Castle of Moszna

Gorgeous Castle of Moszna has 365 rooms and 99 towers, from which there is a panoramic view of the whole area.  place Scrotum is located in the Opolskie Voivodeship and its name probably comes from the family name who came here in the fourteenth century, sounding Moschin. The legend says that in the Middle Ages, Moszna belonged to Order of Templars.

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The history of Moszna Castle

The first owners of the estate were the Moschin family.

In the 17th century, the owners of the Moszna Castle were the members of the von Skall family, and then Moszna became the mayor of the court of Frederic the Great, Georg Wilhelm von Reisewitz. Over the following years, the owners changed, and each of them rebuilt some part of the castle.

Miner Franz Winckler married a rich widow of the mine owner, Maria Aresin. His daughter, Valeska, became the heiress of the fortune and in 1854 she married Hubert von Tiele, who bought the estate of Moszna. The spouses used a double name: Tiele-Winckler.

The property was inherited by their eldest son, Franz - Hubert, who in the 1895 year received the count's title. He developed the Castle of Moszna, which became its headquarters. Unfortunately, his son, Claus-Peter, squandered most of his inherited property. Due to the fact that he did not have children, he landed his cousin, and so the estate along with the count's title remained in the hands of the family until the end of World War II, when the family left for Germany, escaping from the Soviet army.

In 1945, Moszna Castle became the property of the State Treasury of the Polish People's Republic. It housed the State Sanatorium and the neurosis treatment hospital.

The 2013 year was established The company Moszna Zamek Sp. z o. o

Guided tours

One of the richest families in this part of Europe lived in Moszna Castle. Its walls hide many mysterious stories about which the guide tells you during the tour. During the walk, you can see the old waiting room for guests, a mirror room, a library, a gallery, a count's room and a chapel. You can watch a beautiful panorama of the area from the castle towers available for visitors. A great attraction is also a walk around the park surrounding the castle.

The tour takes place with a guide in groups that can count on 65 people.

Extreme sightseeing

During the visit, the guide guides tourists to the underground corridors, previously inaccessible chambers of the Moszna Castle and the dark crypt. An organized group, as well as a group formed of individual tourists, can count to a maximum of 15 people

Sightseeing rules

-the tour takes place with a guide having the permission to show around the Castle of Moszna

- it is necessary to book visits with 7 days in case of foreign and organized groups 

-advisors of reserved groups are served out of order

- children's carriage must be left at the reception of the Moszna Castle

- animals are only allowed to enter the park

- Visiting the Castle of Moszna takes from 45 to 60 minutes

- children under 15 are entitled to a reduced ticket, to learners and persons with valid ID, as well as to retirees and pensioners with valid ID

-the children of 3 are entitled to free admission to the park and visiting the Castle

-the visitors of the Castle are obliged to purchase an admission ticket to the palace and park area

-you have a group booking should purchase tickets no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the visit

Towers of the Moszna Castle

- two of the largest castle towers can be visited regardless of the route of visiting the Castle of Moszna

-the tour takes place at scheduled times and runs from 20 to 40 minutes

- the group can have a maximum of 15 persons

- the entrance to the towers takes place in the presence of a guide

-that to the 15 years, they visit the towers of Moszna Castle under the care of adults

-the entrance to the towers requires good physical condition

- in case of heavy rain or snow, strong winds and during the storm, the entrance to the towers is closed

- the entrance to the tower takes place on the basis of separate admission tickets


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There is a possibility of accommodation in the chambers and historic, spacious apartments of the Moszna Castle.

Golden Apartment

The Gold Apartment with a higher standard is designed for 5 people.

Castle Apartments 2-bed

Castle Apartments 2 with a higher standard:

- surface for 100 m2

-with bathroom

4 apartments are available:

Apartment Biały

Stylish Suite

Apartment Green

Apartment Czarny

Deluxe 2-bed rooms

Deluxe 2 rooms with higher standard, with bathroom. 14 rooms are available.

Deluxe 4-bed rooms

Rooms in the version 4-passenger, with a shared bathroom, form łCombined studio space. There is a shared bathroom between the rooms.
2 rooms are available.

1-bed rooms with bathroom

6 single rooms are available.

2 - Mini Standard rooms

The bathroom is available in the corridor.
4 rooms are available.


- breakfast is included in the price of the accommodation in the form of a Swedish buffet

- bathroom in the room or in the apartment

- bedrooms with double or single beds

-free Wi-Fi access

-the hotel stay lasts from 11.00 amX: 14 until 8.00pm: XUMUMX the next day


-the gym

- billiard room

Paid extra

- Visits to the Moszna Castle with a guide

- Extreme sightseeing

- entrance to the castle towers

-The chamber of Secrets

-bugs in the SPA area

Castle Restaurant

The stylish interiors of the Castle Restaurant of Moszna serve Silesian and European cuisine.

There is a menu card for visually impaired people, as well as a Braila alphabet.

Castle Cafe

The castle café has antique furnishings for the former guests' waiting room. It serves delicious coffee and tea, delicious desserts and cakes.

Occasional events

Castle of Moszna has extensive experience in organizing special events. In a unique atmosphere, you can spend wonderful moments with your loved ones, during the most important family celebrations, such as weddings, baptisms and birthdays.

The Moszna Castle was awarded with "Poziomka", a quality mark of Magda Gessler.

For business

The Moszna Castle has a business space that allows the organization of conferences and company meetings.

The Moszna Castle offers several conference rooms, equipped with stylish furniture and modern multimedia devices.

Professional service will provide guests with services at the highest level.

Conference rooms

Each room in the Moszna Castle is different, which allows the organization of events and meetings of various types.

Herb Room is intended for the organization of conferences in which the number of participants does not exceed 45 persons. In the Count's times, it was a meeting place for the aristocracy.

