-organized groups

- families with children

- company employees

- participants of stag or hen parties

Rafting on the Dunajec canoe - equipment:

pneumatic kayaks, stable, recommended for people with no experience in canoeing or those who are afraid of falling over

polyethylene kayaks, fast, less stable, recommended for people with experience in canoeing

Two-day kayaking trip

- for organized groups

- various accommodation options: camping, dormitory rooms, apartments for 2-3 persons with bathrooms

- professional equipment

Rafting on the Dunajec on special, certified pontoons, where teamwork of all participants guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Rafting on the Dunajec pontoon it is recommended for tourists who like to spend their free time actively and going to Pieniny, Zakopane and Szczawnica.

The level of advancement and route along the Dunajec pontoon is adjusted to the group's skill level and is carried out in the company of experienced instructors.

It is an ideal proposition for families, couples and groups of friends of all ages.

Rafting on the Dunajec pontoon is organized from April to October.

ROUTE: Sromowce Niżne - Szczawnica

BUS BACK: 1 / 2 h
BACK BIKE: 1 h (rented on 2h)
GODZINY WYPŁYNIĘCIA:11:00,14:30, 17:00.


For participants of the rafting on the Dunajec pontoon:
place in a pontoon (WATS and ROB-FIN)

- 6 or 8 passenger boats

- helmets, paddles, vests

- helmsman care (WOPR rescuer)

- sightseeing information about the Pieniny Mountains, the Dunajec River and attractions

- entry to the Pieniński National Park

- hermetic packaging for electronics

-parking at the starting marina where you can leave your car

- changing room after rafting

- neoprene foams

For children

Rafting on the Dunajec river in a pontoon is excellent and safe fun for children. There is an instructor on every pontoon with children. Each child receives a lifejacket and helmet, and holds his legs in a foot strap (i.e. belts protecting against falling out of the pontoon). Children under 4 are sitting inside the pontoon, on special pontoon chambers.

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