Bukovina thermal baths

Bukowina Tatrzańska This is the place at the foot of the hill Polish Tatra Mountains, enchanting with landscapes and natural nature, only about 5 km from Zakopane and 20 km from Nowy Targ. Right here, on the edge Tatra National Park, Termy Bukovina was established. (See how to get there on the map)

Thermal water used in the complex Bukovina thermal baths they are rich in minerals that have a positive effect on human health and well-being. 

Thermal water filling swimming pools in the Termy Bukovina complex are mined from the depth of 2400 m, from the north-west slope Of High Wierch.


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Bath in Bukovina Therms it has a positive effect, first of all, on the bone-muscle and cardiovascular systems. It also helps to eliminate pain and inflammation, as well as speeds up metabolism and relaxes.

Staying in Bukovina Therms allows you to regenerate vitality after winter games on ski slope or summer walkers mountain hiking.

Bukovina thermal baths provide a great holiday for the whole family, regardless of age and temperament.

The Bukovina Thermal Baths complex is at your disposal 12 pools recreational and swimming, inside and outside the facility. The temperature of the thermal water is here 30 - 38 degrees C..

Eight saunas, steam baths, whirlpools and three water slides, food outlets as well luxury zone Spa & Wellness, complement the offer of Termy Bukovina.

Parking for guests, in front of the Bukovina Thermal Baths, it will accommodate 200 cars and 10 coaches.

Seasonal menu, based on traditional, regional home cooking, it is served in several dining outlets of the Termy Bukovina complex.

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Indoor pools

Bulgotnik - swimming pool with a depth of 1,3 m, with hydro massage of all parts of the body


Bassist's Bonus - the largest internal swimming pool of Term Bukovina, bass-shaped, 1,35 m deep. Massage jets, a water mushroom, geysers and benches with hydro massage are an additional attraction.

Bassist's Bonus

Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi 2 - in Termy Bukovina there are two large hot tubs


Smart Stream - a rushing river consisting of two parts, 0,4 m and 0,9 m deep. It is located in the Bukovina Termy Zone intended for children and teenagers.

Smart Stream

Mocydełko - is 0,4 m deep and the water temperature is 30-36 degrees Celsius

Zostawnica - consists of two connected parts: internal and external. The thermal water here has a temperature of 30-36 degrees Celsius, and the depth of the pool is 1,3 m.


Baseny zewnętrzne

Blue valley - a recreational swimming pool with a depth of 1,3 m and the warmest water in the entire Termy Bukovina complex. There are hydro-massage couches and nozzles that massage the neck and back.

Blue valley

Cepersko Płań - the water temperature is lower, the depth is 1,5 m, and the length of the pool is 20 m. After immersion, you can hear music under the surface of the water.

Cepersko Płań

Corny Pond - two slides fall into this pool: "Łostry Śwung"And"Krynconka"And a water swing was placed here.

Corny Pond

Cave over Poroniec - cascades in the form of a waterfall, a rock cave and a swift stream are the attractions of this place. The pool is 1,3 m deep

Cave over Poroniec

Summer Mocdełko - thermal bath in a 0,4 m deep pool

Summer Mocdełko

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Góralskie Łospary - indoor saunas, created for the relaxation of Term Bukovina Guests. The complex consists of: Finnish saunas, steam baths, infrared cabin, laconia and relaxation area.

Finnish saunas - stay consists in alternating heating and cooling of the body, which gives beneficial effects for health. The air temperature in the Finnish (dry) sauna varies between 90 st.C and 110 st.C. 

In the outside of the highland house of the Bukovina Therms, there are two saunas: Finnish classical and highlander.

Łozopolno Maryna - Term Bukovina outdoor saunas with a regional design: highlander with a temperature of 110 degrees C and Finnish with a temperature of 90 degrees C, invite you to unique aroma rituals that take place several times a day.

Omigustnik - an outdoor swimming pool at the Łozpolono Maryna sauna


The temperature in the steam bath varies from 40 st.C to 55 st.C and the air humidity is up to 100%.

The bathhouse can be used even daily, and the bath soothes and benefits the whole body. Warming up stay in a steam bath is also an excellent introduction to massages and beauty treatments.

The Termy Bukovina complex has been prepared three modern steam baths lined with ceramic mosaics, where you can relax and rest while listening to music and surrounded by smells.

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In the complex Bukovina thermal baths there is an infrared cabin. Staying in it improves your well-being, and the infrared rays accelerate the metabolism, strengthen the immune system and regulate the work of the circulatory system.


