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ZOO Wroclaw is the oldest zoological garden in Poland. 10 was opened on July the 1865 year and has the richest collection of animals in the country.

The area of ​​the ZOO Wrocław is 33 ha of catwalks and pavilions for animals. About 12 000 live here representing more than 1000 species.

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One of the functions of a zoological garden is to breed those species that would have perished without taking protection by the method "ex situ " (that is, outside the place of natural occurrence).

Now ZOO Wroclaw supports four animal species protection projects.

The mission of the Wrocław Zoo is to preserve biodiversity in the interests of the development of future generations. Implementation of the tasks of the ZOO Wrocław is possible through research conducted here, promotion of pro-ecological ideas, protection "on-site"And reintroduction of multiplied specimens to their natural environment, breeding of endangered species, as well as nature education.

ZOO Wroclaw is also a member of many prestigious organizations associating the most important zoological gardens in Europe.

ZOO Wroclaw map

At the entrance to the zoological garden is located ZOO Wroclaw map and it is worth using it to visit all residents.


The ZOO Wrocław organizes educational activities, which are used annually by 40 000 children and youth, including people with disabilities.

Educational classes are conducted divided into the age of participants:

Kindergartens - activities for children from 5 years of age (45 minutes)

Primary school students: (60 minutes)

Pupils in grades VII and VIII of primary and secondary schools: (60 minutes)

Educational pavilion "Climate, people, animals" at the ZOO Wrocław

This is the first pavilion in a zoo in Poland, where there are no animals, but there are also multimedia exhibitions, educational games and plays

The theme is a trip through the poles and learning about the problems associated with climate change.

ZOO Wroclaw Afrykarium

The ZOO Wrocław Afrykarium, a unique complex on a global scale, presents various ecosystems related to the water environment of the Black Continent.

The ZOO Wrocław Afrykarium consists of:

Red Sea

-Red Sea with the coral reef ecosystem and 60 species of colorful fish

East Africa

-East Africawhere we will meet, among others Nile hippos, ants and golce, as well as endemic fish from the Great Rift lakes - Tanganyika and Malawi

The Mozambique Canal

-The Mozambique Canal with an 18-meter transparent acrylic tunnel that allows you to admire the green turtle, sharks, rays and many species of fish

Skeleton Coast

-Skeleton Coastwhere the inhabitants are African and African penguins, as well as jellyfish, moray eels and wings

Jungle on the Congo River

-jungle on the Congo River with crocodiles, manatees, sirens and numerous species of birds

In the complex Afrykarium ZOO Wroclaw there are also modernly equipped multimedia conference rooms, a bistro restaurant, a viewing terrace, a souvenir shop and toilets.

The usable area of ​​the Afrykarium ZOO Wrocław pavilion is close to 9000 m².

Within the framework of Afrykarium it is possible to organize various special events, such as: business events, conferences, seminars, trainings, banquets and integration meetings

In February 2017. Afrykarium was on the list 7 wonders of the zoological world.

Information about the Afrykarium ZOO Wrocław

-pawilon at the ZOO Wroclaw, to which there are no separate tickets

- It is allowed to take pictures and videos for private purposes, but without using the flash

- adapted for people with disabilities and prams 

-farm feeding is strictly prohibited

-In the area of ​​Wrocław ZOO Oceanarium there is: a bistro restaurant and a gift shop

- average visit time is around 1,5 hour

- the path of the tour has 1 a kilometer long

- there is no time limit for sightseeing

Attractions - Pavilions ZOO Wroclaw

Aquarium pavilion

Aquarium pavilion is a former coach house, where marine and freshwater tanks have been arranged


Krokodylarniain which we currently meet meerkats, three-colored squirrels or African porcupines


Małpiarnia it is mainly devoted to monkeys, but it is also inhabited by polytuchy and sloths

Pavilion of Madagascar

Pavilion of Madagascar is intended for small mammals such as lemurs and invertebrates. In the "night" part there is a mouse lemur, and in the open space of the pavilion, bats.

Pavilion of Apes

Pavilion of Apes allows you to observe the behavior of chimpanzees


Aviary located in the pre-war part of the ZOO Wrocław, where numerous species of birds are exhibited. In the outer aviaries there are water fowls, hens, eagle and eagle. Parrots can be seen inside the pavilion.

Ranch and Animal Nursery

Ranch and Kindergarten Animal the ZOO Wroclaw was created for the youngest guests. You can touch farm animals and learn about their role in human life, as well as ride on Shetland ponies.


Sahara presents animals of semi-arid and desert areas


elephant is a home for tapirs, two Indian elephants and dwarf hippopotamuses


Terai is a new facility for Indian rhinoceros, Indian gibbons and Indian uniforms

Terrarium with Butterfly

Terrarium with Butterfly is located in the pre-war building of ZOO Wrocław and includes one of the richest collections of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Here you can see elephant turtles that live up to 300 years, the terrible leaf walker, a tiny frog whose poison is used by South American Indians to poison arrowheads, tarantulas and tropical butterflies.

