Maltańskie Therms

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Termy Maltańskie Poznań is the most modern and largest water sports and recreation complex in Poland, using natural thermal water. It is located in the center Poznanon the bank Lake Malta and occupies the 6 ha area.


The Maltańskie Termy complex is:

-18 sports and recreational swimming pools with a water surface area of ​​5000 m2

-14 World Saun rooms on 1000 m2

-17 SPA1306 rooms with a total area of ​​750 m2

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The Maltese Therms consist of 4 zones

Sports Pools

- sports pools - a complex of full-size swimming pools in Termy Maltańskie, designed to organize the largest sports competitions

- a full-size sports pool with stands for 4000 people. This pool can be divided into two 25-meter pools

-50 m Olympic swimming pool with a depth of 5 m with a jumping tower

Aquapark in Termy Maltańskie

-13 slides with several degrees of difficulty

- pool with waves


-pirate ship

- a fun land of games

- swimming pool with geothermal water extracted from the level of 1306 m

-2 pools with thermineral water

-4 outdoor pools (including 2 all-season)

-100-meter Sunny Terrace overlooking the Maltese Lake

At Aquapark Term Maltańskie Poznań, there are courses and activities for children and adults: swimming lessons, synchronized swimming, water polo, jumping into the water, Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba. In Aquapark Term Maltańskch you can also get a rescue license and a swimming card.

Additional attractions of Malta Term

-climbing wall

- beach with 600 loungers

- jacuzzi with ambient music in the background

Swimming pools in Termy Maltańskie

Relaxing pool

Outflow relaxation pool - it is divided into four zones: strong whirlpool, water loungers, a water curtain and a water umbrella. In addition, water jets are placed between the zones. This pool is connected with the all-year-round outdoor pool of Termy Maltańskie and in the outer part it is closed only at the temperature of -15 degrees Celsius.

Pool with waves

The pool with waves has a depth from 0,2 to 2 meters.

A pool with a pirate ship

Swimming pool with a pirate ship - it is intended for children who, while playing on the ship, can use two water cannons and a rudder located there. There is also a 3-meter climbing wall above the water. The pool is 1,3 meters deep.

Salt pools

The brine pools are filled with the geothermal water of the Maltese Baths and are 1,3 meters deep. The couches and hydromassage seats ensure complete relaxation. Baths are recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and respiratory system. An additional, outdoor brine pool, 1,25 m deep, works all year round and is closed only at -10 degrees Celsius.


Children's paddling pool with a mini slide, crocodile and parrot. The water here is 30 cm deep.

Slides in the Aquapark Termy Maltańskie

Multimedia slide

Multimedia slide - closed. It is a year-round slide with a length of 92,5 m, dark interior, rich multimedia effects, with sound system.

- above 8 year of life

Water slide Wild Inner River 

The Inner Wild River slide - 64,5 m long.

- above 14 year of life

-minimum 160 cm in height

- for those who can swim

Water slide Wild River Exterior

The Outdoor Wild River slide, 166 meters long, is open in the Maltese Baths Aquapark only in the summer season.

- above 14 year of life

-minimum 160 cm in height

- for those who can swim

Kamikaze slides

Kamikaze slides - these are seasonal slides designed for people who like speed. Each of them is 23,4 m long and ensures high speed of the descent.

Pontoon slide

Pontoon slide - it is 124 meters long, and the outflow is located outside. It is possible to descend in single or double pontoons.

- above 8 year of life

Family Slide

Family Slide - is an internal slide with a length of 16 m, intended for children and adults. A slight drop and low speed allow you to maintain safety even among the youngest users of the Maltese Baths Aquapark.

Classic slide

Classic slide - closed. It is a year-round slide, 94 m long and double loop.

- above 8 year of life

Turbo slide

Turbo slide - closed. All-year-round slide with a length of 54 m and high speed when descending in a lying position.

- for physically fit people

- above 14 year of life

Multi-track slide

Multi-track slide - these 3 outdoor slides are open in the summer season. Each of them is 24 m long and consists of many parallel tracks, which makes it possible for several people to slide down simultaneously.

World of Saun in Malta Termites Poznan

-sauna with color therapy

-flower bathhouse

- outdoor saunas made of 200-year-old Kelo wood

- panoramic sauna

-turkish bathhouse

- snow pool

- salt trowel


-green terrace 

Types of saunas

Sauna Kelo

Temperature: 85 - 95 º C
Humidity: 10 - 20%

It is a Finnish type outdoor sauna with a fireplace in the center and a resinous smell inside the room. Sauna sessions conducted by an experienced sauna master take place here.

Sauna Event

Temperature: 85 - 95 º C
Humidity: 10 - 20%

The sauna is warmed up to temperatures of 60 ° - 100 ° C. Sauna sessions with the participation of a sauna master are held here.

Panorama sauna

Temperature: 85 - 95 º C
Humidity: 10 - 20%

It is the largest glazed outdoor sauna in Termy Maltańskie and in Poland, overlooking the forest. Sauna sessions conducted by a sauna master take place here.

Stone sauna Maximus

Temperature: 43 - 60 ºC
Humidity: 45 - 60%

This room is equipped with a stove that automatically sprinkles stones, which emit active substances and minerals, as well as heated stone benches.

Sauna with gentle steam

Temperature: 46 - 60 º C
Humidity: 40 - 55%

The changing lighting of this sauna is part of light therapy.

Aromatic bath

Temperature: 38 - 43 º C
Humidity: 70 - 90%

It is a luxurious sauna in Termy Maltańskie, with heated seats and a relatively low temperature, which allows the body to slowly warm up.

Flower bath

Temperature: 38 - 46 º C
Humidity: 55 - 75%

The central point of this sauna is the aroma-releasing rose flower.

