Ogrodzieniec Castle

Ogrodzieniec Castle It is situated in Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, in Podzamcze in the Silesian Voivodeship, about 2 km from the town of Ogrodzieniec. This castle is probably the most visited of all castles lying on the so-called Trail of the Eagles' Nests, created during the reign of the Polish king Casimir the Great in order to protect the Polish state from invaders.


In strongholds such as Ogrodzieniec Castle, the history goes back to the earliest times, and here it begins in 1370, when King Casimir the Great decided to build a complex of defensive castles, which also included Ogrodzieniec Castle.

Ogrodzieniec Castle

However, there was probably a wooden settlement in this place earlier. The castle was leased to Przedbor from Brzezie, the marshal of the Kingdom of Poland. In the following centuries, the owners of the Ogrodzieniec Castle changed many times.

Around 1523, the Boners, one of the richest and most influential people in Poland at that time, became the owners of the castle. They belonged to the Kraków merchant family, they were also royal bankers and owners of the Wieliczka salt mines, from which they drew enormous financial benefits.

During their reign, the wooden and earth embankment surrounding the stronghold was liquidated at the Ogrodzieniec Castle, and a high castle wing was erected on the rocks and a well 100 meters deep was dug.

The subsequent owners, the Firlej family, continued the expansion of the castle.

The Swedish deluge caused great damage to the castle, but the next owners, Warszycki, managed to rebuild it.

When the last residents left the castle in 1810, the building began to fall into ruin.

After World War II, security works were carried out at Ogrodzieniec Castle and the castle was made available to visitors.

Ogrodzieniec Castle attractions:

-the ruins of the castle are available for sightseeing
-The torture room, known as Warszycki's Torture Room, where an exhibition of old instruments of torture is located
-Armory of the Ogrodzieniec Castle, presenting protective equipment and white weapons from the times from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century. Here you can see high-quality replicas of armor, uniforms and weapons from different periods.
- castle museum, located in the so-called lamusie, at the descent to Hen's Foot. There are models of the castle from its heyday and its present state, as well as archaeological finds from Ogrodzieniec Castle and the vicinity of Mount Birów. Additionally, you can watch a movie about everyday life in the former Castle.

At the Ogrodzieniec Castle, sightseeing takes place individually or with a guide.

Ogrodzieniec Castle is open to visitors from April to November.

School trips tour the castle with a guide.

At the Ogrodzieniec Castle, it is possible to organize workshops, thematic tours, "Living History Lessons" and "Walks through the ages", intended for children and teenagers, as well as evenings with ghosts and bonfires with sausages.

For those who come to the Ogrodzieniec Castle for a longer period, there is a possibility of accommodation in the nearby "Gościniec Pod Lilijką". You can also order lunches for school groups here.

Ogrodzieniec Castle comes alive at night in a completely different style.

Ogrodzieniec Castle

Ghosts and music appear here, and the rich illumination makes the stay in the castle walls more attractive.

The Ogrodzieniec Castle in Podzamcze offers a night tour accompanied by ghosts and ghosts, which takes place every holiday Friday from 21.20:40 pm, and each subsequent entry takes place every XNUMX minutes.

tickets are available online or at the Castle ticket office.

In a place such as Ogrodzieniec Castle, the legend intertwines with the present, and many interesting, but also dark stories tell about Beautiful Olympia, the Black Dog or Anselm. You can really meet these characters at the Ogrodzieniec Castle.

Opening hours

  April* May-August September October* November*
daily CLOSED   09 20 10 18 10 17 10 16

Price list

Ticket type Reduced Normal
Ogrodzieniec Castle 10 PLN / person 17 PLN / person
Castle on Mount Birów 5 PLN / person 7 PLN / person
Castle + Castle 13 PLN / person 21 PLN / person

Ogrodzieniec Castle interesting facts:

- during the holidays, sightseeing in the company of ghosts takes place here
- the castle was a set for the series "Janosik" and the film "Zemsta" filmed here
- another film production in the fortress of Ogrodzieniec Castle - "The Witcher", took place in 2019, this time for the Netflix platform
-in 1885, the ruins of the castle were visited by Aleksander Janowski and he was so delighted with the stronghold that in 1906 he founded the Polish Touring Society, i.e. the later PTTK
- in addition to the castle ruins, there is a rope park, a miniature park and a railway park in the area

Ogrodzieniec Castle is also a place where it is possible to:

-organizing a civil wedding
-lease the Tournament Courtyard
-preparation of a knightly or noble setting for the celebration taking place in the castle
- rent a tent hall for the duration of the ceremony organized here
-organizing a knight or horse show, laser show and mapping
- horse trips around Ogrodzieniec Castle in Podzamcze. The offer is intended for children, adolescents and adults, for beginners and advanced riders
- participation in profiled tours, covering not only the walls of the castle ruins, but also the areas of Podzamcze, Ogrodzieniec and the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland
-using the hearth and roasting sausages
-preparation of an Old Polish feast in Karczma Rycerska
-organizing a company trip, team-building party and events, such as ghost evenings, knight shows or strategic games
Ogrodzieniec Zamek you can download the price list of all attractions, events and tours here

However, regarding individual orders, please contact the service of Ogrodzieniec Castle directly.

Ogrodzieniec Castle also prepares events for individual visitors, couples, families with children and organized groups. Outdoor events take place here, for example, in the Ogrodzieniec Castle, reconstruction of knightly fights, also Sunday knight shows and holiday evenings with ghosts, which are always very popular.


Ogrodzieniec castle map


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