Lakonium - a room with heated beds and a vault that changes colors, with a delicate fragrance and relaxing music, designed to rest and soothe the senses.

Lakonium in the Termy Bukovina complex is alternative for treatments in the sauna, because the temperature here is 50 st.C and low humidity.


The cooling and relaxation zone is a great place in Termy Bukovina to rest after staying in the sauna.

Cooling zone:

- cooling pools are three different pools with cold water, two inside the Termy Bukovina complex, and one - illuminated, outside.

- shower of sensations with cold, lukewarm or hot water, depending on your preferences

- ice cube maker is ice cubes available at all times for cooling the body


- intended for relaxation between individual periods of stay in the Term Bukovina sauna

- comfortable sun loungers

-relaxing music

- in the summer season, it is possible to relax in the fresh air



-care treatments inspired by the natural wealth of the region

-various massages

The Spa & Wellness zone of the Termy Bukovina complex is:

-12 treatment rooms (including Massage Room for Two "Time Together", Cabinet for Ayurvedic massages, Gabinet Manicure / Pedicure, Beauty Clinics, etc.) offering a variety of relaxing and cosmetic treatments for the face and body




- Hairdressing Salon

-Cardio doll

The highest-class cosmetics are used during Spa & Wellness Termy Bukovina treatments:


- honey cakes for the sauna

-cosmetics based on natural plants

-honey masks for different types of hair

-natural essential oils for the sauna


- fragrance concentrates and natural essential oils

It is possible to purchase professional cosmetics for sessions in saunas.

Graduation tower - a room in the Termy Bukovina facility with a unique microclimate. Staying here is beneficial for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, allergies and general fatigue.


Wartko Ruła - over 100m long

Krynconka - 53 m long

Łostry Śwung - 15m long

Wonders of Poland - unique places that are worth visiting


Aqua Aerobics - that is, water training in Bukovina Therms, combines the advantages of cardio and strength effort, without straining the joints and spine. You can use a variety of sports equipment available for exercise. Exercises are accompanied by music, you can also use the advice of an experienced instructor.

For children - diving lessons conducted by lifeguards from the Termy Bukovina complex. These free classes are conducted in the Cepersko Płań outdoor pool or, in case of bad weather, in the main indoor pool. 

Scent sessions - every day in Łozpolna Maryna, i.e. the Finnish sauna, aromatic sessions are held, which cleanse the upper respiratory tract and relax perfectly.

Pool Night - a four-hour cyclical, club show and the largest water parquet in Europe. This is 2 000 000 liters of thermal water, 40 of thousands of sound systems, dance shows, fire launchers and projections on led screens, just in Bukovina Therms.


Summer Gastronomy in the Termy Bukovina complex - gastronomic point by the blue valley swimming pool serving "fast food" made from local products, such as lamb burgers.
There are sun loungers nearby for the guests.

Restaurant Na Wiyrchu - on warm days, offers a meal on the terrace or inside when the weather is not good. Service here is quick and serves seasonal dishes made with local produce. There is also a play corner for the youngest guests of Term Bukovina.

Cafe Bukovina - serves freshly squeezed juices, delicious smoothies, fruit and a variety of salads, as well as sweet snacks.

You can pay for everything using a "watch", and settle accounts at the exit from the Termy Bukovina complex.


You can purchase:

- a swimsuit

- swimming accessories

- inflatable rings and sleeves for children




Bukovina thermal baths are a perfect place to organize an original hen party, bachelor party, birthday or romantic engagement. Professional service will provide a unique experience at the highest level.


Minute packages 1 minutes
above 30 minutes
adults 29zł 0,30zł
Children up to 13 years old 19zł 0,20zł
Seniors over 60 years old 23zł 0,20zł
Disabled people - group I 20zł 0,19zł
Guardian of a disabled person - group I 20zł 0,19zł
Hourly packages 3 hours whole day
adults 69zł 99zł
Children up to 13 years old 46zł 76zł
Seniors over 60 years old 56zł 79zł
Disabled people - group I 52zł 75zł
Guardian of a disabled person - group I 52zł 75zł
Extra payment for each 30 minute started
in the 3 package, hours over time
7zł -
Family entrances 4 hours Whole day
2 + 1 169zł 239zł
2 + 2 209zł 289zł
2 + 3 249zł 339zł
Additional child above 100 cm 40zł 40zł
Extra child 14-18 years 69zł 69zł
VIP packages ***** Whole day
VIP 135zł
Bronze 155zł
Silver 175zł
Gold 260zł



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