The best mountain trails in Poland

There are many different tourist attractions in Poland, both products of nature and those resulting from human interference.

Mountain trails

They have huge tourist potential Polish mountains, captivating with beautiful, picturesque landscapes and nothing untouched by nature, accessible thanks to tourist routes leading to the most charming peaks.

The total length of all mountain tourist routes in Poland it is 4 thous. km. Among them there are more difficult and easier routes, with individual ones deserving special distinction.

One of the easiest is the trail leading to the summit Szczeliniec Wielki in the Stołowe Mountainsfrom where there is a view of the amazing rock carvings, reminiscent of animals. His return trip takes about 3,5 hours.

Szczeliniec Wielki in the Stołowe Mountains

Another route included in the group of the easiest, and at the same time extremely picturesque, is trail in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains leading with Nowa Słupia by Holy Cross to Łysicaand then to Saint Catherine. It is unique because it involves many urban legends that give the whole route a magical charm. It takes six to seven hours to follow the route.

Swietokrzyskie Mountains

It will be a little harder already trail in Małe Pieniny, leading from Szczawnica to Palenica, then through the mountain ridges and Gorole Homole do Jaworek. You can admire the trail Tatras in all its glory, as well Beskid Sądecki, Beskid Wyspowy and Slovak mountains. The route should not take longer than 4,5 hours.

Do the best Polish routes can also be included route to Skrzyczne leading from Szczyrk. It is not one of the easier routes, but it provides scenic views Beskid Śląski, Beskid Żywiecki, Lake Żywieckie and many other beautiful places. It takes about 3 hours on average to travel through it.

And it is obligatory to mention about route leading from Karpacz to the highest peak of the Sudetes - Snow White. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful Polish mountain trails, and its traveling takes about 4,5 hours.

Fig. Piotr Krzaczkowski

The best Polish routes are, of course, also Pieniny. Crossing route to Sokolica, from the 300-meter escarpment, you can admire the flowing below Dunajec. Then it's worth it to bother to enter Three Crownsat the top of which there is an observation platform. You can cross the way back using a raft angles directly to Szczawnica.

He also delivers incredible impressions trail leading through the Tatra Red Wierchy, although this is not one of the easier routes. It usually takes between seven and eight hours and is the starting point Kasprowy Wierch. FROM Ciemniak you can go down to The Kościeliska Valleyand from Kopy Kondracka you can get straight on giewont.

Another extremely charming mountain trail goes through Tatra lakesand it is one of the most difficult. He leads from Morskie Oko, by The Valley of Five Ponds, Szpiglasowa Passand ends in The Roztoki Valley. The whole route can take even 9 hours, but the truly fabulous view of the mountain lakes is worth the trouble.

sea ​​eye

The easiest thing to do is also not trail leading to Babia Góramainly due to extremely fast changing weather conditions on the route. However, for those who manage to cross this road, which takes an average of about 4,5 hours, there will be a breathtaking panorama close to the 400 of various peaks.

By contrast, definitely the most difficult routeonly for experienced mountain enthusiasts, it is Orla Perć, leading from the pass Zawrat to the pass crossesfrom which it already leads a safe descent, straight on Hala Gąsienicowa.

The route can take up to eight hours, but its crossing allows you to experience a truly high mountain climate, not to mention magical views.


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