Turkish bath

Temperature: 43 - 46 º C
Humidity: 100%

The steam bath allows you to relax, and the moist air improves blood circulation and cleanses the skin.

Graduation tower

Temperature: 35 - 38 º C
Humidity: 15 - 20%

The seats and the floor are heated here, and there is a graduation tower in the center.

Snow cave

Temperature: -5 - -12 º C
Humidity: 20 - 30%

Staying in this place stimulates the circulatory system and strengthens immunity. The snow that arises here is devoid of any chemical additives.

Kneipp path

The path is used for wading between the sauna cycles and consists of two basins filled with warm and cold water, with small stones at the bottom.


Temperature: 26 - 28 º C
Humidity: 15 - 25%

It is an ideal place to rest and regenerate between sauna cycles in the Maltese Baths or at the end of your stay in this zone.

Outdoor cooling pool

The external cooling pool is located in the vicinity of the Event sauna.

Green Terrace

The Green Terrace located in the vicinity of the outdoor saunas of the Maltese Baths allows guests to rest on deckchairs, sofas and hammocks, surrounded by greenery.

The VIP zone in the World of Malta's Thermal Baths

BXNUMXB VIP w World of Malta's Malian Term is a complex of rooms with: a Finnish sauna, a Turkish steam bath with a jacuzzi, a place to relax, a changing room and a toilet, as well as a sauna bar. This place can be rented exclusively, and the location and equipment ensure full privacy.

Steam show

A steam session is a ritual conducted by a trained person - a sauna master.

Sauna sessions

Sauna sessions in the Sauna World of Maltese Baths are always held at full hour, in the evening hours in the Event, Kelo or Panorama sauna. An additional session - "stimulating" - takes place at 12.00.

Sessions in the saunarium are conducted with the use of natural oils from Loyly Masters.

Sauna for the elderly

The Termy Maltańskie complex also invites people over 55, who can use 13 different saunas and baths with different temperatures and humidity. Especially recommended are the mild steam, aromatic and stone sauna, as well as the graduation tower and the snow cave. You can relax in the jacuzzi or on the heated stone benches.

In Termy Maltańskie, you can buy sauna accessories

The world of saunas in the Maltese Baths is intended for adults, because it is a non-textile zone.

SPA 1306 Term Maltańskie

-17 offices decorated in an oriental style

- several-stage ceremonies straight from Morocco, India and Turkey

-treatments and baths based on the natural geothermal water of the Maltese Baths

1306 SPA in Termy Maltańskie offer

SPA ceremonies

Rejuvenating treatments

Silhouette modeling

SPA packages


Zabiegi na twarz

Body care treatments

Ayurvedic massages


Pro-health care

Maiden parties

Restaurant in the Maltańskie Therms

The restaurant in Termy Maltańskie is located on the terrace of the Aquapark zone, but it is also available from the stands of the sports swimming pools.

The menu includes lunch sets, soups, salads, pancakes, smoothies, desserts and children's sets.

Beach bar

A beach bar with a tropical arrangement is located by the outdoor pools of the Aquapark in Termy Maltańskie. It offers cold drinks, non-alcoholic beer, coffee and small snacks.

payment at the bar, it is done using a transponder, i.e. a band with a chip, and is settled at the exit ticket office of the Termy Maltańskie complex. 

Classes in the water

Water Nursery in Termy Maltańskie

There are activities for children aged 3 - 36 months. The exercises are designed to get the child used to the aquatic environment and learn to move in the water with the help of wings, pasta and a caregiver. 

Swimming lessons for children, adolescents and adults

Water kindergarten

Maltese Baths offer Water Kindergarten classes for children aged 3-6. Children get used to the water and learn swimming skills through play.

They participate in classes with their parents.

Swimming of children and adolescents

Swimming lessons are conducted according to the levels of advancement.

Swimming for adults

These are swimming teaching and improvement classes conducted in 5 different groups of advancement, in the semester mode, once a week.

Individual lessons

Meetings with an instructor on an agreed date are held on all days of the week in the Malta Spa.

Academy of jumping

The jumping academy, located in Poznań's Maltese Baths, teaches jumping into the water under the supervision of experienced coaching staff. Classes are intended for children from 7 years of age, adolescents and adults.

Holiday Frajda

The "Celebrity Splash" program, which was carried out in the Termy Maltańskie complex, interested many people in the field of sport, which is jumping into the water.

Trainings take place in Termy Maltańskie under the supervision of staff with many years of experience.

Jumping training sessions are intended for every person who can swim, regardless of age.

Aqua Fitness in Malta's Therms

Thanks to the properties of the aquatic environment, it is a joint-gentle training.

Aqua Gymnastics

These are water-based activities with music and exercise equipment. Classes are recommended for the elderly, after injuries to the musculoskeletal system and those suffering from rheumatism.

Aqua Aerobics

It is a endurance and strengthening training run in water.

Aqua Zumba

These classes are inspired by Latynów rhythms and allow you to shape your figure.

Aqua Rehabilitation

Exercises are conducted in water and used in the treatment and rehabilitation of skeletal and cardiovascular diseases.

Jazz Dance Studio - Anna Beker

Jazz Dance Studio - Anna Beker is a dance school for children, teenagers and adults located in the Maltese Baths of Poznań.

Classes are held here at various levels of advancement and use a variety of dance techniques: jazz dance, modern jazz, broadway jazz, ballet, contemporary dance, lirycal jazz, musical dance, hip hop.

In Poznań Maltese Baths, pilates and stretching classes are also conducted.

Termy Maltańskie opening hours

09: 00-23: 00

Termy Maltańskie price list

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