Odrarium at the ZOO Wrocław

It is a complex of four water reservoirs, representing the upper, middle and lower Oder and its oxbow lake. About 30 fish species and 30 inhabits species of plants representing the ecosystem of this river

Wonders of Poland - unique places that are worth visiting

ZOO Wrocław - opening hours

-ZOO Wrocław is open on all days of the year


Monday - Thursday

cash register: 9.00-17.00

pavilions: 9.00-18.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-18.00

Friday, weekends, holidays

cash register: 9.00-18.00

pavilions: 9.00-19.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-19.00


Monday - Thursday

cash register: 9.00-16.00

pavilions: 9.00-17.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-17.00

Friday, weekends, holidays

cash register: 9.00-17.00

pavilions: 9.00-17.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-18.00


Monday - Thursday

cash register: 9.00-15.00

pavilions: 9.00-16.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-16.00

Friday, weekends, holidays

cash register: 9.00-16.00

pavilions: 9.00-16.00

ZOO and Afrykarium: 9.00-17.00

Information about the ZOO Wrocław

-Motherhouse is closed until further notice

-ZOO Wrocław proposes a pony ride for children up to the year 10. The maximum weight of the child is 35 kg. Horse riding takes place on a separate ranch run under the care of the trainer.

-ZOO Wrocław organizes demonstration of animal feeding and lectures

- does not have bletter booking

- visiting the Afrykarium ZOO Wrocław takes about 1,5 hours

-the tour of the entire ZOO, along with Afrykarium, takes about 5-6 hours

-ZOO Wroclaw parking lot - paid parking at the Centennial Hall

-the symbolic adoption of the selected animal, species or catwalk is possible

-ZOO Na Ratunek - ticket with a voluntary fee (PLN 1), intended for saving endangered species

- on the premises of the ZOO Wrocław there are:

- eating places that also offer meals for groups

- shops where you can buy souvenirs, guides to the Wrocław Zoo and Africarium, a map ZOO Wroclaw

- stroller rental for children

- free toilets for visitors, adapted for the disabled, with changing mats for babies

ZOO Wrocław - price list and tickets

-children 0-3 years free on the basis of a control coupon

-seniors 75+ for free on the basis of a control coupon

-ZOO for the rescue PLN 1 more to the ticket price

- regular ticket 50 PLN

-UrbanCard Premium PLN 30

- reduced ticket 40 PLN

(children of the 3-21 age, pensioners, disabled people, holders of Wrocław Senior Cards

UrbanCard Premium PLN 20

-student ticket up to 26 PLN 40

-family (2 adults and max. 3 children) PLN 160
UrbanCard Premium PLN 120

- another annual card:

normal PLN 120
UrbanCard Premium PLN 108

reduced PLN 80
UrbanCard Premium PLN 72

- duplicate card PLN 40

- groups for groups: 

normal PLN 40

reduced PLN 30

- educational activities:

j Polish 5 PLN / person

j English 20 PLN / person

- FAMILY PLUS ticket

with the Wroclaw Family Plus Card

2 adults + children PLN 120

- Family Monday

2 adults + max. 3 children PLN 130

Student's Wednesday                                                              30 zł


old age and disability pensioners, the disabled PLN 20

with the Wrocław Senior Card PLN 10

ZOO Wrocław - discount tickets

-dies from 3 to 7 years old

-schools of primary schools, junior high schools and high schools to complete the 21 year of life

-children and youth from 7 to 18 years not subject to school duty due to illness or disability

-the pensioners

- disabled people

- carers for people with disabilities

- owners of the Wrocław Senior Card

Family ticket

- two adults and three mentees (children, schoolchildren, people in upper secondary schools to graduate from the 21 year of study, students to complete the 26 year of life, provided that at least one of the mentors is the parent of this student)

Family Plus ticket

-family with the card of the "Rodzina Plus" program in Wrocław, regardless of the number of children they have

Student ticket

- for university students to complete the 26 year of life

Ticket Thursday

- it is granted to pensioners, disabled persons, carers of disabled persons

Discount group tickets

-group counting 10 or more people entitled to purchase a concession ticket (10 tickets purchased for each 1 are entitled to a control coupon)

Group regular tickets

-group of 15 or more (the first 15 of purchased tickets is entitled to 1 control coupon

Educational activities

- The price includes educational classes for 60 minutes. The cost of entering the ZOO Wrocław area should also be added. Before or after classes, the group can visit the zoo.

Other discounts

- discount from UrbanCard Premium

- discount with the Wrocław Tourist Card: 5 PLN from the ticket price

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4.8 / 5 - (147 votes)


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