In the Countess Room you can organize a meeting for up to 35 people.

Hunter's Room it was once the place of great counts' feasts. Today, you can prepare a ceremony for around 80 people.

Wooden room is designed for the smallest conference groups.

White room it is located on the ground floor of the Moszna Castle and allows you to organize a meeting for 40 people.

Count's office he was once a Castle Chancellery. This room will accommodate 120 participants of a conference or concert.

Castle Gallery it is intended for the organization of large conferences and can accommodate up to 150 people in a theater arrangement. The gallery used to function as a ballroom. Today you can organize heretheater presentation, concert or exhibition of paintings.

Sala Pod Basztą it is located in the basement of the Moszna Castle. It is intended for groups to 70 people.

Additional attractions

One Man Variety Show

One Man Variety Show is a one-man show combining various stage forms: magic, illusion, dance, pantomime, comedy and Stand-Up.

An interactive, 75-minute performance entitled "Lucas Starling Show - Zezowate Szczęście" at the Moszna Castle, is intended for viewers aged 16+.

Visiting the Castle - a touch of history

Visitors are picked up in the extraordinary world of the splendor of the Moszna Castle, followed by a castle custodian in an outfit from the era. Well-known interiors, but also those unavailable during ordinary sightseeing, castle chambers, knights fighting, mysterious ghosts, knocking out commemorative coins and invoking the ghost of a white lady - these are just some of the attractions waiting for visitors to this place. 

In addition, it is possible to take a commemorative photo in a noble costume.

Koszt: 2000 zł

Number of participants: max 50 persons

Duration: about 1,5 hours

Visiting the Castle - An Evening of Fears

It is a supplement to the "Touch of History" scenario or a completely independent offer for people with strong nerves. In the basement of the Moszna Castle, participants take a special route by the light of flashlights, where they meet ghosts and mysterious characters.

Koszt: 2500 zł

Number of participants: 50 - 70 people

Duration: about 2 hours

Additional information: groups of 5 - 7 people enter the cellars at intervals of about 10 minutes.

Scenario games

Witcher training - teambuilding

The Witcher training - teambuilding - is a game organized in the Moszna Castle, during which participants learn fencing, archery, survival and hunting creatures. Each participant receives an outfit.

Koszt: 7500 zł

Number of participants: max 50 persons

Duration: 4 hours

Search for Tiele-Wienckler's treasure

The Tiele-Wienckler Treasure Hunt is an integration and educational field game. The theme of the game is based on the history of Moszna Castle. Treasure hunters receive maps with puzzles, and also find hints in selected places in the castle and the surrounding area. The winners will be rewarded with a gift, and participants will receive commemorative noblemen's lease and commemorative coins are minted.

Koszt: 2700 zł

Number of participants: max 50 persons

Duration: 2 hours

Detective game - Murder in Moszna Castle

Detective game - Murder in Moszna Castle is a game in which the participants have to find the murderer and bring him to justice. You will need to be perceptive and clear of mind when talking to suspects and witnesses. Participants receive gifts - commemorative safes by detectives.

Koszt: 2500 zł

Number of participants: max 50 persons

Duration: 1,5 hours

Themed evenings

Noble feast - a musket from the front of the castle invites the guests of the Moszna Castle. The nobleman, knights and ladies of the court invite everyone to the richly set tables.

Shows of knight fights, weapons presentation, commemorative photo in a noble dress, and knight's training are attractions this evening.

Music, LED lights, smoke generators and spectacular lasers create a climate of great fun. In addition, you can personally knock out a commemorative coin, take part in noble competitions, and also watch Fireshow.

Koszt: 4000 zł

Number of participants: max 75 persons

Duration: 6 hours

Family Feud

A special application, stand with buttons and music takes the participants to Sunday afternoon with Familiada. Representatives of two teams guess the answers of the people surveyed. 

Koszt: 800 zł

Duration: about 30 minutes

VIP night

VIP Night is a proposal for people who dream about luxury. 

Topics, cost, number of participants and duration need to be determined.

the chamber of Secrets

Koszt: 130 zł

Number of participants: 2 - 5 people

Duration of attractions: 60 minutes

Escape room is prepared on the basis of the legend of the Moszna Castle from the end of the 19th century, telling the story of count Hubert von Tiele-Winckler. The adventure consists in searching for answers that combine into a logical whole, thanks to the cooperation of the whole group.

List of attractions of the Moszna Castle

- music - DJ

- instrumental music concert

-Shows: fireshow, bartending, knights fight, fireworks, illusionists

-foto and video report from the event

-artistic highlight of the castle

-professional photo sessions in stylized costumes

-successful greeting of guests by knights or musketeers

- own coin minting matrix with company logo


- rental of guns and 5 shots

- rental of musketeers with weapons, with the possibility of shooting

Prices to be determined

Musical Theater Castello

Musical Theater Castello, with its headquarters in the Castle of Moszna, has a varied repertoire and specializes in organizing interesting entertainment and integration events, guaranteeing great fun.

Price - to be determined. 


In Moszna Castle you can also take advantage of the rich offer of the Biological Regeneration Zone. Treatments perfectly affect health and relax after a hard day's work.

It is required prior reservation.


The Moszna Castle offers a stay in a sauna and a special tub for cooling after warm sauna sessions.

It is possible to reserve a sauna exclusively.

Opening hours of the Moszna Castle

January-March, November-December

Monday-Friday - 11.00-16.00

Saturday, Sunday, holidays - 10.00-16.00

admission to the castle towers - 12.00-16.00


Monday-Friday - 11.00-16.00, admission to the castle towers - 12.00-16.00

Saturday, Sunday, holidays - 10.00-16.00, admission to the castle towers - 10.00-16.00

Moszna Castle Price list

More details here



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