szymbark (in Kashubian Szimbark) is a village in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, located in the area of Kashubian Landscape Park, in one of the most beautiful regions of Kashubian Switzerland. The Szymbark Hills Tourist Trail runs through Szymbark.

You can get to Szymbark from Gdynia by the national road No. 20.

There is the Center for Education and Promotion of the Region, thanks to which guests coming to Szymbark can learn the language and history Kashubian.

It is a friendly place for families with children, and also suitable for school trips. For them, countless attractions and interesting educational programs have been prepared here.

The tour takes place individually or in the company of a guide.

Here are the most important attractions of the Center for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark:

The statue of Świętowid Kaszubski stands right next to the entrance to the Region Education and Promotion Center. It is shaped like an inverted tree and shows the role of trees and wood in human life.

Pomeranian Griffin bunker is a reconstruction of one of the bunkers that belonged to TOW Gryf Pomorski during the occupation. Many original pieces of equipment and personal mementoes of "Gryfowce" have been collected here. In the bunker, we can also feel the atmosphere that prevailed during the war, at the time of the air raid.

House of the Scout was brought from a holiday center in Wieżyca, where it was initially intended for demolition. Over 700 structural elements have been preserved and supplemented so that the house can be built again, although in a different place. Dom Harcerza is a symbol of the history of Polish scouting. Today it is here souvenir shop i CEPR office.

The longest board in the world is a symbol of the hard work of Kashubians. For centuries, wood has also been the basic building material in these lands. Thanks to the hard work of firefighters, policemen, foresters and railroad workers, it was possible to obtain a board with a length of 46,53 meters. This is the Guinness World Record. The board was hung on the wall.

Nobel Laureate's table was made of the crown of the tree from which the longest board in the world was made. The name was given to him in memory of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded to Lech Wałęsa. The table is 35 meters long and is made of one piece of wood. A total of 230 people can sit next to it. The table is made of 7 cubic meters of wood and weighs about 6 tons.

Household museum it is part of a museum exhibition, located in the Center for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark. There are carpentry, wheeler, agricultural, carter, medical and household tools from the XNUMXth century until the outbreak of World War II.

You can see here, for example, a 200-year-old lathe-copier, which used to be used to make spokes of cart wheels. Also interesting is a dental tooth drill, 150 years old, operated by a foot drive.

Home of a Siberian from a labor camp is a wooden house brought all the way from Irkutsk and reassembled in Szymbark. It is a place to reflect on the plight of Poles exiled to Siberia.

Salino Manor, in fact, a replica of the manor from Salino near Wejherowo shows what buildings were commonly found in the territory of former Poland. Before the war, there were still about 16 such historic mansions, today there are no more than 000 of them.

House of the Kashubian trapper from Canada is a wooden Kashubian hut, built in Canada by the great-grandfathers Edd Chippior, Marianna and August Szczypior from Sierakowice. In 1858 they left for Canada and settled in the province of Ontario. The hut was brought to Poland.

Polish Insurgent House brought from Adampol it is a gift from the descendants of Polish settlers, participants of national uprisings. The settlement of Adampol was established in Turkey in 1842, and the name was given to it in memory of Prince Adam Czartoryski, an independence activist.

Monument to the Pomeranian Griffin commemorates the heroes of the Secret Military Organization Gryf Pomorski. The monument is shaped like a heart carved into a boulder.

Church of St. Rafał Kalinowski was consecrated on September 17, 2004 during the World Congress of Siberians.

a house upside down it is actually a symbol of the overthrow of communism, because the house is "turned upside down" and represents the reversal of the values ​​of that world. Entering it, we can feel that our labyrinth has problems with finding ourselves in the new, "reversed" reality.


The largest piano in the world, or "Stolëmòwi Klawér" is indeed the largest working piano in the world. The instrument is 6.04 meters long, 2.52 meters wide, 1.87 meters high and weighs 1,8 tons. It was made using the traditional method and is modeled on the oldest, over 400 years old, organ in Poland, located in Kamień Pomorski.

Kashubian cottage It was moved from Wilanów, located in the Przodkowo commune in the Kartuzy poviat. He is already 250 years old and symbolizes the hardships of everyday life of Kashubians on a rural farm. There is a restaurant here in summer.

Kaszubska Korona Brewery is a unique place known for its excellent brewing products and excellent regional dishes. There is a restaurant and bar on the upper and middle levels, and the brewhouse on the lower level. Kaszubska Korona beers are produced based on traditional recipes.

Kashubian World of Fairy Tales allows children to learn about traditional fairy tales. They are told every weekend in May, June, September and October, and every day in July and August.

Koszałkowo Active Recreation Center Wieżyca guarantees relaxation in the fresh air. There are ski and snowboard slopes open in winter. Sports camps are also organized here.

Szymbark - other attractions:

-rope park


-seans at the XD Cinema

-bread baking

-baking sausages

- dinner in the inn

Additionally, in Szymbark you can visit two war cemeteries:World War I cemetery no.74 is one of over 400 cemeteries established during the First World War. It is part of a much larger parish cemetery in Szymbark. 78 soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian, German and Russian armies are buried here. They all died in late 1914 and early 1915.


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