Wawel Royal Castle

Renaissance Wawel Royal Castle is the former residence of Polish kings, located on the Wawel Hill, near the Old Town of Krakow. 

It is a two-storey building with a courtyard surrounded by arcaded cloisters. The castle was rebuilt several times for the needs of royal families, and fires, plundering and marches of foreign troops caused that the reconstruction gave it a new architectural style.

The present appearance of the castle is due to the reconstruction in the time of King Zygmunt the Old.

W 1930  roku Zamek Królewski na Wawelu stał się jednym z najważniejszych muzeów w kraju.

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Collections of the Royal Castle in Wawel

The collections are presented at permanent exhibitions, showing the appearance of the royal residence in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Archive of the Wawel Royal Castle

Archiwum Zamku Królewskiego na Wawelu gromadzi dokumenty, rękopisy, akta,  fotografie, negatywy na podłożach szklanych i z tworzyw sztucznych, diapozytywy i odbitki, plakaty, mikrofilmy, dokumentacje konserwatorskie, filmy, a także materiały dotyczące depozytów.

Ceramics collections

The collection of ceramics with more than 1500 objects is a collection of eighteenth-century Meissen porcelain, Dutch faience from Delft, Eastern pottery, and ancient Greek pottery, as well as objects acquired during archaeological excavations carried out on the Wawel Hill, baroque stoves and presidential service decorated with golden Eagle.


Grafika – ikonografia Wawelu oraz portrety polskich monarchów pochodzące z XIX i XX.



Lapidarium is a collection of stone sculptures and architectural details acquired during conservation works and archaeological research conducted in the Wawel Hill.


European paintings presented at the Wawel Royal Castle are works from the period from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. These are religious, mythological paintings, genre scenes of a moral character, landscapes, marine, still life and portraits, including royal ones.



Furniture from the Wawel Royal Castle was built in Europe from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. Furniture from the 16th and 17th centuries remind us of the splendor of the residence during the reign of the Jagiellonians and Vasa.

Base metals

Base metals are European and oriental artistic products made of tin, copper, brass, bronze and iron made and decorated with various techniques.

An antique weapon

Antique weapons and military equipment from the XIII - XIX centuries are more than 1000 exhibits, including the coronation sword called Szczerbcem, the only preserved insignia of royal power. The weapon stored in the Wawel Royal Castle is associated with many Polish monarchs, hetmans and representatives of the senatorial families.

Models and castings

Models and castings are mock-ups of the castle, models of Renaissance stoves, castings of architectural and sculptural elements, m.im. heads from the ceiling of the Hall of Deputies.


The sculpture in the collections of the Wawel Royal Castle is mainly Polish sculpture from the XIV - XX centuries, and the 30 collection of Renaissance Wawel heads, which are the decoration of the ceiling of the Hall of the Deputies.


The Wawel glass collection consists of Old Polish products, made in the 18th century in Polish magnate factories, as well as Western European glass.


The collection of fabrics counts about 900 monuments. The most important is the collection of tapestries of King Sigismund Augustus dating from the sixteenth century and 136 today, and 13 collection of Turkish tents and banners captured by the army of Jan III Sobieski in the Battle of Vienna.

Archaeological collections

Archaeological collections, such as tools, coins, ornaments and devotional items found in the Wawel Hill, are one of the oldest traces of human activity in the Polish lands from the Paleolithic to the 20th century.


Clocks from the Wawel collection were created in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. These are tiles, turret clocks, monstrance clocks, as well as travel, coach and cabinet clocks, CARTEL, zegary wahadłowe, podłogowe, kominkowe, kieszonkowe, również z dekoracją  patriotyczną związaną z historią Polski.


Złotnictwo to kolekcja klejnotów, wyrobów ze srebra i złota, kamieni jubilerskich, rzeźby w kości słoniowej i bursztynie, a także miniatur w jubilerskich oprawach i numizmatów bitych w wiekach XVI–XVIII na zlecenie polskich monarchów. Wśród zbiorów znajdują się  przedmioty sprawione przez polskich monarchów lub osoby z ich najbliższego otoczenia.

Classes proposed by the Wawel Royal Castle


- curating

- activities for families with children

- museum lessons for pre-school children, from the age of XUMUM years

- activities for school students
- for people with dysfunctions

- meeting for seniors

Permanent exhibitions open all year

- Representative Royal Chambers

-Private Royal Apartments


- Crown Treasury

-Wawel Lost

-Art of the East

Seasonal routes

-Smoke Cave

- Sandomierz Tower

-Budowle and Wawel Gardens

Promotion and Information Center

-tourist information

-Ticket offices

- tour booking and guide services




- souvenir shop

-wireless Internet


9.00-18.00 (III, X)

9.00-19.00 (IV, IX)

9.00-20.00 (V-VIII)

9.00-17.00 (XI-II


Wawel Royal Castle Tickets

- does not sell on-line
-not accept payments in Euro currency

- does not accept payment cards

-In the Wawel Hill, two ATMs are available
- access to the hill area and the arcaded courtyard is free

- Daily limits to enter exposures
-the number of free passes is limited

Price list and opening hours of the exhibition

Wawel Royal Castle


Ticket prices - permanent exhibitions

Representative Royal Chambers

bilet normalny                                                         20 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              12 zł

