Mszczonów Baths

Thermal waters used in the complex Mszczonów Baths it is mineral-rich groundwater with temperature 24-34 st C.

Woda termalna for the Mszczonów Baths is extracted from 2008 year from the depth of 1602,5 m. The total mineralization of thermal water is here 459,79 mg / l, with the predominance of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. It is a mineralized drinking water with many health properties.

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Thermal water operation

Thermal water works by its temperature, mineral compounds contained in it and the relief provided by the aquatic environment.

Exercises performed in water are easier, and its temperature causes that the minerals contained in water penetrate better into the skin.

Thermal water has a great effect on the bone and joint system and skin, as well as alleviates neurological diseases.

Stay in Mszczonów Baths it also improves well-being and induces a state of relaxation.

Mineral ingredients


calcium 60,12 mg / l

magnesium 13,37 mg / l

Sodium 29,00 mg / l

potassium 8,00 mg / l


bicarbonate 320,95 mg / l

sulfate 6,78 mg / l

chloride 9,39 mg / l

fluoride 0,19 mg / l

The pH of the water is 7,6

Bathing water Mszczonów Baths are not pollutedand to preserve their natural properties, they are not filtered and enriched. Increased iron content changes the color of water, so it is not recommended to use white or light swimwear.


The Mszczonów thermal baths are located 45 km from Warsaw and 90 km from Łódź.

The Mszczonów Therms Complex

The Mszczonów thermal baths are modernly equipped water park – kompleks basenów ze słodką wodą  termalną przeznaczony dla osób w każdym wieku. Termy Mszczonów są zasilane wodą o temperaturze od 24 do 34◦C, eksploatowaną z głębokości ponad 1600 m.

Mszczonów Baths consist of 5 pools

Two all-year thermal pools

- two all-year thermal pools, including one internal, allowing outdoor swimming, also during the winter. They are equipped with neck jets and underwater wall jets.

Water temperature: 30-34 st. C

Depth: 120-130 cm

Area: 190 m2

Outdoor recreational pool

- an outdoor recreational pool that allows rest, relaxation and great fun for the whole family. It has been equipped with wall jets, an artificial river with a fast current, neck massage jets, air geysers, aerating benches and beds, and a slide assembly: the gutter is 60 m long, and the 12 m. The pool has an irregular shape and varied depth. It is open from May to September.

Water temperature: 28-30 st. C

Depth: 120-140 cm

Area: 450 m2

Outdoor sports pool

- an outdoor sports swimming pool with dimensions 25 x 12,5, with six starting pillars and an audience, open from June to August.

Water temperature: 26-28 st. C

Depth: 135-180 cm

Area: 313 m2

Basen dla dzieci

-basen dla dzieci, czyli zewnętrzny brodzik z mini zjeżdżalnią w kształcie słonika i fontanną, jeżem wodnym. Głębokość niecki wynosi 20 – 30 cm, co zapewnia bezpieczną i beztroską zabawę.

Non-slip fountain

- a non-slip cooling fountain with 24 nozzles pumping water from the floor at various intervals is an additional attraction. The swimming pool is open from June to August.

Water temperature: 28-30 st. C

Depth: 20-30 cm

Area: 70 m2

Other attractions


- jacuzzi in the Termy Mszczonów complex is open all year round. Such a bath deeply relaxes and brings to a state of relaxation, improves the mood and also has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Dry saunas

-sunny dry, where the temperature varies from 70 to 90 ° C, and humidity from 5 to 10%, which allows the body to cleanse toxins, accelerates metabolism, relaxes and relaxes, as well as improves the heart and regulates blood pressure. Saunas in Mszczonów Baths are open all year long.


-zjeżdżalnie basenów termalnych Mszczonów zapewnią odpowiedni poziom adrenaliny wszystkim amatorom mocnych  wrażeń.


The red slide gutter is 60 meters long and the landing field is in the recreational pool area.


The yellow slide, a simple one, guarantees fun for families and has a length of 12 meters.

Both are open from May to September.

Mini slide

The mini elephant shaped slide is designed for the youngest guests and is located in the children's pool. It is open from June to August.

salt Cave

- a salt room with a unique microclimate, walls with illuminated pieces of salt, a floor covered with salt, constant temperature and relaxing music allows you to relax and rest. The salt cave in the Termy Mszczonów complex is equipped with salt spray generatorthanks to which an antibacterial environment with therapeutic properties is created. The youngest guests have their own corner with a table, chairs and toys.

Medical indications for being in the salt cave include chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, allergies, hypothyroidism, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatological conditions, chronic fatigue, chronic stress and neurosis. The salt cave is open all year round.

Recreation zone

-trawn beach with an area of ​​10 thous. m2, designed for sunbathing in the summer or for other fun activities of the Term Mszczon's guests

- three beach volleyball courts

-energy gym

-colorful playground for children with non-slip surface

- swings, rockers and carousels were prepared for fun

- 30m x XUMUM XmumXm artificial ice rink is open every day during the 20 winter season: 9 - 00: 13 and 00: 14 - 00: 20. For the youngest, there are goalkeeping lessons prepared. In the pavilion of the ice rink there is a rental of helmets and ice skates.


In the vicinity of the Termy Mszczonów complex:

- 8 cycling routes have been developed, with a total length of 281 km and varying degrees of difficulty

-powstały 3 trasy piesze o długości od 4,5 do 13,6 km. Można skorzystać też z  wypożyczalni kijów nordig walking.

-2 cross-country ski tracks 3,4 km and 1,2 km marked out and marked in the forest area. There is also a free rental of equipment. Additionally, it is possible to prepare routes in any location.

Camperowa tourism

-Termy Mszczonów is a place where 6 has prepared 5m x 4,5m free stations with free access to electricity and water. The stands are located in the unguarded parking lot of the Mszczonów Therms Complex, closed at night (22: 00 - 7: 00). Booking the position is possible at the latest one day before arrival.

Animals are not allowed in the swimming area.

Staying with animals in the car park is only possible with a valid vaccination certificate, muzzle or leash.



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