Książ Castle

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Park and palace complex Ksiaz (German: Fürstenstein) in Wałbrzych is located in the Książański Landscape Park, on the Piast Castles Route. Książ Castle is the third largest castle in Poland (after the Teutonic Knights castle in Malbork i Wawel Royal Castle). Part of the Książ Castle, together with interiors, is open to visitors.

castle of Prince

The Książ Castle complex also has a gastronomic and hotel section, and it is located in the stable rooms Herd of Stallions Książ.

In the near future, Książ Castle plans to provide tourists with access to level 50, ie the underground carved during World War II.


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Night Sightseeing

This is 90 - a minute walk around the chambers and former cellars of the Książ Castle, colored with stories of ghosts and chilling scenes in veins.

Fairy Prince

The legends told by the guide during the walk introduce the youngest tourists to the history of Książ Castle.

Castle lessons

For the youngest visitors, there were presentations combined with a tour of the Książ Castle. Anecdotes and archival photos bring children closer to the Middle Ages, the fate of the former inhabitants of the castle - the Hochbergs, as well as the history of Silesia, from the beginning of its existence to the present day.

Our Story

Książ Castle

The first written mention of the Książ Castle dates back to the end of the XNUMXth century, when a new stronghold, known as Książęca Góra, was built.

Later, Książ belonged to the Czech Republic and Hungary.

During the reign of the knight Konrad I von Hoberg (the original wording of the surname), the expansion of the castle began.

In 1683, the Hochbergs received the count's title, and in 1848, also the ducal title of von Pless, associated with the Duchy of Pszczyna.

From the times of Konrad III von Hochberg, the Książ Castle becomes the hereditary property of this family.

In the middle of the XNUMXth century, Konrad Ernest Maximilian von Hochberg added a baroque wing, the Honorary Courtyard and the buildings of the outer bailey, i.e. outbuildings, a bathhouse, a gatehouse, a post and a library. This is called the first major reconstruction of the Książ Castle.

At that time, a summer pavilion was built on Wzgórze Topolowe, which in the second half of the XNUMXth century became the mortuary chapel of the owners of the Książ Castle.

An artificial ruin, Stary Książ, is also being built in the castle park.

Titled Jan Henryk XI, count von Hochberg and the prince of Pszczyna von Pless, as well as Herzog von Pless, significantly rebuilt the castle and developed the area. A free cooking school for the daughters of workers employed in the mines in Wałbrzych was also established at that time.

His son, Jan Henryk XV, together with his wife, Maria Teresa Cornwallis West (Daisy), performs the second major reconstruction of the Książ castle and two neo-Renaissance wings are created, as well as castle terraces, and the tower reaches the height of 47 meters.

A Palm House is also being built for Princess Daisy in nearby Wałbrzych.

In 1941, Książ Castle was taken over by Germany and the paramilitary organization Todt. The headquarters for Adolf Hitler is being prepared, so the castle is rebuilt, and tunnels are created under the courtyard, i.e. an element of the Riese (Giant) Complex that is being built in the Owl Mountains.

After the war, Soviet troops are stationed here and the Książ Castle is deteriorating.

Renovation works carried out since the 70s allow for the renovation of the palace and park complex.


The interior of the castle, terraces and underground tunnels are open to the public for tourists.


Książ from the kitchen is an exhibition of over 200 photographs of the Książ Castle from the time when the Hochberg family lived here, taken by the former chef of the princely family, Louis Hardouin, in the years 1909-1926.

The exhibition is located in the Princess Daisy Apartments, on the second floor of the Książ Castle.

Admission to the exhibition included in the price of the ticket to the castle.

Metamorphoses of the Książ Castle

Over the centuries, Książ Castle changed owners and was rebuilt many times. Most of the damage occurred here during World War II and during the post-war turmoil. After 70 years, however, the paintings presented at this exhibition returned to the former seat of the Hochbergs.

Palm House

The Palm House in Wałbrzych was established for Maria Teresa Cornwallis - West (Princess Daisy) in 1908 - 1911, and its construction absorbed 7 million brands in gold. 1900 square meters were planted over 80 plant species, there were also greenhouses, orangery, Japanese gardens, a rosarium and a fruit and vegetable garden. In the 15-meter building, date palms were planted, and caves and waterfalls were created from the lava from the Etna volcano.

White-petaled roses, the so-called "Daisy" roses, were grown in the rosarium.

Currently, there are over 250 species of plants from different climatic zones.

Hotel Książ

Hotel Książ is located in three palace outbuildings of the Książ Castle.

Among the guests of the Książ Castle there were, among others:King of Prussia Frederick II and Frederick William III, Duchess Izabela Czartoryska, Prince Antoni Radziwiłł, German Emperor William I, Tsar Nicholas I, Winston Churchill, Queen of Greece Sophia, Queen Maria of Romania and Emperor William II.

The Książ Hotel offers 80 beds in single, double and triple rooms, as well as suites and apartments. All rooms are equipped with spacious bathrooms, TV, telephone and internet access.


In modern equipped Conference Center Hotel Zamek Książ is able to organize conferences, trainings and special events.

For children

For the youngest guests of Hotel Książ there is a playroom with toys and a table football table.

Attractions nearby

-Zamek Książ along with tourist routes

-12 castle terraces for walks

- underground tunnel

-the possibility of horse riding and renting a carriage (Stado Ogierów Książ)

-romantic castle ruins Old Książ

-Palmiarnia in Wałbrzych

health resort Szczawno - Zdrój

-Centrum of Science and Art "Old Mine"

- swimming pool complex "Aqua - Zdrój " with ozonated water

- Water Park in Świebodzice

- hiking and cycling trails marked out in the park

-Lance of Pełcznica

Książ Castle address (phone, email)

Książ Castle
ul. Piastów Śląskich 1
58-306 Wałbrzych
Tel. 74 66 43 834, 74 66 43 872
e-mail: zamek@ksiaz.walbrzych.pl

Książ castle tickets and prices


4.6 / 5 - (27 votes)


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