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tatralandia is a water park located in the Liptov region in the Slovak Tatras. It is an ideal place for summer and winter holidays for people of all ages.

Tatralandia in Slovakia is:
-a year-round aquapark, where the water and air temperature is around 30 ° C
-14 pools with sea and thermal water, of which 10 is open all year round
-28 slides - 6 open all year round
-Tropical paradise (Tropical Paradise)
-Wellness Paradise
-Celtic Sauna World
- place to organize conferences
- accommodation in Holiday Village Tatralandia

Tatralandia Map

Tatralandia Map

Aquapark Tatralandia for families

Parents and children can actively spend time in Tatralandia, playing in the pools or on the slides, as well as surfing on the waves of Surf Waves Tatralandia. Animations for children and a rest area for children are also prepared.

Tatralandia pools

Tatralandia pools

White lagoon
- an indoor saltwater pool with a temperature of 34-36 ° C and a depth of 110 cm

Bubble Pool
- indoor saltwater pool at 34 - 36 ° C and 110 cm depth, with water jets for massage

Paradise pool
- pool with water at 34 - 36 ° C, additionally equipped with chairs and jets for hydromassage, depth 110 cm

Tropical pool
- pool with massage seats and air geysers, with water at 34 - 36 ° C and depth 110 cm

Thermal pool
- outdoor pool with thermal water from the depth of 2,5 km. A sports zone with a water temperature of 36 ° C and a relaxation zone with a water temperature of about 40 ° C have been separated here. Chairs for air massage and jacuzzi available. Pool depth: 110 cm

Niagara Basin
-year-round pool with thermal water at 30 ° C. Swimming lanes have been separated here. Water depth: 110 cm

Snorkeling pool
- a swimming pool with a tube, where you can participate in water games and search for the lost treasure. The water temperature is 34 - 36 ° C and the depth 120 cm

Ocean pool
- indoor swimming pool with water at 32 ° C and depth 120 cm, with available water massages, beds, bathing with counter-current and underwater lighting

-the smallest pool with 32 ° C temperature and 30 cm depth, with a moat with slides, exotic animals and palm trees

Pool tower
- a year-round outdoor heated pool with a depth of 30 cm, serving as a Jungle Raft, Black & White, Rapido and Monkey Slide water slide

Tatralandia slides

Tatralandia slides

Intended for adults and children with a minimum height of 90 cm

- blue-purple slide 97 length
-max.weight: 110 kg / 1 person
- height above: 120 cm

Monkey slide
-yellow-blue with a length of 100 m
-max.weight: 110 kg / 1 person
- height above: 120 cm

Raft in the jungle
- downhill ride on rafting wheels
-length: 87 m
-maximum weight: 180 kg / 1 - 2 people
- height above: 120 cm, children about 90-120 cm ride down with an adult

Black and white
- raft ride
-length: 72 m
-maximum weight: 180 kg / 1 - 2 people
- height above: 120 cm

-rafting in pairs
- start from the 12-meter tower
-length: 101 m
-max.weight: 180 kg / 1 person
- height above: 120 cm

Baby Silent Zone
For children aged 0 - 3, there is a Silence Zone on the floor of Tropical Paradise.
It is a place intended for hygiene, rest and preparation of a meal.

- baby bottle warmer
- high chair
- changing table with wet and dry wipes
- playpen with toys
- a place to rest or breastfeed

Children's Corner
Children from 3 to 12 can play here under parental supervision.

In the Tatralandia amusement park you can move with a pram.

Children up to 6 years of age - free entry to the Tatralandia water park.

Tropical Paradise - Tropical Paradise Tatralandia

Tropical Paradise Tatralandia

The arrangement of the place means that all guests relax here in tropical conditions.

Tropical Paradise is:
-6 slides
-10 pools

The Paradiso restaurant offers Caribbean specialties and drinks.

Pirate Island of the Caribbean

Pirate Island of the Caribbean

There is a Pirate Pool with Jumbo Castle, moat and slides for children. After having fun in an exotic environment, you can lie down under the palm trees or take advantage of the Tiki bar offer.

VIP area with wooden canopies for relaxation in luxurious tropics.

Surf Waves Tatralandia

Surf Waves Tatralandia provides a great surfing experience, available not only for professionals, beginner surfers, but also for the youngest guests.

The surf simulator uses artificial river technology that produces ocean-like waves. Water flows here at speeds from 30 to 70 km / h and creates ideal conditions for surfing.

The Surf Zone in Tatralandia consists of four tracks with an 68 m2 surface.
Thanks to the use of a surf raft, already 4-year-old children can try this sport. All are accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Surf Waves Tatralandia

Bodyboarding it's surfing on your stomach. Everyone who finished 6 can try this sport.

Surfing rafting - it's safe surfing, available to those who are willing from 4 years of age and with a minimum weight of a child - 12 kg.
Children are accompanied by a parent or instructor on special rafts.

Surf nights These are regular surfing events held every month for everyone, from beginners to professionals, from 20pm to midnight.

The world of Celtic sauna

Celtic Sauna World is a unique complex consisting of 21 steam rooms and saunas. You can take advantage of hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy.
The sauna world is also available for children from 6 to 12.

BIO sauna
- an external sauna is placed on the gravel terrace Tropical Paradise
- only natural wood materials impregnated with beeswax have been used
-additionally, you can use a hot tub filled with salt water and a cooling pool with a unique view of the Low Tatras

Tatra sauna
- classic sauna enriched with minerals derived from moist Tatra rocks

Well of courage
- access to cold water (15 ° C) in open space strengthens the immune system

Sun bath and jacuzzi
- a hot tub filled with salt water at 36 – 38 ° C

Tatra Lake
- body cooling after the Tatra sauna at 15 - 30 ° C stimulates the immune system

Celtic sauna
- sauna lined with Himalayan salt, stone and wood with temperatures up to 48 ° C
- the action of active substances derived from salt is enhanced by cardamom and vanilla essences

Celtic oppidum
- relaxation restores the body balance after the sauna, and the fire burning in the fireplace pleasantly warms and relaxes. Unlimited stay time.