Private Royal Apartments

bilet normalny                                                          27 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              21 zł    (w cenie przewodnik w jęz. polskim                                                                                           lub angielskim)

Oriental art

bilet normalny                                                          8 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              5 z

Wawel Lost

bilet normalny                                                          10 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              7 zł

The Crown Treasury and the Armory - NUNCTIONS to 13 May 2019

bilet normalny                                                          20 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              12 zł

Opening hours of permanent exhibitions

Wawel Royal Castle:


- active Representative Rooms and Wawel Lost

w godzinach:                                                           9.30-13.00

-the last entry at 12.00
- free entry, tickets are issued

w godzinach                                                            9.00-11.45

Tuesday Friday:

w godzinach:                                                           9.30-17.00

Saturday, Sunday, holidays:

w godzinach:                                                           10.00-17.00
last entry at 16.00

kasy biletowe czynne w godzinach:                    9.00-15.45

w niedziele i święta                                                9.30-15.45

Godziny otwarcia i cennik – Trasy Sezonowe

Wawel Royal Castle:

open from 23 April to 31 October

After the permanent exhibitions are closed, the coffers sell tickets exclusively to Dragon's Den and Sandomierz's Baszta

Smocza Jama                                                        5 zł
Baszta Sandomierska                                         5 zł

Wawel's buildings and gardens

bilet normalny                                                          18 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              10 z

- active 23 IV-30 IX

-codziennie w godz.                                               11.00-15.00   (w cenie przewodnik w jęz.                                                                                                          polskim lub angielskim)

-bilet also entitles you to enter the Sandomierz Tower



On Saturday and Easter Sunday (20, 21 April 2019) The Wawel Royal Castle is closed

On Easter Monday (22 April 2019) only open: Representative Royal Chambers and Wawel Lost

w godzinach:                                                           10.00-17.00

last entry at 16.00
free entry, passes issued to 15.45

-1 and 3 May 2019

-Representative Royal Chambers, Oriental Art and Wawel Missing

czynne w godzinach:                                             10.00-17.00

last entry at 16.00

sale of tickets to 15.45

-Private Royal Apartments

(guide fee included in the ticket price)

czynne w godz.                                                       10.00-17.00

last entry at 15.45

sale of tickets to 15.35

- Słonowo Jama and the Sandomierska Tower

czynne w godz.                                                       10.00-19.00

sale of tickets to 18.45

- Buildings and gardens of Wawel

czynne w godz.                                                       11.00-15.00

payment for a guide in English Polish or English in the price of the ticket


Ticket prices - permanent exhibitions

Representative Royal Chambers

ticket normalny                                                         18 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              10 z

Private Royal Apartments

bilet normalny                                                          23 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              18 zł    (w cenie przewodnik w jęz. polskim                                                                                           lub angielskim

Oriental art

(entry at 11.00 and 14.00)

bilet normalny                                                          7 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              4 zł

Wawel Lost

bilet normalny                                                          8 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              5 zł

Crown Treasury and Armory

bilet normalny                                                          18 zł

bilet ulgowy                                                              10 zł

Opening hours of permanent exhibitions

Wawel Royal Castle:

wtorek-sobota:                                                         9.30-16.00
last entry at 15.00
kasy biletowe:                                                         9.00-14.45

limited number of tickets

Sunday - the Representative Royal Chambers open

i Wawel Zaginiony w godz.                                   10.00-16.00

last entry at 15.00
free admission - tickets issued to 14: 45

w poniedziałki Zamek Królewski na Wawelu – nieczynny

Seasonal routes

in the winter season - closed

The gates of the Wawel Hill are open in the following hours:

November-February: 6: 00-17: 00
March and October: 6: 00-18: 00
April, September: 6: 00-19: 00
May, August: 6: 00-20: 00
June, July: 6: 00-21: 00

The arcaded courtyard is closed half an hour before closing the gates of the hill.

The Wawel Royal Castle is closed on:

January 1
Wielkanoc – sobota i niedziela
1 and 11 November
Christmas: 24, 25 December
poniedziałki – w sezonie zimowym (1 XI-31 III)

Access to the Wawel Royal Castle

Zamek Królewski na Wawelu znajduje się w centrum Krakowa, na Wzgórzu Wawelskim,  około 10 minut pieszo od Rynku Głównego, od dworca kolejowego i autobusowego – ok. 20 min. pieszo.

-public transport (tram, bus)

-rower (no bicycles are allowed on the Wawel Hill

Balice Airport is 11 km from Krakow.

Access from the airport: by train, agglomeration buses, by taxi


Parking for cars

Underground car parks payable:

-Plac na Groblach (5, on foot from Wawel)

- at the National Museum (20, on foot from Wawel)

Park and Ride (P&R) „Parkuj i Jedź”
- connected with public transport, located near tram terminations and major interchange points: Red poppies, Kurdwanów, Bieżanów

Parking spaces along the streets:
- payable on weekdays in the hours: 10.00-20.00, payment in the parking meter

Parking for coaches

-ul.Powiśle (5min. Walk from Wawel)

- at the Wisła Kraków Stadium, Al. 3 Maja (1,5 km from Wawel, 50 places for buses)



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