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At the Warsaw Zoo, you can spend time in the bosom of nature, in the company of animals, which is a great experience for children and adults.

Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw is a magical and green place in the very center of the city. The role of every zoo is to protect endangered animal species, ensure their sustainability and educate them. This role is also played by the Warsaw Zoo.

Today, more than 12 000 animals representing approximately 500 species live in the ZOO in Warsaw, and nearly 50 of them is covered by the European Animal Protection Program.

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Our Story

Already in 1926, thanks to the efforts of Mieczysław Pągowski, a small zoo with interesting specimens of animals was opened in Warsaw at Koszykowa Street, and the place was frequently and willingly visited by the inhabitants of Warsaw.

The current zoo was opened on March 11, 1928. The first inhabitants of this zoo were animals from the Pągowski zoo and other smaller menageries.

When a great animal lover became the director of the garden, Jan Żabiński, ZOO Warsaw began to develop rapidly. However, the outbreak of World War II caused huge destruction and total liquidation of the ZOO. During the war, Jan and Antonina Żabińskis helped Jews in the Warsaw Zoological Garden.

In 1949, the Warsaw Zoological Garden was reopened and since then the number of animal inhabitants and visitors has been steadily increasing.

At the beginning of the post-war operation of the Warsaw Zoo, 150 animals lived in the garden, mainly from donations from private individuals.

Initially, the zoo covered an area of ​​12 hectares, and now it is over 39 hectares.

The most important stands and runs for animals



Aviary with a hall of free flights

Herpetarium, where turtles, crocodiles and snakes live, as well as amphibians: frogs, lizards and dragons


A monkey house, whose inhabitants are gorillas and chimpanzees

Hippopotamus house with an outdoor swimming pool

A shark with an internal marine tank

Invertebrate hall

Australian run divided into four parts, intended for kangaroos, emus and cassowaries.

The aquarium is located in a historic building, built in 1928, with a collection of marine and freshwater fish.

Fairy Tale ZOO - a place available for children, where it is possible to feed animals under the care of a ZOO employee.

The paddocks for animals also have an external part.

Map of the Warsaw ZOO

The ZOO Warsaw map makes it easier to reach the catwalks of individual animal species.

Map of the Warsaw ZOO

At ZOO Warsaw, animal feeding shows are held every day at fixed times.

ZOO Warsaw is open every day from 9.00.

The garden closing time, however, depends on the time of year.

The ticket office closes an hour earlier.

Tickets and price list

Ticket prices to the Warsaw Zoo change in different months of the year.

Tickets to the Warsaw Zoo can be purchased directly at the entrance to the zoo or online.

Price list and opening hours ZOO Warsaw are listed on the website of the Zoological Garden.

Ticket prices:
Monday Friday:
Normal - 28 PLN
Discount - 22 PLN

Saturday Sunday:
Normal - 30 PLN
Discount - 25 PLN

Free admission is granted to:

- disabled children


- orphanage residents - patients of rehabilitation centers and hospices


How to get there

- Veturilo city bike (stations are located next to the ZOO)




- free parking in Galeria Wileńska (ul. Targowa 72) with the ticket to the ZOO

- from the side of the Gdańsk Bridge

- from street Ratuszowa (on the pavement along the lane)

- from the side of Wybrzeże Helskie towards the Gdański bridge (on the right lane on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)


ZOO Warsaw is located at ul. Ratuszowa 1 / 3 in the Praga-Północ district.


- main entrance: Ratuszowa 1 / 3

- entrance of the Gdański bridge (ul. Stefana Starzyńskiego)

- entrance from ul. Jagiellońska

The zoo is mandatory prohibition feeding animals, throwing objects and coins on the runs, in cages and aviaries, as well as in water reservoirs, and using the flash in rooms with animals. It is also forbidden to play loud music, smoke or drink alcohol.

Maxi ZOO Warsaw Stores

People with great love for animals work in the Maxi ZOO Warsaw Shops. You can find everything that four-legged friends need - dogs, cats and rodents - food, equipment and toys.

Mini ZOO Warsaw

Animals living in this unique place like contact with people, and the employees are happy to involve the youngest guests in caring for them, which is an unforgettable experience for children.

All animals in the Mini ZOO can be fed, petted and touched. They are all vaccinated too.

Mini Zoo Warsaw is located in Wawer, at ul. Zwoleńska 66 and is open from Monday to Friday from from 11.00 a.m. to 19.00 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00 a.m. to 18.00 p.m.

ZOO Market Warsaw

ZOO Market Warsaw is a new place on the map of the capital, referring to the iconic Berlin bazaars and connecting workshops, concerts, discussion panels and vintage shopping. You can find vintage and antique clothes, vinyl records and food products.

You can also take advantage of the gastronomic offer, listen to live music or relax in the chill zone.

ZOO Market is open on weekends from 12.00 to 20.00 and then the square next to the Zoo turns into a lively commercial and cultural space.

vintage clothes

vinyl records
fresh and smoked fish
jewelry and handicrafts


wooden cafe
cotton candy


chill zone

children's area with a sandpit and animators

Venue of concerts, exhibitions, workshops, discussion panels and fashion shows


Oliwia Hajn is a co-creator of this place, promoter of Vintage fashion, eccentric owner of the brand "New Lady in Town".

Agata Kiszluk-Krzemień - co-founder and at the same time an experienced marketer, co-owner of the Brief brand.

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