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First Zoo in Upper Silesia was created in 1898 in the year Bytom. However, in the 1951 year, in the area of ​​obsolete wasteland, between Chorzow, Katowice i Siemianowice construction has begun Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation along with Silesian Zoological Garden.

Officially Silesian Zoological Garden was opened in 1958 year and occupies the area of ​​47,6235 ha. In 2018, the Zoo in Chorzów was visited by 425 246 people.

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In 1975, the ZOO in Chorzów was established Rocky Dinosaur Basinthe only exhibition on this subject in Poland at that time.

It was the result of excavations conducted by Polish paleontologists in Gobi Desert in the years 1963-71. Presented in the basin, sixteen life-size models dinosaurs reconstructed on the basis of found debris.   

Zoo Chorzów Map


Silesian Zoological Garden has interesting and variously arranged zones of attractions. Guests visiting it, walking along the paths, can visit all animals living in the zoo in Chorzów in their place of residence and on the catwalks.

During your stay you can see:

- ground-water catwalks adapted for pelicans, flamingos and other species of waterfowl

-homes with an island for lemurs red vari

-Mini ZOO

- routes for antelopes, including koby, kudu, eland and brown gnu

- didactic school

-pawilon and a catwalk with a pool of Amur tigers

-paints of Poitou ponies and donkeys

-willier for birds: herons, steppe cranes and several species of glazed birds

- a complex of wooded catwalks for cervids

-pawilony elephant and paddock for Indian elephants

- The Kormoran Mountains, where pelicans have been sailing since 2013

- giraffe run

-Children's Playground

- The Dinosaurs Dinosaur Valley, in which you can see reconstructed specimens of dinosaurs living in the Mesozoic region of Central Asia

- runs and aviaries for predatory animals: brown bears, Himalayan bears, several species belonging to the cat family - lions, snow leopards and Persian panthers

- costs, including bison, zebra, camel, maned sheep - arui and maned wolves

-pavilon Antylop, meerkats and small, South American monkeys from the claws group

-the white rhinoceros and several other species of ungulates, including llamas

-pawilon of the Monkey, where beside some species of monkeys some reptiles and large parrots are exhibited

- I will shave the Abyssinian Gerez

- "Swan Pond" and a new catwalk for otters

- Cheetahs, as well as kangaroos and non-flying emus

- An exotic parrot, in which there was a place for caimans, large snakes and birds presented in two modern dioramas, as well as in the so-called free flight hall

-had for katta lemurs and black and white wari


- the fauna of Australian fauna

-lusters for predatory birds and ibises and crowned cranes

-breeds for owls in which seven species of these birds live

-country of donkeys and goats and storks

-woliery inhabited, among others by coati, porcupine, brindle hyena and several smaller members of felids, including lynxes and caracals

- South American gwanako

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Estimated time of sightseeing

The crossing of the whole area of ​​the zoo in Chorzów takes about 2-3 hours. In order to bring closer the selected issues of biology, ecology and behavior of the presented animals, a didactic path has been marked with boards containing information from the animal world.

Alleys marked out, rich, native and exotic vegetation, gastronomic base, as well as location Zoological Garden in Chorzów in the center of the Silesian agglomeration makes it a popular place for rest and recreation.

All pavilions in the ZOO in Chorzów have been equipped with ramps and barriers that allow people with disabilities to visit.

Mini Zoo

Mini-ZOO and children's garden allow the youngest guests to directly contact animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and sheep, under the supervision of employees of the ZOO in Chorzów.


Educational classes in the field of biology, nature and ecology conducted at the ZOO in Chorzów are intended for children and teenagers and have the form of multimedia lectures or workshops, and can also be additionally enriched by film projection or presentation of sound recordings.

Lectures take place in the didactic pavilion and in the Silesian Zoological Garden in Chorzów and last about an hour, while the workshops - 90 minutes.

The group can count on 30 people

Visiting the ZOO with a guide

Visiting the Zoo in Chorzów with a guide takes about 1,5 h.
The maximum number of participants in the group is 35 people.

Classes with elements of zootherapy

Classes with elements of zoototherapy designed for disabled people are held at the ZOO in Chorzów in cooperation with the appropriate rehabilitation facilities and are designed to enable participants to contact farm animals, as well as exotic ones. The number of participants of the classes is up to 30 people in the group.

Lectures for people after the 60 year of life

Lectures for people after the 60 year of life take place every second Wednesday of the month in the didactic pavilion at the Silesian Zoological Garden in Chorzów.

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Zoo Chorzów Price list

On Wednesdays, seniors are entitled free admission to the ZOO in Chorzów.

The cost of participation in the lecture is 5 PLN / person.
The ZOOLANDIA Mini Rope Park is intended for children from 3 to 13 years of age. The game takes place 1,5 - 3 m above the ground

A detailed price list can be found here >>

Gastronomy and souvenirs

There are catering outlets in the ZOO in Chorzów:

-The "Biały Miś" bar serving zdinner items, fast-food dishes, waffles, sweets, ice-cream, cold and hot drinks.
-Bar "Pelikan" which offers dinner sets.
-The "Antylopa" bar, which serves aboutwoes, fast-food dishes, waffles, ice-cream and drinks.
-Bar "Słoń" offers: kincluding tea, hot chocolate, ice cream, waffles, casseroles, burgers, as well as chicken dishes and fries.
-Bar "Kormoran" poleca dinner sets and bar meals as well as grilled dishes.
-Kiosk "Eskimo"Invites you to ice cream, Italian, gimlets and waffles with toppings. In the Zoological Garden in Chorzów there are also kiosks with souvenirs and toys.

Chorzów zoo opening hours

When you enter the zoo before closing the coffers, you may not be able to see the exhibitions in all pavilions. The ZOO covers an area of ​​over 47 ha.

The transition from the Main Gate through all pavilions takes at least 1 an hour!

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