Light energy
- infrared heat relaxes and warms the body, and staying here revitalizes and relaxes

Salt sauna
- sauna and salt have a beneficial effect on the body

Steam boiler
- the smell of eucalyptus, menthol and mint from natural plant essences cleanses and strengthens immunity, relieves stress and strengthens the body

Zlatá štôlňa
- between the sauna stays or after the sauna stay, relax with background music

Liptov sauna
- operation of a classic sauna enriched with minerals of the Tatra rocks

Star bath
- in the hot tub

Fire and ice
- bath for tired feet
-walking and the alternating effects of heat and cold causes better blood supply to the lower limbs and stimulates blood circulation
- the stone bottom of the pools massage the feet

Water of life
- a place where you can replace lost fluids

Tatra Ice and Ice Jump
- uses the effect of ice water (temperature 9-12 ° C)

Ice bucket
-cooling the body and strengthening the immune system by the action of cold water (temperature 9 -12 ° C)

Gods storm
- massage shower with water temperature: 12 / 25 / 35 ° C

Summer rain
- massage of summer rain drops

-relax to the music between treatments and rest on heated chairs


Restaurants and bars open all year round

XNUMX. Paradiso
- serves exotic and traditional dishes
- tropical atmosphere and stylish interiors
-the largest restaurant in Tatralandia
-180 places
- at the heart of Tropical Paradise
-view of the Tatra Mountains

Marina bar
-bar with boats
- in the Tropical Paradise zone right by the pool

Barbados bar
- available directly from the pool

Restaurant Holiday Village Tatralandia
- international cuisine and traditional dishes
- outdoor terrace

Tiki Bar
- Hawaiian mood, refreshing drinks and lemonade
- view of the paradise for surfers
-large terrace with a playground for children
- VIP Caribbean beds

Hurricane Bar
- Hurricane Factory wind tunnel view

Accommodation in Tatralandia

Accommodation in Tatralandia

Persons accommodated in cottages Holiday Village Tatralandia can enjoy the attractions of the Tatralandia aquapark without restrictions.

Are you looking for a luxury hotel in the mountains? Check our offer >>

Holiday Village Tatralandia

Holiday Village Tatralandia

- a picturesque village near the aquapark Tatralandia
- accommodation in themed settlements in one of the 101 bungalows
- possibility of walking and cycling trips
-Tennis Court
-a basketball court
-board games
- golf simulator
- 5D cinema
-mini zoo
-Hurricane Factory

Discounts for guests of the Holiday Village Tatralandia Liptovsky Mikulas:
-20% discount on Wellness
- online booking possible
- GoPass loyalty card
-up to 20% discount on early booking of accommodation with a GoPass card

Price list of accommodation in Tatralandia is available here.

DELUXE bungalows
- single-level detached houses with a living room with a sofa, which is an additional place to sleep
- a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, microwave, dishwasher and electric kettle
-bedroom with a double bed and a fold-out additional bed (additional sleeping place)
-bathroom with shower and toilet
-satellite television
- bathrobes and towels for use in the water park
- each cottage has its own terrace with a view of the Tatra Mountains
-10 bungalows of this type
-Multi-entry = unlimited admission to the aquapark

For children
- accommodation in themed houses
- tasty cuisine at the Holiday Village restaurant with a children's menu, a children's corner,
-a wide range of recreational activities for children of all ages

Additional equipment:
Chairs for children
Baby bath tubs
Bottle warmers
Board games for children

Payable locally: pram and sled

Tatralandia in winter

- possibility of buying tickets for cable cars
- ski passes in the Tatras at discounted prices
Skibus - a free ski bus takes guests wanting to use the most popular ski resort in Slovakia: Jasna

GoPass is a card that serves as an aquapass and skipass, as well as a membership card of a hotel club loyalty program

Meetings and conferences (Integration and company events)

The Tatralandia congress complex is located in Liptovský Mikuláš.

Holiday Village Tatralandia

It can accommodate 420 people, and thanks to soundproof walls, it allows you to obtain three separate rooms for 50 - 150 people.
The nearby Aquapark Tatralandia and the sports hall enable the organization of unusual themed events.

Hotel Grand **** Jasná

The possibility of adapting the interior to a specific event, experience in the preparation of various types of events, accommodation facilities and professional catering services, as well as the possibility of relaxation in the hotel's Wellness & Spa and evening entertainment in the Happy End night club with a capacity of over 1000 people are the advantages of this place.

Boutique hotel Tri studničky ****

It has a conference room for 90 people and a club room for 48 people.
This cozy hotel with original interiors is the perfect place for those seeking luxury and privacy.

Hotel Pošta ****

The conference room will accommodate 40 people at a business meeting.

Galeria Thermal **** Bešeňová

A high standard hotel in Slovakia in the Bešeňová Water Park.

Hotel Bešeňová *** +

The congress center provides 3 with modern equipped conference rooms for more than 300 people.

Hotel Rotunda

It is the highest located hotel in Central Europe (2004 m above sea level)

Chalets Jasná de Luxe ****

It is located near the ski slopes in Jasna, hiking trails in the Low Tatras and the water park Tatralandia. It is possible to accommodate six people in the apartment.

Teambuilding and adrenaline events

In Tatralandia, you can organize a variety of events:
- baths in sea water
-Relax in the Celtic Sauna World
- treatments at the Wellness complex
- sports competitions in Liptov Arena

Ticket prices

The current price list is available here.

Buy a ticket online.

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